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December 21, 2005


The Sleuths of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (which would be a good name for a rock band) score a big haul.


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"valued at around Rs 3 crore in the international market"

Are you serious!?!?!

That is easily the most massive amount of crore I have ever encountered in a news article. I've never even seen that much crore. It's like a crore tornado. A veritable cornucopia of crore!!

What's crore?

do I even want to know why snake skins are valuable?

50 000 kgs of snake skin? Seriously, who needs 50 tonnes of snake skin? Who's carrying around 50 tonnes of snake skin and why? Well now we know why they're breeding them. At that rate they must truly be rare (Assuming they weren't all procured via natural shedding methods).

Man, that would pay off most of my Tz 9 Hibre debt.

Wikipedia is great for this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crore

By the reckoning of currency exchange rates, that evaluates to about, ummmm 800 K in US dollars.

Fed Duck - that's exactly what I was thinking, except not in such a funny LOL way!!!! :)

Thats alot of money for skins..But lets break it down to a number we can understand..Like, how much are four skins worth ?

How much is that rubber snake that I bought to scare birds away from...okay, to scare the snot out of my sister?

Bet the culprits just totally slithered out of that one.

that's a whole lot of naked snakes...

"Naked Snakes" WBAbetterNFARB.

found a definition for crore

Crore [from Hindi karor 10 millions; cf Sanskrit koti] Numeral adjective 10 millions; in India, 100 lakhs -- a lakh being 100,000. Used with graphic force in the Stanzas of Dzyan: "The Wheel whirled for thirty crores" (SD 2:15) -- 300 million years or three occult ages.

Feel my graphic force!

Of course, the definition for "cock" on the same page starts...

A "very occult bird, ..."

That's a lot of snake skin cowboy boots. When are mine going to be delivered?

Snakeskins. Why did it have to be snakeskins?

Oh, hey, to re-pay Maximus the Thread-Killer, I suggest that we post his email address, webmaster@boycott-republicans.com, to EVERY STINKING spam-generating website available. Let's sign him up for Publisher's Clearing House and check EVERY email information offer they have!!!

Does the value go down on snake skins after they sit in the hot sun for two days? Not ones ON snakes, I mean.

Mr. C - feeding spam to the spam - good one! Maybe they'll come down with mad-spam disease.

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