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December 30, 2005


Now they want to take away our giant inflatable rats.


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The rats need a better union, this never happens with Mickey Mouse.

Oh and FIRST!!!!!!!!

OH Rats you took the words right out of my mouth!
Now what am I going to say.
Oh well, The rats go marching one by one Hoorah!!!


No Name Rock Band

“I’ve never known a balloon rat to be intimidating. It’s not a breathing thing. It’s full of hot air."

Sounds like a politition and they are considered legal.

they could start a second career as christmas lawn decorations.

Is there a blog discount code for the guide to guys dvd? I only ask because it prompted me for a code when I went to buy it. I figured that Dave or Judi might've posted one here while I was away.

A rat is a well-known symbol of a labor dispute ...

I did not know (not knot no) that!

(notme -- there was a mini-flood of "discount" emails a few weeks ago that appeared about the time of the release of the DVD ... I don't think Dave or Judi had anything to do with them, prolly an agent, or Ted Habber-Grabber ... or a rat ...)


also, here's the rat in question - I'd put one in my front yard - probably not for Christmas tho - more of a Halloween decoration

"Local 150 is on strike against The Levy Co. in Burns Harbor and recently displayed the rat outside of an informational rally. The rat is not at Levy now because the motor that inflates it is under repair"

This rings a bell: isn't there a victim of inflatable Santa theft somewhere out there in blogland who was left holding a motor? I urge Congress to pass a law requiring inflatable lawn ornaments and labor symbols to sign organ donation cards before they leave the factory.

Those dirty rats! Typical of management, to recognize itself in the form of a giant rat... If the shoe fits and all that.

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