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December 31, 2005


This is a time when we draw close to our loved ones to  reflect on the past year -- both the bad times and the good times -- and to shed a tear for those who are no longer with us. It's also a time to look ahead at the year to come and ask the deity of our choice to please make it a good one. Above all, it's a time to remember what's important in life.

So Happy New Year from this blog's entire vast staff to you. We'll see you in 2006, assuming we survive tonight.


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I don't know should I shout First or 10.

Nice enough year this year. Here is hoping for more next year.

Hey Dave, while you're posting from two days into the future, could you give me Saturday's Power Ball numbers?

Thanks. May the deity of your choice bless you for helping the disabled.

Wow. I don't know how I did that. But I DO know that I am taking my Jan. 2 newspaper to the race track NOW.

Happy new year, Dave and judi. May your days be filled with happiness, joy, and an abundance of things to blog about.

OK. I think I fixed it.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy to the Blog and SB!!!!

Nice display, Dave ... um ... I'm LTTG, so I missed the Jan. 2 stuff ... nothin' in there about my plane rides of that date having any difficulties as I'm en route back to Sunny SoCal was there? I hope. Or, hope not, as the case may be ...

The deity I worship

Happy New Year to you too Dave, Judi, and all of you Bloggenheimers! Oh, and especially the non-gender, non-denominational Blog itself :)

Now let's get liquored up and start the kissing!!!

a tip to avoid a New Year's disaster
sit your a** on the copier, not the Big Blaster!

Yeah, insom' ... if'n y'all were to place your fundamental anatomy upon the Big Blaster, then you'd just be giving ER workers a chance to say, "If your friends can't help you out, your enemas will ..."

*snork* to insom

Happy New Year, everyone! Stay safe tonight if you go out. I know this sounds sappy, but please, if you're consuming adult beverages, designate a driver. The blog will be much diminished if anything happens to any of you.

/end maternal missive

A.N. -- I got yer Designated Driver right here! That's been my job fer quite a few years ... altho, considerin' that I usually fall asleep about 9:30 pm local time on New Year's Eve ... I haven't worked at it in a while ...

BTW ... before I fall asleep ... Happy New Year, Dave, Sophie, Rob, St. Judi and all the blogsters ... let's be careful out there ...

"Doctor,this patient is another Big Blaster accident."

"Get that noise maker out of his mouth, stat!"

"That's his colon."

Here's to a happy and safe New Year, filled with laughter, love, peace, joy, prosperity, and of course, the Angels taking down the Yankees yet again!

Sorta gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Colon Blow" ... don't it?

Not to nitpick, but the hurricane list isn't complete. They just named Hurricane Zeta yesterday. I guess we can assume that Zeta won't be a problem if it isn't big news two days from now.

Happiest of New Year's to the Blog and Bloggits!

happy new year to allllllll of you :) you're great.

Happy New Year to you, too, Judi! You and Dave are the best! And let's not forget Sophie!

Also, *snork* to Insom, and *groan* to U.O. :)

Are you sure the blog's staff isn't just half-vast?

John ~ or maybe half-fast?

Just kidding!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *sprinkles love, joy and world peace around the blog* We can have it even if no one else does. At least we'll put it to good use.

I feel like such an adult! (does anyone have a pill for that?)... it's now 7:10am, 1/1/06. I was going to stay up and see the New Year in, but I changed my mind at 11pm because I had too much planned for today, so I went to bed. I did remember to set the VCR first so that it would tape Blazing Saddles at 12:30 (original plan included staying up and watching) - so I have a movie worth watching tonight!

If you're starting celebrating now, be safe, be happy and come back to us!

King Wingbipeekaboo would just like to say: Happy New Year's Eve Day! Yayyyyeeee!

Today, do something wild and crazy, even if it means risking arrest. If anything does happen, you can tell the officer, "Well, sure, officer, I did set off fireworks in a giant sun-parched wheatfield 230 miles from the nearest fire station, and I did let loose that hungry person-eating tiger in a residential neighborhood, and I did break into Dr. Phil's house carrying a Ruger-Brand Super Blackhawk .44 Dual-Action 12-Round-Cylinder-Capacity New Model Magnum Revolver, and I did visit Point of No Return Cemetery and accidentally dig up a few dead people, but it was all in the Spirit of The Holiday! And I did NOT inhale."

And if you say it like that, the officer will have no choice. "I sentence you to 20 years in prison," he will say, although because he is not a judge, he has no actual authority to do any sentencing; he just likes to scare weaselly little punks like yourself into wetting themselves. Most likely he will be angry, though.

And so, with the New Year and a New Start ahead of us, and a New Deal nowhere in sight, I ask you, beg of you, when you talk to that officer: PLEASE don't blame King Wingbipeekaboo.

Happy New Year to Dave and family and to judi and family!

Thank you for all the joy you all brought us in 2005!

And in closing (so far), I want to say
Go Yankees!

Go Yankees?

*sniff* Well said, Dave.

I wish Dave, judi and all of you wonderfully weird bloggits the happiest of Happy New Years!

My advice? Resolve not to click on this link. Tee-hee.

LOL, Bumble! Happy New Year!

(10 hours and counting, from where I am.)

Cool! Bumble ... tnx muchly ... same atcha ...

I forgot to mention before....LOL @ KingW, etc.!

So, where is everybody?

I dunno r.e. NEone else, but I'm cleaning up our computer/sewing room ...

Thanks, Bumble. Hi, s-girl. Thanks for all the giggles, snorks, and oosik-worthy posts, everybody. It's been fun. You've made my days fly and my nights glow.

For Eleanor-
Yankees rule! Bosox drool! Anyone who thinks otherwise has pennant envy.

Happy New Year from NE Ohio. Motto: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Thanks for a great year Dave and judi. I wish that I had more time to sit at the computer and look for weird headlines, but with four kidlets in the house, moving into a new house, trying to sell the old house, selling Avon, and running the PTO, I just don't have as much time on my hands as when I had one kid and worked at a 9-5 job!

Once again...I just got finished reading the Post Dispatch my local paper, and ALMOST missed Dave's year end summay,(oh NO!!!) which was the ONLY thing in the paper worth saving...besides the picture of BUSCH stadium...and the coupon for toilet paper...

What WILL Dave bring us in the new Year besides making sure that all of use do not take life too seriously....(the exception being Paris Hilton of course, I am going to take her very seriously this year)? I have really enjoyed reading all the wonderful and clever comments from all bloggers..Happy New Year to everyone...

*zips in from watching meaningless Chargers game*

AnnieWBH - Just think of it, Derek Jeter, A-Rod, and Johnny Damon all on the same team! I see a great season coming up!!! :)

Sniff. I Love you man!! DRW=(Damn Ricky Williams)

Happy New Year to all my new blog friends, and Dave and Sophie and Judi and Walter and all their families. May 2006 stun us all with unprecedented peace, harmony, blue skies, global prosperity and consistently rational behavior by those in High Places.
However, should the preceding wish somehow go ungranted, I look forward to a year of continued inspired blogging by the best minds of our (several) generations.
Have joy!

You got it right, Bets' ...

Y'all out there ... Have Joy!

HNY to you and yours Judi and Dave. I love you guys sooooooooo much.

Hi guys!

Update...Mr. Southerngirl is running around the yard, making the dog crazy, oldest daughter is watching the bonfire we had to have (it's tradition!!!) and youngest two are tossing pinecones into the fire. Even though it's something like 65 degrees, we HAD TO HAVE A FIRE. Oh, yeah, and Mr. S and the two younger kids are wearing shorts. (Son is barefoot.) I am wearing flip flops, aka "thongs", (on my feet, people, ;) Music playing, fireworks show, good time being had by all.

Had to come in to grab a Bud, so....Later!!

Here's a wish for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to Dave & family, Judi & family and all the brilliant blogsters and blogsterettes who've made this the most fun place to be on the 'Net day in and day out in 2005! I'll see you all next year!

Happy New Year to Dave, Judi and all the bloglits! Here's hoping for fewer hurricanes, fewer floods, fewer kids home from war in boxes, and, at least, a few more Dave Barry columns! Be safe tonight. And remember, if you are driving... use a car!

FIRST in '06, just like the Yankees! Woo hoo!

Happy new year to all of you (and you know who you are) from me and Mrs. ThePoint.

You rock, all of you. Thanks for all of the giggles, snorks, chortles, guffaws, and belly laughs. You've given us much joy.

See ya in 2006!!

Well, it's nearing 10:30 p.m. (MST) where I am, and I shoulda been asleep an hour ago ... HOWever, gettin' older doesn't bother me so much when I remember the alternative ...

Ev'rybuddy have a good time, and let's all have a better year in 2006 ... no matter how good 2005 wuz fer yew ...

I'm back from a riotous celebration with my friends in the apt. downstairs -- I'm high on antibiotics, Sudafed, Robitussin, and champagne (oh, and life, of course); and just wanted to wish everyone an official Happy New Year, now that we've actually made it past midnight. I love y'all...and that's not just the Robitussin talking.
Looking forward...

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