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December 28, 2005




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How was it cooked?

Oops, thought this was about meatpods. Maybe I should read the article first, next time. :-)

The card fell off. This is what it said:

Happy Yulehannahquanzmas!

May you use this goat head (considered a delicasy in odd, unpronouncable countries) in the spirit in which it was intended! If you do not celebrate anything, have a happy wintertime event of some sort, possibly involving getting hammered and cooking a goat head!


You mean, the cops ate it?

Is that the law enforcement version of the Atkins Diet, where they give up donuts and partake only of meat? (?????)

Honestly, I ate curried goat again at lunch today. In suburban Chicago.

I have many regrets.

"...investigators are trying to lift fingerprints from the package"


Was that a goat's head?

You know they sell animal heads at the supermarket for a good price, and I just happen to have a few enemies...

Goat heads, goat heads
Roly poly goat heads
Goat heads, goat heads
Eat them up, Yum!

if they catch the perp, he will be put to death because killing a kid is a serious offense.

... or ... one might surmise that they were merely attempting to "get her goat" ... naaaaaah ...

Is she sure it wasn't goatshead cheese?

Just askin'.

Anyone else get the advertisement for RedEnvelope.com on that page? The one with the gift-wrapped box. Now that's classic.

The "only" reason she thought is was a prank was because she's vegan? I'm a proud omnivore, and I would still be surprised if Mr. Artchick left one of those under the tree for me. (but then, Mr Artchick likes surprises...)

I mean "it", not "is". oops. Its hard to type with a dead goat in your lap.

Got her goat, didn't they?

*ducks* I know, I know! I'm sorry...

maybe they ran out of horse's heads. just wondering...

maybe they were Stones fans.

vegan: old Native American word for "really bad hunter"

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