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December 26, 2005


(Thanks to many people)



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"Thanks to many people"

for, dare i ask, what?

They won't disclose her name... Thank God for small favors....

oh sure, right after i post that the link werks.

i can think of some other places i would like to see some people put their cell phones.

It gives 'eating your words' a whole new meaning. The 911 call was garbled as he had to press on her neck to get to the keypad then shout down her throat so the operator could hear the address.

Now, see, in Chicago these disputes are usually resolved by one party shooting the other one dead.

Darwin Award candidate?

I know that cellphones are getting smaller all the time but I think this says something about the size of the woman's mouth...

I'm not impressed. Now had it been a cell phone circa 1980's, then that would have been a feat Linda Lovelace would have been proud of.

Tom A. --

Geezer alert! You've just gained a lifetime pass on the bus ...

a darwin only if she dies. hope she has an obnoxious ringtone that only she will hear.. bwaaahaaa.

qb -

... um ... I wuz gonna say somethin' r.e. the Darwin thingy ... however, I decided not to ... you don't wanna know where my train of thot got derailed ...

UO and Tom...Nothing wrong with the geezer bus; it's quite comfy, and I DO enjoy my fellow passengers. (I would say 'fellow travelers', but that reference might put me in the post-geezer MediCar.)

A man and his latest fling
Had a fight over some silly thing
She swallowed the phone
Then he tried to atone
So for Christmas he gave her a ring

Man: Give it to me!

Woman: No!


Man: Oh sure ... you'll swallow THAT ...


(both of ya, slow' and punky)

Slow and Punk...**double snork**!
(I think we're doing well today, considering how understaffed we are:)

Yeah, Bets' ... where is everybuddy? Must be either celebrating St. Stephen's Day or Boxing Day ... or not ... whatever ...

HOWever, we'll try to make up for the shortage of personell by posting excessive amounts of TMI ...

Besides which, it helps me with an excuse to procrastinate on doing various chores around the house ...

It's that new Friends and Internal Organs plan. ("Hey, it's you're stomach calling. ENOUGH with the pepperoni pizzas!")

Dinner rollover minutes.

This just in, from the Associated Press:

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. (AP) -- A woman who police thought deliberately tried to swallow her cell phone during an argument with her boyfriend was apparently the victim of an assault instead, authorities said.

Ernie G:

Thought that story was a little tough to swallow. Sorry, wrong number.

"Police said they received a call..."

...from her tapeworm?

"Yeah; send down some beef and milk, will ya? And how do you take this thing off 'vibrate'?"

Oh Dave, how glad am I that you've decided to pay attention to the news from my area. First the King Kong thing... now this. I'm so SO proud of this area. And obviously it is keeping you busy. This is a land where the absurd flows freely. Dig in...

Oh Dave, how glad am I that you've decided to pay attention to the news from my area. First the King Kong thing... now this. I'm so SO proud of this area. And obviously it is keeping you busy. This is a land where the absurd flows freely. Dig in...

I'm with you Bumble. How did they call the police if the phone was in her throat. Did he have to yell through the mouth and hope the ugula could dial? Why did he place it in her mouth in the first place? WHo the heck was so important -and obnoxious (spelling)- that he had to call this person over the objections of the girlffriend. Perhaps the other Girlfriend. Wow CBS movie here.

With all the product tie-ins, I bet Jack Bauer is going to do the very same thing on this season of "24".

Honestly I am starting to look forward to the Terminator. I can shoot him.

For all those who think this is not a big feat, try swallowing a Sharpie marker sometime. Don't want to know how it passed - though every burp may have activated her speed dial.

sct72 -

cap on, or off?

whut color?

What I love above the update is that police now believe she was assaulted rather than chose to swallow the phone on her own.

There was only the woman, her boyfriend and the phone present when it happened, and the woman was assaulted, but police refuse to say if they have a suspect. Midwest life sure is slow and easy . . .

Btw, why is it that if I want to post I have to keep proving I'm not a robot first?

Lmd33 -

Welcome to Hard Times ...

anal plugs anal queens

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