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December 28, 2005


UPDATE: I just visited K-Fed's site, and all I can say is, quote, wow. It's really dark, all blue and black, and you can sort of make out the image of something that's either a microphone, or a virus magnified 675 million times. The most riveting visual element is a box that says "this site uses the Flash8 plugin. Click the button below to download." I looked at it for a while, but nothing happened, so I left. Again: wow.


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Twit news FIRST thing in the morning. Bleeech.

In other news, did you see this picture of Bin Laden's niece? Looks a lot like him . . .
(okay so here's a better picture . . . )

do we really care, really, down deep????

Hey Dave, tried the link and it said "can't find web site".

So my Hanukkah wish did come true after all.

Mahatma, isn't this the picture you were looking for?

I thought not.

Another case of "celebrity for no apparant reason".

JM: I won't look at that, and you can't make me . . .

Jeff, You are evil I will have to start checking your links now.

(Runs off looking for bleach to clean my eyes out.)

Got me, Jeff! Will I ever learn???

I was just a dancer, now my site is on the Web
I have parlayed my appearence and the IQ of a squid
To world-wide prominence
Still what is fame? In these days hear my name and nausea does the rest.

When I left my home and my family to join Britney Spears on tour,
My ability to gyrate caught her eye, impregnating the boss is what careers are for!
Now I've got some kids (somewhere) and a shark tank for just as long as I can 'go'.

Why, why why?
Why why why why why why why?
Why why why?
Why why why why why why why wh-wh-wh-wh-why?

Though it seems like fifteen years, I am almost out of fame.
Today I got anew rap record, tomorrow even my kids won't recall my name
My life's an object lesson on how to avoid both work and pain.
When 'Where are they now?'calls I'll be ready and then I'll be dancing once again!

At first I was extremely annoyed. I hate sites that make you download things just to be able to see them.

Then I realised what I was trying to look at.

Kilmeny ~ I think Tamara (RWC)said it best:

Often, I find myself perusing strange websites...

...And, after a few minutes, I blink, and I wonder, "How did I get here?"

"Oh, yes... Dave."

The target K-Fed market surely has Flash 8 already installed on their computers.

The rest of us are still on Flash 7.

And if you're not even on Flash 7 yet, MY GAWD, MAN (or WOMAN)! It's free software, with free upgrades!

*slips Southerngirl a $10*

Hey, got you to look, didn't they?

TRWC...Let me second SouthrnGirl on that (you don't even have to slip me a ten.) When I read your post last night, I *snork*ed at how true it was. You deftly captured some of the magic of life here on the blog

'..Auntie Em! Auntie Em! They had bad bad Beanie Babies there, and...and...Korean Nose Enhancers...and...oh, there's no place like home!!!'t

Man, you mean you all missed the thrilling photo montage of their press clips? The popping champagne cork and the smashing champagne glasses? And, even better, the invitation to join him on MySpace and really "get to know him"?


Well I hit the KFed my space and it looks like someone's been working overtime to remove some snarky comments from non-fans. Shame, it seems like it would have been the most interesting this on the page.

With this however, I think he's officially up to 10 minutes 25 seconds. We're almost through the other side.

I will NOT click on a Twitney or K-slime site, by choice, at least ... now the tricksters amongst us (WTG, Jeff, but somehow, I gnu whut was comin' ... and still laffed when I saw it ... ... ... it's a JOKE ... OK?) because I avoid them and their ilk like the plague which they are, upon all our houses ...

One of the options on K Fed's site is to join his official email list so that you can keep up on urgent, important K Fed news. Should we subscribe the Blog so that Dave can keep us up to date?

K Fed also warns us to "Never judge a book by its cover." Funny, I thought most comic book covers gave away the basic plot line.

Seems awfully defensive. He protests too much methinks.

in my experience, if the cover looks like white trash the rest usually is too.

Dave, you'd better be careful. If the site has an endorsements page (I didn't actually go and look at the thing), it won't be long before this turns up on it:

"Wow" --Dave Barry

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