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December 23, 2005



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Has she been in Houston lately?

She really doesn't need the blouse either, come to think of it . . .

keeping us abreast of the latest developments, huh Dave?

These reporters really have to stretch for their Pulitzer material, don't they?

Quick survey: Could there possibly by an issue that all humanity and most vertebrates care less about?

Cheesew: there's only one I can think of, and that usually appears under the banner BULLETIN, BULLETIN, BULLETIN too.

Please note that directly under that story there's a link so you can post a comment on "issues you feel strongly about."

Just in case one of those few remaining vertebrates gets all het up.

I'm once, twice, three times uncaring!

Good reference, insom - LOL!!

However, for me personally, I feel like a more fulfilled person for having this information!

How sad to go through life without being uplifted.

And now I must abandon the blog as there is a small boy on my lap requesting that I take of his coat and brown boots, sing the "Link-Boy Song" (also known as The Legend of Zelda theme), play "Aunt Bea's Song" (also known as Spinning Song) and read "Wet Cats." I must comply. Yes, I am perfectly happy. :-)

correction: take off

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