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December 21, 2005


(Thanks to Brainy Jello)


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All I want for Christmas...

...is to be first AND second! Happy Holidays to y'all!!

A sex tape of Twitney.....
Sorry, did I zone-out there for a second? It's just another publicity stunt to keep her in the headlines. The point of the video is make guys point at the video, IYKWIM.

If I have enough spiked eggnog this Christmas season maybe I can erase the mental image that popped into my head upon hearing the words "sex", "Kevin" ,"Britney", "viewing", and "estate planning lawyers" all in the same sentence.

I don't get why they were viewing it with estate lawyers. I wonder if the article mentions who they decided to bequeath the tape to in the case of their untimely death.

I am placing my money on Kevin's releasing the tape after the D-I-V-O-R-C-E. That is a much surer bet. Kinda covers the inevitable divorce.

Glad to hear the dog's back though. Not his fault.

SN - LOL!!!

And since Mr. Completely isn't here yet, I'll say it (just to get it out of the way):

The dog - why does it always have to be the dog?????

You know (not no) I'm really beginning to feel sorry for Ms. Spears. I don't support her, but it's almost Christmas which most people would agree is at least about family and such. Instead of celebrating her new family, she is off on this little escapade. Why?

Okay, back to the funny.

monkeyshines, why? because it's the most desirable of gifts, free publicity!!!!

She's suing them for spreading rumors? Her whole life is a giant rumor. If they were telling lies, it can't be any worse than the truth. But any organization who publishes information on Britney, whether true or false, ought to be sued for being fricking idiots.

Ooh! I'm a contributor! If only I had a funny comment...

CG - I thought the most desirable of gifts was an XB*x360 or TickleYou Elmo.

do you think Twitney and K-Fed could actually have made a tape all by themselves?

Director: "O.k. we ready for the big moment! Lighting be sure to get Kevin's good side, yes I know it won't be easy! Cue the back-up moaners and... action! Where's Kevin?

KFed: So, are we shooting a commercial, or what?

Britney: Kevin!!! Did you finish without me?

KFed: (looks down) Oh, now I remember!

Director: Don't worry, we'll fix it in the edit, we've got enough outtakes.

Brit: Did you really need a mini-cam all up in my bidness?

Director: It's for the 'special edition'DVD dear

Insom, I don't know if that's funny, sad, or disgusting.

Oh, yes I do, it's all of the above. :)

Maybe Mister Language Person could answer this very important question: Why would anyone keep writing "Brat Britney" when "Bratney" is clearly so much easier and quicker to write?

Here's what I don't understand. Why do famous people make sex tapes? Why? They're just asking for trouble. The minute the recording starts, they've more or less made the decision to go public, since that tape is going to get away from them eventually.

Registration site?

I don't think so, Tim ...

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