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December 31, 2005


If this doesn't shut KFC down, this blog doesn't know what will.

(Thanks to Craig McAdie)


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Thus insuring the complete end to his dating life.

We have billboards along the interstate about boycotting KFC. Regardless of how they treat their chickens, I like Chick-fil-a and Popeye's better, anyway. Maybe it's nostalgia, but KFC was much better when I was a kid (20+ years ago).

“People don't believe me at first when I tell them my name, but it never fails to spark a discussion,”

I imagine that discussion usually begins with, "What are you, some kind of moron?!" and ends with "Get away from me, you freak!"

I thought you weren't doing any more blog entries that make fun of people's names.

I wonder if he'll name his first born son Kent Jr.

plight- as some one with a wrather difficult last name he would be lucky to even have a girl even want to be near him after hearing his name.

Our local KFC had a PETA demonstration with a person wearing a chicken suit but no legs. When I heard this I was looking forward to see this 'leggy' demonstration. Then I heard about the vericose veins...

Yes...yes, indeed. That does it for me. And btw I'm changing my name to "PeaceIntheWorldTofuInEveryPotandJusticeforAllandAllTimeRecordLottoWinner.com"
Now it's just a matter of waiting...

Well, I -- for one -- have never liked KFC ... we always had a small, independent "Fried Chicken Store" near where I lived, and it was the best (using the "broasted" process) that I've ever eaten ... so that spoiled my palate for KFC ...

OTOH, I'm not too likely to take some sort of PR caca la baca spoke by an Airhead Blonde, and believe that "KFC tortures chickens" ... (you could look it up ... unless I misunderstood, that whut she says ...) ...

Lettuce lemme say that whatever idiocy these Yahoos are engaged in will not be very successful in changing my eating habits or preferences ...

Has anyone mentioned that "Chicken Abuse" might BAGNFARB?

abi...I think Ozzie Ozbourne might already have some kind of copyright on that one.

Good luck filling out forms. I can't think of a single one that allows that many boxes.

It's not the chickens that I'm worried about, it's the mashing of innocent potatoes that has me all worked up!

LOL @ qetzal and gjcjax!

Dumbela Anderson? Hey, if she agrees with him and doesn't think he's a freak, then.....that proves she's got less brains than even I thought.

I could make a joke about Pamela Anderson and chicken abuse, but I won't. By the way, it would have involved the choking of said chicken.

Well, I for one would date him.

You can see his license here:


KFC are sooooooo abusive. I don't know why anyone would eat there. Why, they drop their chickens in vats of boiling oil!

I only go to KFC when they have either the Hot & Spicy or the Wicked Wings promos. Otherwise, I prefer Subway.

Probably would get the same comments if he changed his name to imadumbass.com

"In college he fought for the right of students to refuse dissection,"

Well...I hate to admit he has any legitimate points, but I mighta signed on to that one. It's kinda hard to party if you spend your college years in a plastic bag full of formaldehyde.

I wonder how long it will take people to start refering to this guy as "Jerk Chicken"?

Mmm. Now I'm hungry. Anyone want to join me for a family sized bucket of cruelty with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy? And fried okra. Mmm.

Actually, that sounds like a good description of your average family get-together.

Having had to purchase the hyphen in my last name, I've gone through a legal name change process. There's a moment in the courtroom when anyone who objects to the name change can explain their concerns about it's being detrimental to the public good. (Like when Tanya Harding's bat-swinging ex-husband tried to change his and a dozen people showed up to protest.)

Anyhow, I think we should get someone to monitor the local courthouse and when he goes in to change it back, protest that allowing this man to change his name on a publicity-seeking whim is wasting valuable tax dollars, thereby forcing him to keep the new identity he has embraced.

I met this chap at the local strip mall last week and he introduced himself as Mr. KentuckyFriendCruelty.com and I introduced myself as Mr. ExtraCrispyIsBetter.com and it was ON!!!

But seriously... I was trying to figure out what to do for lunch today, and it's gonna be a bucket of KFC. Thanks Dave!

On cruelty...

Kentucky Fried Cruelty by "Colonel" Harlan de Sade

She was all breasts and thighs, white meat and dark meat mixed together. When I entered her room, I could smell a dozen herbs and spices. I couldn't fight the temptation to lick my fingers when I saw her, until she said in a Southern drawl,"Don't you know that's bad manners!"

"I've never been to a place like this before.",I stammered.

"Do you want me regular or...buffalo style?"

A honey glaze fell over my memory and I could remember nothing for the next 24 hours. Although, inexplicably, I gained a lot of weight.

gjcjax |- not to worry about the potatoes, they use INSTANT - just awful!!!

Insom...Excellent prose: Crisp; original; tender and juicy.
I'll have the 20-piece bucket, please.

peta... People Eating Tasty Animals right???

Wellll, everybody is assuming all the chicken is of the female gender... Are roosters protected and hens not... from cruelty... ? ? ?

I think I will change my name to OneMoreThingToProtest.ugh

Tamara- From what I have gathered from my friends in PETA. The roosters are considered useless and thrown out like garbage.
Of course the question I have been wondering is what will happen if they succeed and stop all chicken farming. What will happen to those chickens?

Ordinarily, I would be inclined to defend Pam Anderson as she is a dear friend of mine. But the subject of PETA is one that we are not exactly on the same page on.

BrainFriedStupidity.com is more like it.

Maybe they should shut kfc down because they use ghb on their chicken

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