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December 29, 2005


...for an enormous head.

UPDATE: Here's another angle.


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I think the second one's more attractive.

Good heavens. After that, I'm suddenly much more awake.

Unlike the rest of the bloglets, apparently.

Maybe she's grinning because her husband also has a big head.

Me thinks Dave has found the rest of the eggnog.

a guy walks into a bar with a tiny man (about 12" tall) sitting on his shoulder, and oh yeah, his head is the size of a tennis ball. He orders a beer, but after one sip the little guy on his shoulder jumps off and spits in his beer so he orders another and oh yeah, he pays with a hundred dollar bill and the little dude spits in that beer too so you get the idea this goes on for a while and so the bartender asks him whats the deal and the guys says I was in a boat or something and I was rescued by mermaid who said she'd give me three wishes so I said I wanna pull out a hundred every time I reach in my pocket and she says ok what's next and I says I'd like a twelve inch prick, and for my third wish how about a little head?

Weebles wobble...

HA HA HA! Good one, mud!

...but they don't fall down.

imagine the terrifying offspring of him and her!

At first I din't get it ... and waited for it to load, or do somethin' ... and then I looked around ... and then I sorta noticed ... whut's that ... um ... below her face, with all the hair ... OH! Wowser! She's got a pretty good rampart there, for such a tiny person ... and if that big head wasn't in the way ...

Oooooh, then I got it ...

But she does, pretty good ramparts, porportionally speaking ... except for the surplus of skull area ...

U.O., I hate to be the one to disappoint you, but I believe her ramparts are just her arms crossed across her chest.

Is anyone wondering why Mississippi State is hosting an image of a T-Rex?

Noob --

After closer examination (I din't have my reading glasses on before ... and ... I wasn't even there ... and ... I didn't do it ... and ... they made me drive ...) I hasta agree ...

You are correctamundo ...

Dang ... gotta start with the coffee earlier in the day ...

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