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December 27, 2005


Here's some heartwarming news about squid mothers, which of course would be a good name for a rock band.


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Is "exploring the inky depths" a subtle joke by the author?

They say that squid's a bad mother...

shut your mouth

But I'm talkin' 'bout squid!

**I'll be true to those lips of blue and those eight loving arms around me**

"But I'm just talkin' bout squid mother--"

"Shut your mouth!"

"No, really, I'm just talking about squid mother--"

"Shut your mouth!"

"STOP IT! Really! Squid mother--"

"Shut your--"


Seems to me that the victims of centuries of defamation need to be compensated in some way. Surely somewhere there's an alert attorney who can slip into his diving suit and solicit squid moms for a class action suit?

Today on Jerry Springer: Squid Mothers Fight Back

It just goes without saying the family of squid that dines on children together stays together.

I agree with Betsy, there's a welfare check in here somewhere, or at least a pork check for research of the behavior of squid mothers...Stanford should get on this right away.

So it isn't maternal neglect that causes squid crime - must be the absent fathers...

Well, of COURSE squid mothers love their young more than those of us who push out babies with BIG HARD SKULLS. Duh.

Heck, the birthing process for pushing out a squid would be a walk in the park in comparison....

In other news, the Reverend Jesse Jackson joined a group of protesting squid outside the National Oceanographic Institute. In a ringing speech in support of the sign-waving crowd, he said, "You cannot reach the pinnacle while they diss your mother's tentacle. Let the Ignorance Squad stop their attacks on the Cephalopod!"
In a counter-demonstrations, Squid for Social Justice demanded that they be referred to as Cephalopod-Americans.

Octopus Rex

Betsy, you're on a roll!

Mom gazes with eyes that don’t blink
At her children all slimy and pink
Don’t think it’s odd
For a cephalopod
Nothing’s stronger than maternal ink

TRWC...this one is SOOOOO fraught with possibilities, and besides, I'm supposed to be writing a newsletter right now.;)

I bet that's one funny newsletter, if you're given free reign!

Bets' ... just add a spot in your newsletter ... a la Andy Borowitz ...

In other news today, the maternal instincts of Squid are not what they really seem ...

No, no, no....this is a corporate newsletter, for hospital employees. I can't do an Andy Borowitz yet; I need my health insurance for another couple of years before Medicare.
The blog is what keeps me sane while writing about excellence, partnering, quality monitoring, and continous comprehensive critical compassionate collegial comfy cozy care. (The blog, and listening to zydeco...)

Aaaah, c'mon ... give 'em a treat ... somethin' for the sole purpose of amusement ... 'stead of all that dry, uninter ... um ... you write this, eh? Nevermind ...

Come on Betsy...I hear corporations are just FILLED with understanding squid. AND just what clues do you have that Medicare will still be there when you retire anyway?

Nov...I haven't run into any squid at corporate HQ lately. Tentacles, yes; squid, no. And trust me, Medicare will be there: there's some value in being part of the biggest demographic bulge in centuries. Consider: We came of age marching and protesting with the Student Peace Union; now we have the AARP. And a recent study showed that GWB's tactic of dividing the 55-and-overs from their younger brethern and cistern didn't work: we won't support cuts based solely on the assurance that it won't affect US -- we don't want it to screw up the next generation either. *returns to newsletter, singing Kumbaya*


It wasn't too very long ago
Some folks walked with a hi-dee-ho
And other folks walked around kind of low
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

It was ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
And they didn't believe in makin' a fuss,
So they quietly moved to the back of the bus
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

And when things got rough, they did a little prayin'...
Little arm wavin' and a little bit of swayin'.
Didn't do no good -- they kept right on a-sayin',
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

So they all went out and did a little standin',
Little less askin' and a lot more demandin',
Little less liftin', and a little less totin'.
A lot more thinkin' and a lot more votin',
A little less hopin', a little less waitin',
A whole lot more demonstratin'...a lot less pearly gate'n'.
A lot more fightin' and a lot more walkin'
Until finally no one at all was talkin'...
Like "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss"!

The end of this story is plain to see...
They finally achieved equality
And now like you and me they can stand up strong and free
And say, "Yes, sir" and "Of course, sir" and "Anything you say, J.B.!"!

(I dunno ... whut yew sed just made me thing of this song ... NBD ...)

UO - must be some great egg nog :)

Betsy - keep em coming!

Slowlayne - welcome back - you have been missed...

No mention of chuhtlu? HP Love craft is spinning in his grave.
I mean really
Really though I think the octopus are trying to show a softer gentler side so people don't decide to eat them as well.

To be honest I am used to them being chopped up. But you can eat them this way as well I supose.

Do you think that the Rev. Jesse Jackson would take on this case squid pro quo?

Sorry, I was fishing on that one.

"I'll have the squid, my good man, with extra tenticles"

- Bart Simpson

PB...You arrived late, but with distinction. (early morning *snork* rocks Chicago)

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