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December 30, 2005


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Ain't they cute!


The tortoise at first resisted. But the persistent Owen kept following him around the park, into the pool and trying to sleep next to him.

this is exactly how I got Mrs. TCK to marry me...

so the zoo folks want Owen and Cleo to play some Horny, Horny Hippos ?

Cleo: How come your mom is ,like, totally , cold-blooded?

Owen: I'm adopted.

I suppose this is what you call an "odd couple"?
I'm confused isn't this supposed to be funny?
Oh well,

No Name Rock Band

"The female hippo has lived without companionship from her species for more than a decade."

I'm guessing SHE's a horny, horny hippo!


"getting the two animals to meet and get used to each other's smell"

Kinda like marriage, huh?

Baby Hippo, to newly adopted surrogate Mama hippo:

I'm sure glad I found you, Mom ... what's for lunch?

Mama hippo:

How about this crunchy thing that keeps following you around?

(Sorry, but not much. I was just thinkin' about the hazards of unlike critters accepting a different species on the basis of what humans think would seem to be a good idea ...)

no name: it's an update of something else that (i think!) was blogged once upon a time... it doesn't have to be funny.

psssst - judi - it IS funny

pssst judi -
ditto what TCK said!

And I posted a Happy Anniversary to them SECOND after Betsy and it's gone - boo, hoo....

Awwww... sniff sniff. I'm so sentimental after the holidays.

I think it has something to do with the massive amounts of prescription medications I take to survive a week at my parents' house.

This marriage cannot be consummated (that's two Ms right?

Eleanor...but I didn't post yet, so you weren't aced out by me. Perhaps someone has stolen my identity, in which case I wish them all the luck in the world.

I want a baby hippo! It's so cute!

Dr D - that's 2 Ms and a right paren...

I agree with TCK and Eleanor - it IS funny, and it's our job as blogsters to make it even funnier.

This is like Three's Company meets Wild Kingdom. Except that hippos get really mean when they get older. Ok, so it's exactly like Three's Company.

The delicate process will begin with getting the two animals to meet and get used to each other's smell before they moving them into a larger enclosure together with the tortoise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hippos. Three-way on the half-shell.

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