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December 28, 2005


Wear body armor.


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"Gimme back my bullet!"

Hey, first, that was unexpected :-)

If the bullets went off, wouldnt that make it a Wholy Crapper.

I was shocked at first, then I realized that "toilet" there, where they appear to use British English, must mean the entire "restroom."

So, maybe they were sitting on the counter next to the sink. Nothing unusual: sink, water, soap, towels, military-grade ammunition. Nothing to see hear. Move along.

"Miri deputy police chief Supt Abang Abdillah Abang Othman has even gone so far as to speculate that the person responsible may have had a drink too many. "

Ya think?

So, Annie, we have Lynyrd Skynyrd jammin' in the toilet? I was thinking Bob Seger.

Siver Bullet Band and a little southern rock n roll, yeah that's my kind of jammin' in the john. ;-)

Ok, SILVER, I hate this battery operated keyboard. It only registers keystrokes when it wants to or when I beat it to death.

Sorta give a whole new meaning to the phrase NUMBER TWO, WITH A BULLET! ... don't it?

Oh you...U.O.!!!!

*snork* (but I'm not proud of it!)

In America im not sure this would constitute a news story...

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