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December 21, 2005


Be prepared for heavy traffic.

(Thanks to Hudge)


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wait, it said "consenting", not "competing" adults.

I was in a real big rush to be FIRST!


wait, it said "consenting", not "competing" adults.

I was in a real big rush to be FIRST!


Either a double first is really good or really stupid!

Either way, REALLY!

"Attitudes in themselves are not crimes, however deviant they may be or disgusting they may appear,"

Gotta love it.

See, Fed, your mistake was in not also installing a secret camera in Judi's office.

Canada, where you can club sex & baby seals!

just because most Canadians might disapprove of swingers' clubs

Really? They seem pretty tolerant of pretty much anything to me.

Group sex? I don't think so. I don't even like speaking in a group.

Except for here, right Mud? ;)


"Walmart, Wendy’s, Outback Steak House, Dominos Pizza, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Eckerd, CVS and Walgreens, Curves for women health clubs, GE and Exxon/Mobil"

I guess I know where will be shopping and dining now! Thanks for the list, spammer.

Oh, and "Death to blog comment spam!" (waves pitchfork and torch, etc)


How about death by deletion? Do we have a moderator?

I just went to cafepress.com (a site maximus refers to) and complained. I'm boycotting their site until they eliminate this guy, or drop the merchandise that's he's referring to.

Hey the topic is group sex! Let's get back to what's important. Focus people!

We Canadians have to do something to stay warm!

Up with group sex, down with large scale spamming? Why is that completely OK with me? Why do I find the spamming more annoying?

Oh yeah, at least the Canuks are behind closed doors. Hint to spammer: I wouldn't mind you as much if you only spammed in a locked room in Canada. Quietly.

We get bored up here during the long winters.

Can I peacefully resist spammers? Especially since I'm not a Republican or a Democrat but live in a peaceful, dope smoking, group sex having, moose fondling Canadian society.

Consensual conduct behind code-locked doors can hardly be supposed to jeopardize a society ....

CODE locked? Not just regularly locked?

Code locked is when you have to punch in the right combination of letters & numbers on a keypad while jumping on your right foot and singing Copacabana in Swedish and doing ear squats. At least in Canada

THEN they let you into the group s*x room since you've now proved you are limber enough to participate.

Annie WBH - I don't think she'll drop him. I looked at his site last night and the articles are sold be maximus' girlfriend, but that's okay he has a TINY url*.

*which brings us back to sex.

In my mind, that was a complete sentence.

Key quote from topic:

"...a society as vigorous...as Canadian society."

Well, apparently.

"THEN they let you into the group s*x room since you've now proved you are limber enough to participate."


southern girl - that was my favorite sentence too! *snork*

quite the list of demands from a group that is not in power at present. Well at least they have a goal ... thats important! Won't add up to a pile or rocks ... but at least they have a list.

Back on subject. Group sex ... that's why the folks up north are so happy.

monkeyshines - you're probably right, but it felt good. My spam retaliation, not the group s&x. On that, I have no opinion, and I'm keeping it that way.
and tee-hee on the 'tiny url' comment.

a peaceful, dope smoking, group sex having, moose fondling Canadian society


monkeyshines ... ROFL.

What I thought was interesting was the 7 to 2 majority of the courts. Why go with 2 when you can have the majority of the Canadian Supreme Court? And where do you wanna bet those seven went after the ruling was passed??

Oh, Canada.

Poor buckfush. He'd never last as a Canadian. Can you imagine the above rant once you throw in dope smoking rights, tax payer dollars to provide 'safe heroin shooting houses' and group org*es?

Of course you'd have to take out the whole war thing. We're not into war up here. Interferes with the orgi*s.

and curling

We curl?? Oh, only when involved in the group s*x parties. Gotcha. We also stretch, kvetch and bend too.

come on! are you going to tell me you've never heard anybody yell "Hurry Hard!" during an *rgy?

S'North suuure seems to know a lot about this group sex and orgy stuff. ;) NTTAWWT.

Moose fondling, though....

Hey, I can say anything and nobody on this blog is going to be able to contradict me are they? If they do, I'll just say that this is Canadian org*es so its different.

I love the "but I'm Canadian and that's how we do it there" excuse.

They're probably just doing it to keep warm, like bees in a hive....ok, bad visual.

Love the curling reference ceeg22. Next time I'm on the ice sheet I'll look at the game from a whole new perspective. Gives "put the rock through this hole" a whole new meaning.

How about ... YES! BRING IT! HARD! YES! ... ?

Hmmm...group sex behind closed doors.
I hear they do the same thing in Arkansas, only it's called family reunions.

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