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December 21, 2005


The Cajundome needs you.


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The Great Cajundome Flushoff is tied with the Great Arkansas Dip-Spit for the title of Most Amusingly-Named Event on this particular day.

Also, I hate to "toot my own bugle," but this is my third first in a row, easily making me the most ineffective employee my company has ever encountered.

FEMA should have reconsidered so that they can truthfully say they have experience flushing something other than money.

"easily making me the most ineffective employee my company has ever encountered"


How exactly would one list this job on one's CV?

Can we flush things down the toilets if we participate? Since they don't know what's down there anyway? This way, we can help them out with that.

"Sir, there is a badger, a codger and an inflatable Santa in the sewer system. That's all that I could flush before the system stopped working."

Clearly Fed works for FEMA.

Also, Phil Ashurst? That's way too close to ass hurts to NOT merit a mention.

I was all set to mail this Cajundome Flush to Dave Barry, but I see he is on top of it already. But I would like to suggest is for Dave Barry to participate in the big flush off and turn this event into a fund raiser for a charity of his choice. I mean, toilets, Dave Barry, money, it all fits! It is like peanut butter and jelly, soup and crackers. What an opportunity!

Everyone got their bean curd "logs"? ... well then, get out there and start FLUSHING!

*zips in*

I'm picturing Federal Duck staring at his monitor, with his hand poised over his mouse, clicking "refresh" on the DB site every 15 seconds, in order to maintain his FIRST status, and possibly new FIRST record.

Is that how it is, Fed? :)

*zips out to see if there are any new DB posts*

Finally, another use for soybeans besides General Tso's Tofu.... ... Why isn't substitute poo (bnfarb) on the list?

I've been looking for some extra work ....

It's a tankless job, but someone has to do it.."OK everybody, well go on two..One, TWO !!! "

"Bricks in towels"? Why?

When we renovated the football stadium a OSU, we had a simultaneous flushing of 5,000 toilets. If it's not, this should be in the Guiness book.

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency denied a request to inspect the sewer system with a camera, Davis said."

We have Geraldo Rivera standing by in a slicker...

Eleanor - That's close to how it works, except that instead of refreshing every 15 seconds, I have secretly installed a camera in Dave's office so that I have advanced warning when he's about to post.

And as a side note, Dave, please stop picking your nose at your desk. I thought your booger jokes were just kiddie humor, but my god man. I've never seen output of your magnitude.

At the top of this article was: Saddam Hussein claims in court that he has been beaten and tortured in detention.

I just wanted to be the first to extend the hypocrite a "waaaaaah." What's he saying? That it's not a nice thing to do??

Flusher #1 (snork): You okay? You look flushed.

Flusher #2 (snork): I'm pooped.

Key Missing Quote: We're looking for volunteers to come into this stadium and flush the toilets to find out what sort of ungodly substance comes flying out of them.

Thanks, I'll pass.

This doesn't even help needy people. It's to help concert goers not have a nasty experience in the bathroom. Not exactly the stuff of Nobel prizes.

"I hereby announce the Nobel Prize for preventing icky poo from dribbling on Susan Nipplemyer's shoes at the Brown Sabbath concert..."

If I'm going to this flush-a-thon, I want to be in the upper deck.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency denied a request to inspect the sewer system with a camera, Davis said.

That's probably because they blew the budget storing ice in Portland, Maine

Let's volunteer the Santa-lyncher from South Florida.

Being from the land of the Cajundome (actually, about 25 miles away), I would love to be a spectator to this debacle.

However, I now live a mere 500 miles from all the fun.

It was a royal flush and worked great!! Thanks for the humor!

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