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December 26, 2005


Is the yellow ball thingie™ twitchy but benign, or is it some sort of evil force with the power to suck tiny humans into its vortex?

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Boy, that sure enhance my productivity ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

AS IF! (On St. Stephen's Day, I don't have any productivity to speak of ... except ... mebbe here on the blog ... which raises another question ...

If you click on "War of the Hell", you can play crack the whip with the suffering souls of anguished stick figures, and try to catapult them into heaven! (OK...so they're not Buicks. It's still fun!)

Betsy ... I did not (not knot) know (not no) that it hadda be a Buick to be fun ...

I remember when I had a lot of fun in a Chev ... um ... nevermind ...

Another song that will be stuck in my mind for the rest of the day,

'We made love in my chevy van and that's alright with me.'

I liked clicking on the ??? and watching the world just rash away. How do you reset this thing? Talk about productivity enhanser, I've been playing with this thing for over an hour without realizing an hour had gone by. Those evil Japanese!

According to Google's (beta) Japanese to English translation, the instructions are as follows:

* When " the wall " on the left under the picture and so on is clicked, type of pen can be changed.
* Inside the picture when the line is pulled with the mouse, being selected, the line is pulled with color of the る pen.
* There are various qualities as for the dot depending upon color, there are also some which produce effect with on the other dot.
* For example, as for " the PLANT " dot of green, it can burn with " the FIRE " dot of red.
* When " PEN-size " on the right under the picture is clicked, size of the pen can be changed.
* When " TIME-speed " is clicked, the speed where time advances can be changed. * After really the variety trying trying, please discover.

also, a key translated comment reads "It increased in the enormous pleasure. Don't you think?"

UO...I'm sorry...I wasn't referring to whatever fun you (or I, for that matter) might have had in a Chevy (remember the BelAir???) Rather, the catapult reference made me think of Mr. Dave's account of the Guys devising an updated medieval trebuchet (sp?) with which to hurl a Buick.

Kal...I'm definitely for enormous pleasure, in whatever form (or vehicle) it arrives.

The English version of the game with instructions.

Oh, yeah. I've just blown most of the afternoon with this productivity enhancer. How can something so stupid be so fun?

Betsy --

I gnu whut yew referred to ... I was just sayin' that it doesn't hasta be a Buick to be fun ... so ... no sweats, Bets ...

... um ... actually, it was a Biscayne, and then another episode was a Chevy II ... and then, there was the El Camino ... um ... nevermind ...

This....... game......... is.......... mesmerizing.........................

A previous game was called Slug Killer. All you had was salt. Which is pretty much what we have in Seattle. So this war on slugs comes close to home.

If you had a slug growing inside of you I would say you had a problem...


Those instructions were a bit lengthy, don't you think?

Fun but I feel strangely drawn to "Cat Sledging". I don't actually have the nerve to click on it, though. Anyone tried it? I'm too scared.

Is it good that I watered the yellow ball thingy so much it grew to fill the whole screen?

Because I if that is bad, then I didn't do it.


I made a picture of my art using this program.


it's pretty basic. if you put a plant in the path of water, it makes it grow. fire burns oil, plant, and cera (wax). water makes the yellow ball thingy grow, salt makes it die. you can turn on and off the spouts of sand, water, salt, oil by experimenting with their thickness in the bottom right corner.

it's kind of nice to be able to play a game that has absolutely no point to it...

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