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December 29, 2005



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why do "they" bother to make "new" fruitcakes?

to replace the crumbled doorstops and paperweights of bygone years?

'cause nobody actually "eats" that stuff, do they?

Pretty long article for something no one gives a fig about...or even a marachino (sp?) cherry!!!!

HAHAHA! laughing at her own feeble attempt at humor since no one else will..

I'll take a cherry, anytime.
Happy holidays, Eleanor.


Good one, Eleanor. I'm big fan of feeble attempts at humor. (Just ask my kids.)

I used to make 12 pounds of fruitcake every year, from a really good recipe (yeah, there is such a thing -- it involves a LOT of bourbon). I 'doled them out' in one pound tins to friends and family, who always appeared grateful to receive them.
I stopped when I realized that (a) it cost more to give them each a fruitcake than a gift; (b) actually, it cost WAY more, because I never felt the fruitcake was "enough", so I'd buy a gift TOO; and (c) one of the recipients told me that it was really REALLY good, especially when toasted and slathered with butter. Jeez'm Pete, each slice already had about a pound of butter in it...it positively ooooozed when you cut it. I figured if she had to resort to further lubricating it, it wasn't worth the trouble.
It all seemed like way too much buck for the bang...but I honor the tradition by enjoying an occasional slice offered by someone else, but only if it tests positive for bourbon.

I am so sorry. I may not be entitled to participate in this blog. But here it is: I like fruitcake.

It's OK, Nannie. The first step is admitting the problem. Now you can begin your journey of recovery.

nannie: a confession of my own. i've never actually tasted fruitcake.

it's entirely possible that an entire generation is missing out on the wonders of this christmas tradition due to bad press generated by the oldsters. something with that much butter and bourbon can't be all bad, right? if someone would make one with out all that plastic looking fruit in it, and maybe some extra bourbon, i'd give it a try.

cgirl...when my grandmother made it, she used to soak it in bourbon, and wrap it in a bourbon-soaked dishtowel, and bury the whole thing in a tin box full of powdered sugar. When you opened that sucker...and it could be five years later -- the good cheer fumes just about knocked you on the floor.

Thank you, Qetzal. One day at a time. **sigh**

betsy - some women just need more lubrication than others...

My mother-in-law makes a very good fruitcake - with NO bourbon! They are teetotalers. But all the commercial stuff I’ve ever had the misfortune to taste certainly earns the bad reputation that fruit cake has.

I was about to click outta this thread when I saw the word "BOURBON"!! Feel free to send me the most-soaked fruitcakes you can manage. I'll just squeeze the good stuff out of 'em and use the remains to fill the potholes out front. A win-win situation!

Qetzal, I think we need to arrange some interventions, for Nannie and whoever else is into such self-destructive behavior as eating fruitcake.

PS, my ex-wife eats fruitcakes, WITHOUT booze in 'em, which was all I needed to tell the divorce judge.

Lookin' at the article and all her cookies (... um ... not THAT kind, TYV M ...) I couldn't help but wonder ... why no (not wye know) sandbakkelse???

... just sayin' ...

... and ...

I actually ate fruitcake once in my life that was GREAT! ... I can't dismember who made it tho ... and I've never found that specific recipe to sample again ... most of the ones I've choked down have been dry or sticky and so dense you gotta poke 'em down with a stick ...

My Bride (Remember Her?) useta make 'em, and they weren't too bad ... she used brandy instead of bourbon ... din't have the right mixture of ingredients tho, to make 'em really good ... she quit makin' them when she, too, realized the expense involved, and how little people appreciated them ... and, she doesn't make krumkake or sandbakkelse any more, either ... sniff ... sob ...

Dave.. take care, okay? Too many loads off your mind, and your head could just plain cave in from lack of support. Then the family portrait never looks the same again.

On topic... I always liked my mother's fruitcake. Brandy in the recipe, even though my parents were teetotallers. It cooks into the cake, so it de-acoholises, but you get the flavour, and the preservative quality that the alcohol gives the cake. Unfortunately, fruit cake recipes are always HUGE, and most people find it so rich, they just can't eat that much of it.

Nannie.. if you ever want a recipe to try, I'm sure someone could give you one.

Am I the only one who mis-read the first word of the headline as "Beware"? And that was *before* seeing that it was about fruitcake.

Insom...I thought about editing that out, but left it as a gift set-up for my pals. Thanks for taking up the gauntlet. I knew someone would rise to the occasion.

*oops! I did it again*

My Mother in law made the best (insert favorite dessert Here) I swear she couldnt mess up on anything. But her fruitcake was incredible, better than her snickerdoodles.

She went way too soon.

God, now I'm depressed.

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