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December 23, 2005


In fact, they have made many discoveries.


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If you're smallish, it does take a corset to discover what cleavage looks like. Never having looked at Ms. Miller, I can't say whether this is a good discovery or not. Perhaps it will help with the straying fiance problem she has had.

Yeah, she found her boobs all right. The doctor had 'em.

*snork* @ Kilmeny

And to think, all this time she could have been wearing this bra that can make any woman look like she has giant fake breasts. It's sad what ignorance can do.

King Wingbipeekaboo believes very firmly that blondes are an underappreciated species and should therefore star in a lot more movies, especially the private ones King Wingbipeekaboo shoots in his garage.

KIng Wingkiewhatever has a garage?

Sienna Miller is a real blonde?

Now come on.

Fake, real, imagined? Who cares? Breast implants have done more good for society than any other single invention of the past century. Think of the children people, think of the children...

Of course the girl has boobs when she wears a corset ... or how ever the heck you spell it ... it's like squeezing the middle of a long skiny balloon. It all pops out the top ... presto! Boobies. I bet her butt got bigger too. Though the girl could afford to eat a snadwhich or ten. I draw stick figures with more curves than she has. Just sayin'.

Oh and Merry Christmas Eve all :)

p.s. the spelling errors are due to my lack of caffeine. Please forgive. And please send coffee.

Hi punk' ... LTNS ... whir yew bin?

NEway ... I'm in the process of just going to get a cup of freshly ground Hawaiian ... I'll boost some your way ...



When i got home, I checked out the light show everyone was raving about a few days ago ... Yes, they worked fine on the PC ... and $200 cheaper than buying that software ...


G'mornin' all, and Merry Christmas/et cetera to everyone ...

Added thot for this thread ...

If Ms. Miller happened to get caught in a small fire, she could then go Crayola (tm) ... ya know ... Burnt Sienna ...

U.O., we're going to have to draw the line on Crayola jokes.

Or perhaps I just don't umber-stand.

*zips in*

Maybe if she'd "discovered" her boobs earlier, Jude Law wouldn't have had to take up (so to speak) with the nanny!

This is a joke. I do NOT believe that was why he did that. He did that because he is pond scum.

*waves hi to punky and zips out*

Her: "Wow, you're really big."
Him: "Thanks."
Her: "Is that a corset on your..."

Different thots ... same thread ... 'cuz I promised to do so down below there somewhere ... and ... it sorta vaguely fits with this thread ...

Seen @ the Security Check @ the airport:

Whilst the guy was tickling me ... I noticed across the way, a young female-gender-type person was having a similar experience ... (late 20-ish to mid-30-ish ... that's young, from my POV)

Quite slim ... coulda used a coupla sammiches her ownself ...

Wearing what might loosely be termed "hip-hugging" jeans ... 'cept that she din't have much for hips ...

SO ... the button on the front was hangin' kinda low ... approximately 3/32nds of an inch above her symphisis pubis ...

The really ... um ... distracting (and I mean that in a way that you're not thinking of) aspect was that she seemed to have done some kind of shave or wax job ... well, no, that's not what was distracting ...

What was "bothersome" about it was that she sorta needed a re-shave ... or a re-wax job ... sorta reminded me of Sonny Crockett ...


That image was sorta burnt into my eyebones fer awhile ...

Oh, golly, what one can observe, just by watching ... eh, Yogi?

re: U.O.:

And on the next episode of Miami Vice, Crockett and Tibbs have a close shave at the airport.

The world is full of "boobs." Some are just bigger than others.

I see Crokett & Tubbs are qualified for passes on the Geezer Bus ... nice catch, C & T ...

PB ...

as long as it doesn't hasta be a straight line, draw away ...

(I never could draw a straight line, even with a ruler ... or a straightedge, whatever that is ...)

another name for 'corset' is 'full-body tourniquet'

"Full Body Tourniquet" WBAGNFARB!


Hi! Whir yew bin? Good to see ya ... Merry Christmas/Whatever ...

Has anyone seen the disgusting rubbery corset you have to practically glue onto your body? It looks like someone doused the middle section of a poor, squeezed, skinny balloon with this almost skin-colored goo, then attached a plastic, grinning face on top and a slogan like "lose 20 pounds instantly and look like an ill-made bratwurst in a dress!"

It's sold at CVS.

However, as disturbing as the corset is, it's nothing compared to the stick-on bra made from the same company. It's just the front. It sticks on. Eww.

Merry Christmas to everyone, by the way. Happy Hanukkah there after!

Am I the only one who noticed this article was written by Jack Ryan? OW! Who shot me in the thigh?!?

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