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December 27, 2005



Key Quote:
"There's a lot of power in a good cow."


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Udder nonsense.

Oh, and...first?

Isn't "horny goat" redundant?

Oops! Wrong thread!

did the police issue a mooooooooooving violation?

i love it!! guess baby jesus didnt want to moooooove over...

Are you guys going to continue milking this story for cheap laughs?

It's all a part of the Bovine War on Christmas.

Amateurs! (Um, the cow wranglers--not you guys!) ;)

Funniest line: Even though our police officers pump iron, it's not easy for us to assume control over a cow weighing several hundred kilos.

Maybe if they drank more milk.....


Apparently (heck no, obviously!) these folks in Oslo (Minnesnowta?) din't see the item about the live camel that was in a nativity scene, and ran away, only to be struck down in the prime of life by a rampaging automobile ... eh?

This is what happens when you ignore First Amendment rights: Maybe the cow was Mooish or Mooslim.

(Of course, I don't know if the first amendement applies in Snowrway. But, come to think of it, I don't know if it applies here either...)

Not lately, it seems ...

And it shall be as it was in times of old, Verily, the lion shall lie down with the lamb, as the shepherds lie down with the sheep, and the cow, having none of it, shall boogie...


I agree with you on the cow wrangling. I grew up on a farm with about 30 head of cattle. However, we had one that was hit by a full size Ford pickup and totaled the truck. The cow walked away with a nasty temper and little else. The heck with cheese, never underestimate the power of a cow!

One of my uncles told me about a Navy buddy of his who, after the war, got a job in Georgia, and would drive his Harley home to Ohio every weekend.

One night, he drove it halfway thru a cow.

Sorry, this is not funny ... just an old (true) story ...

U.O., the incident may not have been funny, but the phrase "halfway thru a cow" is. IMO. :)

Well, yeah ... when my uncle told me about it, he had long-since gotten over losing his friend ... he sorta smiled, ruefully, as he related the description of events ...

... and those are his words, not mine ... "halfway thru a cow" ...

Out of curiosity what happend to the cow?
Did they have a bar b cue at the funeral?

Alfred...Thanks for asking the question that was uppermost in my mind. I know it's probably in bad taste to ask, but Inquiring Minds Want to Know: what happened to the cow???

That uncle passed away about six years ago, and he never really commented on the cow's fate, but my SEWAG would be (to maintain the general upbeat mood of this part of the thread) that the bovine critter suffered from an acute and terminal case of Harleyitis and did not survive the episode.

No guesses as to how the cow tasted. Never ate a cow that was severely bruised and lacerated by a two-wheeler ... it was probably NOT a "sail cow" however ...

When a hog encounters a cow,normally the cow wins.
On the other hand,good road kill is worth alot,and cows are pretty good,as opposed to skunk and possum.

I had no idea that farmers played real life pokemon. And I grew surrounded by them.

This of course gets interesting when you have the liger town USA people over. Gotta catch em all.

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