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December 29, 2005


You may be disappointed.

Bonus Unexpected Good Rock-Band Name: "Stinking Goddess"


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here's yer snake burger - want fries with that?

"King ratsnakes? We don't need no steenking goddess round here!"

I was SO hoping they were carefree hobo snakes, ridin' the rails, passing around a half-pint and playin' the mouth organ, before the rail cops nabbed'em.

Another heart-warming image destroyed by reading the actual article.

Well if THAT ain't a kick in the.......

I AM dissapointed!! I was SO looking forward to a stinking goddess dinner to ring in the New Year again! Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for some of the Spotted Owl soup I have in the freezer.

Another bonus name for a rock band: "Wuxi Eatery". Obviously they could open for "The Hunger" (http://thehungeronline.com/)

"..local railway police seized hundreds of valuable snakes headed for dinner tables in that city on Tuesday."

i was disappointed that the story wasn't about snakes taking a train ride into the big city for a nice dinner.

Whoops.... I'm really disappointed that I spelled disappointed "dissapointed"....


Betsy said "mouth organ"

I had a blind date once with a stinking goddess. It didn't work out.

mad, don't worry....we won't diss you for it.

Aw, c'mon. This one's too easy...

The Disappointments

Illegal Food

The Snake Bandits

Food Fighters

a haiku:

stir fry a snake please
and bring on lots of rice wine
'cause this goddess reeks


beware the ill wind
that foretells the snakes coming
flatulent goddess?

one more:

I'll have number six
stinking goddess with eggroll
and make that to go

Poor snakes. (Yes, I, a woman, like reptiles, just not human ones) Can you imagine, if they are called 'stinking goddesses' what it was like to open that trunk lid. Gas mask, anyone?

My friend buys contraband
Serves reptiles in his restaurant
I can't afford airfare
Some I'm stuck here eating jerky!

I don't eat monitors
Just give me 'stinking goddess'
It's not eating what looks good
It's a exam for your stomach!

I ...want to scarf down some snake
Those tiny ribs'll taste great
With mustard sauce
I... just want to eat stuff
To make my friends shout 'Enough!'
While all around me are losing lunch.

I want to scarf down some snake!

Suzy...duly noted.

P.S. Mighty Wurlitzer organ...

Hey Insom: help a geezer out - what song is that?

Bonus Unexpected Good Rock-Band Name

whose acronym is


which sounds like

booger bun

which is a

Bonus Unexpected Good Rock-Band Name

whose acronym is


which sounds like

booger bun

which is a

Bonus Unexpected Good Rock-Band Name

whose acronym is


which sounds like

booger bun

which is a


Sheryl Crow- "I want to soak up the sun"

thanks. you just confirmed my geezerhood.

Apparently nobuddy noticed the dateline on the article ...

Dong Zhen
2005-12-29 Beijing Time

There's gotta be a joke there, but I'm chuckling so much that I can't sem/a to hit all the ck;eys properly ... I'll leve it soto tohkssaers to finish thaaaat ...

Hey, this is OK, I have a frozen Birdseye "Stinking Goddess" meal that I can just heat up tonight. Ever try to eat snake with chopsticks, though?

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