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December 21, 2005


Be careful.

(Thanks to Rhona Davies)


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luckily there's a procedure to restore them to their pre-virginal condition.

Sex can leave crickets legless?

So can too much beer.

Huh. I didn't know beer could leave a cricket legless.


This story is a month old. We've read it before. Dave must be drinking eggnog in the lodge! :)

El - I don't remember it. Either you read it in "Insect Sex Monthly" or ....beer...or something. Dang, where are my shoes?

OK, where's U.O.? There's no way he doesn't got a cricket story

IMO, if Dave is sitting around the fire, drinking eggnog, or beer, or whatever, then what has he better to do than write a column? Right? C'mon Dave, it's Christmas!! Give us a little gift, here.

Wow, TCK, that was almost another simulpost. You just finished faster.

No, I did not say that.

geez - you people need to quit naggin' Dave to work all the time - that's what he's got a wife for...

(not that I would mind some new Dave material - but just sayin')

hey southerngirl - it's not important who finishes faster - what's important is that both people finish - am I right?

How come if I rip the legs off of insects, I need 'help', but they are considered 'scientists'? There is a double standard at work here...

Interesting point of view, TCK. Sounds a little selfish to me...
just sayin...

But you're talking to southerngirl, not me, so -
never mind.

El - is that a comment on my "quit naggin' Dave" comment, or on my "it doesn't matter who finishes faster" comment?

I agree. With El. Or TCK. But, I guess if everyone finishes, then everyone's happy, right?

Ok, then.

You know why the crickets who've already mated are fine with losing a leg? They've figured out there's something worth living for.

way to be diplomatic southerngirl

Spoken like a true guy, TCK!!

Which remark - hah!

Avoid and evade...:-)

Oh, that Kate Ravilious!

El - that be military training at work

Quote: "The front legs bear the hearing organ."

There's a joke in here somewhere involing God, eggnog and intelligent design, ...but I'm about to drive 15 hours in a very small car with my sister, her very large dog and my two year old child, so I'm not going be so bold as to actually post it.

If you never hear from me again, please know I'll be thinking of you all from my padded cell.

"You put your front leg in, you put your front leg out.."
"What? What?!"

..poor, poor Jacki...

as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods
they kill us for their sport....

ooookay...anyway, how 'bout them Dodgers?

OK ... cricket story ...

Seems there was this Texas Aggie, who had to pass Biolgy in order to be eligible for playing football ...

The Biology teacher, in an effort to cooperate with the football coach -- and, as an added bonus -- avoid being lynched by the fans, decided that if the Aggie could satisfactorily complete an experiment or lab activity with some semblance of actual thought ... he would pass.

With a wide range of choices available, and, contrary to popular opinion, the Aggie actually having some vague idea of how lab experiments were conducted ... he decided to form a conclusion after various trials involving a cricket.

He wanted to use heat and ice, but didn't have a bunsen burner, and had forgotten the recipe for ice.

Consequently, he decided to check out certain physical attributes and abilities of the cricket by different methods.

He spent several weeks training (between football practices) the cricket to jump when he said, "Hup!"

Once the cricket was trained, the Aggie took it to the lab.

There, he took pencil and paper, and sat down at the lab table.

Placing the cricket on the table, he said, "Hup!"

The cricket gave a strong and active jump.

The Aggie then cut off one hind leg, and said "Hup!"

The cricket again jumped, but not quite as high.

The Aggie cut off another hind leg, and said "Hup!"

Same result, smaller jump.

The Aggie continued in like manner, with first one middle leg, and then the other.

Smaller jumps.

The Aggie cut off one front leg, and said "Hup!"

The resulting jump was almost imperceptible.

One last time, the Aggie cut off the remaining front leg, and said "Hup!"

The cricket remained motionless.

The Aggie wrote (well, printed) on the paper his conclusions learned by the experiment.

"When ya cuts off a crickets legs ... he goes deef."


This is just the male cricket's version of the "Coyote Date"

so this is what happened to those boys who pulled the wings off of flies.

"Disabled Crickets" WBAGNFARB??

Also, to all bloglits: Be patient, there will soon be more Dave to read when his annual Year In Review comes out.

I knew U.O. would come thru for us...

music to ski by ~ or, to sit by the fire in the lodge, while drinking a margarita? ;)

"Wasted away again in Woloradoville....."

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