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December 08, 2005


Ho Ho Hwhooaaaa <hic>

(Thanks, this year, to Kafaleni)


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Way to go, Kaf!

Finally, something to keep me away from work! (as if I really needed to look very hard)


Geez, it smells in here now, too.

I wanna play! What do you have to do to make it start? I click on Play, and nothing happens. :(

Oh no! and I have finals to study for and papers to write (that i'm still trying to get started on)

I got this in my mail this morning and have yet to do anything productive today.

I got 677. I don't know if I should be proud or join AA.

This goets me to thinking..Was there ever a Foster Brooks Christmas Special ? Santa here kinda looks like him.


I can't make it work either--what am I supposed to be doing?

click on play - use the arrow keys to move santa around - drink the drinks

[I got 812]

Oh! Arrow keys. I was trying to find something to do with the mouse. I zapped Santa like a bug. I'm gettin nuttin for Christmas...

I need to warm up more before the holiday season. 230. *Goes to workout her liver*

Me too, Bumble!

I have to be honest, that dude knows how to party. I mean, tis the season, who wouldnt want to get as plastered as possible while being surrounded by a deadly electrical fence? Santa knows how to flippin' party. Good Lord, Its finals week here in college, and this game has inspired me to drink. Santa... Oh Santa you crazy man you. I owe to a drink or two. Do you have a boy named sue? Does he live in a zoo? Lets go kalamazoo! Lets go sue hue... Now... Ok, that went way too far...

Yay, Kaf! 'Love it!

Thanks TCK!

Oh, this is SO a Productivity Enhancer. LOVE IT!! Thanks, Kafi! (And Judi, for having the good taste to blog it.)

Didn't they have this last year, but with Santa on the roof of a building? Yeah, it was less forgiving.

I got 815.


I still prefer elf bowling.

Elf, elf baby!

I got 883. Can this man drink forever???

Mud, I'm not gonna admit that I thought you wrote "elf blowing." Nope, na ga da.

kudos to Kafaleni!!

it's not my fault!!! I tried to steer him, he wouldn't follow my instructions.

ceeg22 ~ yea, that's what they all say.


I got 911 points that time, which is a score and a call for the medics.

Calvin: I'm leaving out a plate of cookies for Santa.
Calvin's Dad: That's nice.
Calvin: What do you think he'd like with that? Some milk?
Calvin's Dad: I think "Santa" would probably rather have a cold beer.
Calvin's Mom: Dear!

southerngirl~ Oh, well. If Santa won't bring you anything, I'll send you a crawfish. Assuming I can find one now that the cricks have all froze up. :-)

I agree with mudstuffin.....elf bowling ROCKS!!!

My 7 yr old son did great with this one, but my 8 yr old daughter couldn't keep Santa moving in a straight line. The boy had the most fun watching Santa fry, tho. So who do you think will get the best loot from the big guy?

ISIANMTU ~ my 11 almost 12 yr. old son just tried this. After 5 minutes....999! I didn't believe him, as I was out of the room, but when I came back in, 999 was on the screen. I say it's b/c they (kids)have a way with the controls.

Or, he knows how to fix the score.

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