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December 30, 2005


If you tell anyone where you got that number, this blog will be forced to shoot you. And you know where.

(Thanks to Joseph Abbott)


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No, No, not in the thigh again Jack!

*and first?*

Methinks Jack needs a new phone, his reception is terrible.

Better the thigh than the breast...from my point of view.

I remember what happened the last time I dialed a number from the Blog, and I ain't a-gonna do it again. Well, 'least ways not while the Boss is still in.

So, that's whut Jack is doin' in the off-season ... workin' at El Pollo Loco, eh?

Uhm, I not calling this number until I know what in the world it's for!
In other words "NEVER"


No Name Rock Band

You know how to get a 4 day weekend off to a good start.

You'll be forced to shoot us in the chicken?

Okay, Boss is gone, so I dialed. ...No phone sex? *slight pout*

if I dial that number.....will Jack Bauer shoot an angles wings off?

Angles have wings?

Yeah, but only if they're right(wing) angles ...

our languageical predispostion to consider anything "left" -- including "left(wing)" -- as bad or evil, is based on the root words from Latin ... "sinister" means "left" and anything on the "left" side is thot to be on the Devil's side ...


It's 5pm ET and y'all might as well tell the rest of us what this was all about. (My guess also would have been phone sex, but I'm intrigued by the idea that it could have been something new and funny.) By now the phone company simply announces the number as "blocked" from my area code (and from everywhere maybe?).

I have the same issue as Avon. Not available, possibly due to the fact that I'm calling from the great white North (Though it's not that great and more an icky, slushy brown in these parts).

Ok, guys, I just called the number. Apparently, it's a commercial for the new season of 24, but because of all the static on the line, it was hard to tell. Since I have never even seen one episode, it meant nothing to me.

*runs away really, really fast, before angry 24 fans hit me with a sock full of nickels*

Really, I'd rather watch my "Big Trouble" dvd. Again.

And LMAO. Again.

U.O. wrote: "our languageical predispostion to consider anything "left" -- including "left(wing)" -- as bad or evil, is based on the root words from Latin ... "sinister" means "left" and anything on the "left" side is thot to be on the Devil's side ..."

Yes, this made being a southpaw in Catholic school much fun.

Noob -

Ah HAH! The old "ruler across the knuckles" and "Tie the left hand behind the back" school of thot, eh?

Yeah, I never really saw that behavior (small town, public skul, too tiny for a parochial skul) but my folks told me about it when they went to school a generation before me ... leftys were not "punished" exactly, but it was "strongly discouraged" with coercion just short of corporal punishment ... and I've known a fair bunch of folks who had the "advantage" of parochial, and their experience was less than "fun" ...

My grandmother is left handed, but she writes with the right hand. It took me forever to notice that, and ask her about it.

Let's just say she was "strongly encouraged" in school to write with the right hand. It was a public school, even.

I of course, having no barrier between my brain and any actions that I might take dialed this number right away. I am still laughing! I urge all to dial, and don't forget to be here on an unamed time and date.

well I finally called and I must say....LAME!

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