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November 16, 2005


In case your dog does not already pee enough.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Kudos, Drew! Is that a happy tail in your pocket or are you glad to see me? Good boy!

I thought Budweiser had already cornered the market on beer brewed specifically for dogs?

Made with malted barley and filtered water, fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E, with a natural beef flavor!

Yup, they managed to outdo the salmon-flavored soda people.

No, Cbol, Budweiser is actually made up of dog urine.

Wouldn't a more appropriate name be "Sniff My Tail Ale?"

For sale all over NorCal, but thankfully not in my neck of the (red)woods. We're not that kind of wierd in silicon valley, mostly nerdy.

Be careful everybody, that stuff packs a wallop.
(Wallop is fun to say. Wallop. wallop-wallop-wallop.)

I bought a keg of this stuff for Crotchsniffer, my chihuahua/malamute mix, and in about a week he had taken up smoking, assaulted the neighbor's kids and wrecked my car.
Can you believe that?! SMOKING!

elle - I stand corrected.

well, I sit corrected. or slouch corrected.

And Sniff My Tail Ale is a much better name.

Question, when a dog wakes up hungover, does he try a little "hair of the human that bit him"?

elle - I stand corrected.

well, I sit corrected. or slouch corrected.

And Sniff My Tail Ale is a much better name.

Question, when a dog wakes up hungover, does he try a little "hair of the human that bit him"?

I'm starting to feel an anti-Bud sentiment around here. That can't be, can it? And elle, you ain't tasted dog urine until you've tasted a bad batch of Dixie beer. Bleeecchh!

Fed - LOL! (where ya been, Laddie?)

Cbol, I think he walks over to the nearest hydrant and takes a Budweiser.

Turner and Hooch should sue.

Hey, slow it down, Rover -- you remember what happened last time.

I'm gonna have to go on the record as being opposed to non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages, even for dogs. I mean, what kind of a way is that to treat man's best friend, anyway? How would you like it if your best friend kept all the real beer for him or herself, and only gave you the fake stuff? HUH? Wouldn't like it, WOULD YOU!

OK, I'm done now...

You never know where Dave will show up. From the beerfordogs site I clicked on Top 20 dog quotes and there was Dave at #2.

"You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, `My God, you're RIGHT! I NEVER would've thought of that!'"
-- Dave Barry


Top do quotes? Well, that son of a... Oh, never mind...

And the point of this is to...what...prove that men are stupid enough to believe dogs actually want this stuff?

Pardon me, but I come from the perspective of loathing even the smell of beer, let alone drinking the poison.

I'm getting a (summertime) mental picture of my husband and my dog, sitting under a shade tree next to our camper, each slurping their preferred brewski. Then, collectively, they let out one large belch.

This is why they're sitting there alone, and the girls and I are at the pool.

Aunt Nancy - they're not alone - they have each other, and their favorite brewski

well, now at least the dog doesn't have to feel left out when he's the designated driver!

Quick! Somebody get this beerlapper off my leg!!!

There is salmon-flavored soda? Where? I want some!

Dave and C-bol (I think) both mentioned it earlier on their respective blogs. Link Here.

Doesn't EVERYone get his or her dog drunk at least once in their life and watch them stumble around and bump into the walls? I have!

Oh. They don't? Nevermind.


hmm. never got a dog drunk but i got a parakeet high once. or twice.

I gave this stuff to my dog and she said, "What's this crap?!? It tastes like people piss!"

So how soon before they come out with bacon flavored bongs? Fed - go ahead and write the advertisement for that one.

Holy crap!! Even the Ninja Turtles read Dave's blog! I feel like I sit aside true genius

Dogs like to get drunk and cats like to get high. If you have both a dog and a cat and you yourself are both drunk and high, the results are hilarious. But then you're stricken with profound remorse at your animal abuse for amusement, buy a bushel of pet toys and treats and put the animals in the basement every time you party foreverafter.

This is my confession, and I'm ashamed of myself. A wet noodle would not go amiss.


We love you - and thanks for the toys and treats! But we would love you even without them!

My parents tell a story of how when they were first living together, they gave the dog beer once. Later the post-libation dog needed to walk down the stairs backwards!

Schadeboy- Remember, this is a beverage FOR DOGS. Not people, okay? People don't always like the same things as dogs. When was the last time you ate an entire elastic netting off a beef roast?

I would get this for my dogs, but they don't like beer. I find they prefer a crisp, rather dry, chardonnay. Maybe because it complements the flavor of the fuzz from their ass that they've been licking all day?

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