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November 03, 2005


We have electricity for now, but we're not taking it for granted. Every now and then a transformer in our neighborhood goes, quote, "BOOM," and all the people who live in the houses serviced by that transformer are suddenly transported back to the World Without Hot Showers. Whenever we hear the BOOM we flinch like nervous gerbils and check our lights. If they still work, we go, quote, "whew." Then we go back to being nervous. Because we know we could be the next victims in the game of Transformer Roulette.


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The transformer goes BOOM
The transformer goes BOOM

...isn't that the opening song for the Sonny and Cher Show?

Mental torture, that is. Isn't it against the Geneva Convention?

"The Nervous Gerbils" and "Transformer Roulette" both WBGNFRBs! Didn't "The World Without Hot Showers" show up on MST3K once?

Is mental torture anything like mental hopscotch?

Line up folks for another spin of the Transformer Roulette! EVERYONE's a looser! EVERYONE plays for free!

.... no charge for cold showers too ...

A few weeks ago a news chopper was watching traffic when a transformer went off within view. It was just close enough to the center of the shot that they caught it perfectly on the tape. It looked like a blue-tinted nuclear explosion. Amazing how far out you could see the shockwave take the fireball.

The "Man" screws with the power,
Denying Dave even a shower.
His armpits are rank,
His feet really stank,
And his hair builds up grease by the hour.

Transformers going Boom? I would be overjoyed to have that. It would mean we had power for whatever brief moment the power god would give.
Here in Pompano Beach we are on whatever grid is lower than the loser grid.

Thanks Dave.

We're going into our eleventh day without power but your comments have provided the comic relief that have kept me just barely on the happy side of the sane dad/homicidal maniac line.

Hey, Wishing -- I feel for you. Hope you get the volts flowing soon. Or the watts. Whatever it is that flows.

*snuggles next to Dave's post*

Stricktly speaking, it's 'amps' that flow. 'Amps' is the unit for measure for 'current.'

Our power went off for a few hours yesterday until my wife called and paid the bill. I'm just telling you this, Dave, so you won't think I'm, quote, unsympathetic.

Having lost power during Hurricane Rita, I can tell you that there was one saving grace: the hot-water heater runs on natural gas.

During Rita,in Houston, I lost power for only 16 hours. We had a cool breeze and we sat on a porch swing we dragged underneath a shade tree. We drank ice tea and read books all day. Wonderful. The power came on @6:00 PM just before we went to bed so everything cooled off during the night. We got very lucky. Feel for you guys in Florida. Hang in there.

every time you hear a "boom" that's probably one less squirrel in the neighborhood.

ooo, that's a good point, crossgirl...

Dont worry Dave I am sure if your transformer goes boom you will have the power back on in plenty of time (32 minutes) to get Sophie to her wedding.

KCSteve: Does the news team have a website with video?

How can you tell when a gerbil flinches?

When you look up "flinch" in the dictionary, there's a picture of a gerbil ... so, that's a really good question, gfunksizzle ...

I wonder about that "mental torture" thing, also ... often times I find moi ownself playing with my mental blocks ... is that the same thing?

Dave --

If "amps" are what measure "current" ... then folks like you and St. Judi -- who have generators -- must be ampidextrous ...

Bayou Self - We're probably almost neighbors! We lost power for Katrina for about 3 days, then almost 2 for Rita. Unfortunately for us, our water heater is also electric.

Dave (not Barry) --

You mean to tell us that Florida Plunder & Loot is busting your 'nads about a late bill at a time like this?! Do they think you had nothing better to do than write checks by candlelight? Are they aware that there was no mail service for about a week!?

What a-holes!

Goog --

Not to nag, or bring up a criticism ... but unless Dave (nB) has moved, to the best of my recollection, he's on the "Other" coast ... NTTAWWT ... just FYI ...

As Gilda Radner's SNL school marm character would say:

"Ohhhhh. That's very different."

Just FYI in general, in case anyone wants to comment/question/berate/cheer for anything I mighta said/posted ...

I gotta finish packing, don't know if I'll be back on the blog until mebbe Saturday or Sunday, or even Monday ... going on our annual safari/vacation ... and I doubt that the itty-bitty town motel where we stay has high-speed, let alone a dialup connection/number ...

Hang in there, blogsters ... talk @ulater ...

Good luck with the gerbils and FP&L, Dave & Judi & all others ...

U.O. - If the proprietor of that motel is wearing his mother's dress - RUN!

U.O - Have a lovely time!

me too, gerbil :) i am less nervous now that i have my own generator... i was a nervous gerbil about my neighbor turning off the generator when i was in the middle of something.

Just be glad FEMA hasn't taken over for Florida Plunder and Loot or you could look forward to transformers not just going "boom" but also "putt", "sputter" and "caput". Then they will charge you double for each transformer they replace. No need to thank them. Although Mike Brown would like some compliments on his attire
Ah! America the free.....

My friend the electrician says the "BOOM" is normally a fuse blowing, not a transformer blowing up.

You can see the fuses on the pole, and if one blows, it blows in two parts, causing one part to hang down so the crews can see it from the ground.

I would settle for a fuse blow...speaking of blowing, life without power on day 11 blows.


Apparently the megawatts and amps needed to get power from my house to yours would fry a series of extension cords like hair in a Bic lighter.

I'm looking into building a battery powered generator but not being an engineer, my first model would require 2,038 "D" cell batteries and would only power a refrigerator for a few minutes.

Even though our local Wal-Everything-In-The-Universe-Mart actually stocks that many batteries (at each register, no less), I didn't buy them because the shopping cart collapsed and they wouldn't stay stacked on one of those flat bed carts.


My power was out about 16 or 17 hours. I'm also in Houston. But my power goes out all the time. And yet, the people across the street never lose power. So I'm in the high school chess club.

You should get a gas stove, a gas refrigerator, gas HVAC, a gas water heater, a gas garage door opener, and an electric car. When the next big one hits next time you needn't be bothered with all those inconveniences you've been forced to suffer through in the past because your house will probably have exploded before any hurricane hits. Months before.

Bayou -

Who does your power go out with?

(I'm back ... we've got wireless here! New since the last time I stayed here ... larger comment/explanation on latest thread of today ...)

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