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November 28, 2005


It is such a manly sport.


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Talk about ones game going down the crapper.

His celebration of being number one could have a couple of problems.

So he lost being number one because he had to do number one?

was it number one or number two?

I'd give him the finger but I don't even know him (wait, that's never stopped me before).

Wait a minute....they don't tell us specifically WHAT he did, but they do mention it was his MIDDLE finger....ewwwww. Were sheep involved?

In case anyone was wondering, the story has a happy ending.

I wonder if this will help him pick up girls?

Ooh, Robby, how did you hurt yourself?

Well, I was in the can, and....

Nope, I don't think so.

Hooray for Allenby!
A gross-out story with a happy ending - how often does that happen?

And it was his middle finger, so...hmmmmm?

You call that manly? Ha! Fred Funk, now -- there's a manly golfer.

Studly, baby, studly.

Robert Allenby ==>
Ball reborn yet?
Try boner label

The amazing part of this story, to me, was the banner ad at the top of the page for The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe which was opening down under in September. Here, it opens in December. That's carrying that International Date Line thing a little too far!

Do you suppose Allenby was using the overlapping grip when this unfortunate incident occurred?

"Freak toilet accident" may-BAGNFARB.

Eleanor! You didn't tell me you played golf too!

Q. What does Eleanor's dryer and a golf course toilet have in common?

A. Middle finger fettishes!

he played through a painful finger injury? that's nuthin - I once played through a high stakes round of liar's poker after 16 tequila shots (or maybe it was 18 - I kinda lost count after 6) at that point I had absolutely no idea whether I was lying or not

I love Freddy Funk - he's always so upbeat and enthusiastic - and now we know he looks great in a skirt (NTTAWWT!).

But my favorite golfer is, of course,
the Tiger!

It's no' a skirt, it's a kilt!

I suppose this would be the wrong time to sing
If you don't like what you're seeing, get the Funk out

no, no that would be a skirt.

Off topic: Minsc and Boo! I love you guys! (Though I never got past the wraiths in Baldur's Gate II)

So, the Aussie knows how to "Cowboy Up", eh?

I did not know (not knot no) cowboys played golf ... do they have cowboys in Australia?

I think Wahooligan was just skirting the issue, and deserves a good dressing down.

I think he was waxing his putter, and simply lost his grip.

Hey, it happens!


and that wern't no kilt.
pink. why did it have to be pink.
flowers. why did it...

js -

TYVM ... I sorta gnu that, but din't have a link ... looks like a good, informative site gonna read most of it tonite, too long for now and I gotta go to work ...

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