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November 27, 2005


They act like it's unusual for inanimate objects to sing.

(Thanks to scott baker)


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ohmygosh - no fair! i did not expect that.
et tu brute?


Now I really need that margarita!

I almost forgot! FRIST! I mean RIFTS! I mean dyslexics of the world UNTIE!

That's not singing. That's squealing and gyrating. With... no, I can't say with style...

As far as the second link goes, I mean. I'm sure the iceberg gives a much better performance.

Let any man who takes a look at the second link in this post be stricken blind! (Personally, I'm gonna take a chance on the left eye.)

didn't get me. didn't get me. happy happy snoopy dance. no barrynet for me today. no sir. uh un. oh look, something shiny.....

I don't think that iceberg is really singing ... I think it's just humming, 'cuz it doesn't really know the words ...

Did anybody notice that this wasn't Dave? It was Judi!!!

*shakes head in disbelief, and reaches for another margarita.*

Oh, and you guys really should be more Alert.

The world needs more lerts.

"Did anybody notice that this wasn't Dave? It was Judi!!!
et tu brute?

That second link is a little bad, but here's one that illustrates the point without the badness: link.

just sayin' ~ sorry, I got it, but I didn't notice until after I posted. I guess I wasn't alert. :)

Judi - you got me. I was momentarily in Barry world. I think I'll go to sleep.

This reminds me of my brothers doing that thing with the crystal glasses where you wet your finger and run it around the rim. They had some nice chords going at Thanksgiving dinner. :)
But I have to wonder- if I built up enough spit in my trumpet, would the water start making music as it flowed through?
Oh, and lol, UO.

Dang, Boo! Now I'm blind in both eyes! Oh...wait! My halo just slipped down and obscured my vision. Wheeew!

Totally off thread (that never stopped me before, did it?) but what's this crapola on the TV weather about "lows in the 30s and 40s and frost warnings" ...

I thot I left that stuff in Nodak! (Freezing rain all day in Fargo ... not nice ...)

No frost warnings here, but plenty of rain. I want it to snow soooo bad.

(Sung to the tune of The Ash Grove which will surely not cause an earworm 'cause I am without a doubt the only blogger who could possibly remember a song from 5th Grade Chorus)

The Iceberg

"The iceberg how peaceful,
How sweetly 'tis singing.
The wind thru its snowdrifts
Is music to me.
When off of its ice humps
The sunlight is gleaming,
It brings me one step closer
To my memo..."THWACK!"...grk!...gak!"
(Exits stage left with hook around neck. FADE TO BLACK)

Sorry Stupe' ...

I, too, remember that song ... (sometimes my memory is better than other times ... long ago stuff, OK ... where did I put the key to my room ... uh-oh ...)

Re: the first link - Judi, where'd you get the picture of my first wife?

Re: the second link - AACK (again)!

Re: The third link - mousie before clickie saved me!

Re: Boo's link - she's gonna put an eye out with those things.

I'm pretty sure we never sang anything like that in fifth grade- which is probably a good thing, because it means no earworms for me!
I don't know what time it is for y'all but it's ridiculously late where I am. night.

Well, U.O, looks like we're still riding the geezer bus together. Did you bring any gimlets? Or giblets?

On another note, before the Thanksgiving Weekend is dead and gone, I'd just like to mention that I'm thankful that somewhere in this great nation there was a farmer brave enough to approach the turkey that completely covered my diningroom table with an axe in his hand.

I wasn't fooled by link #3. Yet, for some reason, even having a fair clue what #2 was, I still clicked on it. Somedays I worry myself.

Boo, that link must be pre-pregnancy - the girls are still reasonably perky. Yes, for some unknown reason, I clicked on that link, too.

Would "The Singing Icebergs" BAGNFA Swedish RB?

Boo, is that an artificially enhanced Boy George?
BYW, "The tune even goes up and down, just like a real song" is better than I can manage on the karaoke.

mebbe for a band made up of lettuce farmers ...

The iceberg was probably singing one of its old hits, like "Crazy" or "Electric Blue"--oh wait, that was IceHOUSE.

Does remembering hits from (I think) 1987 qualify me for the geezer bus?

I remember it IBW. I was in 7th grade at the time, though. Does that get me a bus pass, or do I have to hold onto the tow bar at the back?

Well ... back in '87, I'd've said "An Icehouse is where we used to keep ice" ... and "what band? Dang newfangled kids, anyway ..."

HOWever, if you guys miss this bus on the loop, there's sure to be another one along at any moment ...

(Now, if you remembered Patsy Cline's Crazy and how it stormed both the pop and country charts on it's initial release, and you just loved it, no matter which station (of the two you could get, on your AM dial -- no such thing as FM for the public, in those days ... well ... then you'd have a reserved seat, right behind the driver ...)

What if I remember what makes my brown eyes blue? Is that this ride or the next loop?

That would serve to qualify you for a temporary pass, at least ...

Now, if you remember who "Old Blue Eyes" was ... we'll give you a permanent one ...

... and ... if you saw his Oscar(tm)-winning performance (on its first release cycle) and remember his character's name, you can help drive ...

that's sag, not sing. as for the other, oh dammmm.

Monday morning geezer quiz: In 1969, when men first landed on the moon, where were you?

I was rivited to the sofa, watching "Uncle Walter" cry on CBS.

Anyone else?

Hey! That's my seat on this bus! Driver!

I was sittin' on the living room floor, watching with the whole family. I was 12.

ha ha ha....I did NOT click on "sing"!

UO ~ When I got my first radio, all I listened to was AM. I don't know much about Frank Sinatra, but I do know his nickname.

As for Neil Armstrong, seeing him walking on the moon was my very earliest memory, ever. I was 4 (my b'day is July 21, so I was almost exactly 4), and I stood right up next to the TV and watched this huge close up of Neil of the moon. It was way cool.

Geezer bus?

Neil ON the moon.

What Mr. C. said, except that I was six.

I was sitting on the floor drooling on my crackers. I was 2. My sister who is 3 years older than me doesn't remember it either, but that's probably because she was in her room trying to figure out how to take her Ken doll's rubber underwear off.

Boo--your link could be labeled "before" and the second link in the original post could be labeled "after" and the whole sad story is told.

I was four, so all I remember was that I got to stay up real late. My dad actually worked for NASA and knew some of the astronauts, so I wish I had been able to appreciate that better.

By the way, I don't think Britney's floppies count as "inanimate".

Now if you remember Sammy Davis, Jr singing "Don't It Make My Brown Eye Blue" and "My Eye Adored You" we'll give you a liftime pass on the Geezer Bus.


slinks SILENTLY on to the geezer bus, keeping head down to look for something shiny........

rabbit ears, 2 channels, b&w. hey - I was a "test household" for the original HBO! the box sat right next to PONG!!!! ooh look, something shiny...

LOL @ SMan. Didn't you love the time Sammy kissed Archie Bunker right before their picture was taken? Priceless!

*Earworm alert* The Candy Man! I love to sing this to my kids. It makes them run out the room every time. Aahh, peace and quiet.

Speaking of the Moon Landing: I was so far out of the loop at the time, I didn't find out about it until four or five days later. Seriously. There were some places in those days where tv, radio and newspapers couldn't reach you. But I do remember going to a picnic with my Dad and coming home with my Mom.

So, just where were these places? And about this picnic...Never mind, we probably don't want to know.

southerngirl, those places were in a jungle far, far away and the picnic was near Mobile, AL. Your sister hasn't sent me a picture of that tequila yet.

One of the worst parody songs of all time was when my local radio station played:

"Who can take his eye out,
And hold it in his hand?
The Candyman can..."


(Historical trivia note: My eye doctor was the one who operated on Mr. Davis, and installed his artificial eye. The accident which caused this happened about half a mile from where I work.)

*snoorrkk*! PB!

SMan, she said she faxed it to you. Didn't you get it?

W/re to the jungle, I thought maybe so, after I had hit post. Sorry.

southerngirl, yes! I got the tequila your sister faxed me. It tastes like papier mache though. As for my senior trip, it was all expenses paid, so I stayed for two years. I still think it was time well spent.

RE: geezer quiz..... I was two days old and still in the hospital. Nope - don't remember a thing! But - my parents didn't believe in cable, so we had rabbit ears on a B/W tv all through the time I lived there. I grew up on PBS and know how to manually change channels *starts twitching* and will accept any sympathy for my deprived childhood. Do I get the back seat on the bus?

Not quite on the same subject, but here goes, anyway. The other day my daughter, who is 9, commented on how fast I could type on a keyboard. I told her that I'd been doing it for a while, and that I had also taken typing classes in school. She gave me a look of complete confusion, and asked, "typing classes?"

ooo. all too close to home fer moi.
i was 13 at the time Mr. C!

*holds out hand for "permanent geezer" bus pass.*

ogawd. make that 15. sheesh. see? the memory goes, the "functions" go. `scuse me, gotta "go".

What Mr. C said (about watching Neil Armstrong) ... except I was older ...

All you good bloglits with the great memories ... geezer bus has expanded its seating capacity ... get on whenever you like ...

When anyone mentions Sammy Davis, Jr. I always remember the gag Goldie Hawn did with him on Laugh In ...

She asks Sammy, What has two eyes, and is black and white?

Moshe Dayan, and you!

And, if you remember enuf to get that joke, you qualify for a permanent pass on the Geezer Bus ...

imma die-hard.

*hooks rope to the bumper, steps on skateboard*

hey!! .. speed this turkey up! a lady with a walker nearly ran me over! ..(;)

Hey, the big deal is big trust and confidence in man who near you...


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