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November 22, 2005


He wants a sweater.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Hrm... never a good thing when the adult content blocker comes on at work. What is this?

Wow! I got my first first!

Same for me. We all wonder about it.

Last year I got a sweater for Christmas. I had wanted a screamer.

It's a dude wearing a bozo-face sweater, shaggy red yarn hair on the arms and everything. He's also wearing the appropriate expression, as in 'wtf?'

It's just a pic of an unhappy looking guy wearing a clown sweater. Though, from the ad banners surrounding the pic, the original site must be rather interesting...
The sweater has a clown's face, and the sleeves are poofy and red for the hair.

It is a hideous sweater. It's a giant clown face. It has to be seen to be believed (sorry, I can't describe it better than that). Inoffensive enough (as long as you don't have to wear it), but the ad below it had a half naked woman so that may be why teh filter is acting up.

Of course, clowns have been known to scare children for a while now and that may also have something to do with it.

Will Wheaton, of Star Trek: Next Generation fame, wearing a tacky sweater which looks like someone with a deep and abiding dislike for him made.

Clowns. Why did it have to be clowns?

Now, if a female were wearing that sweater, the clown's eyeballs would be right on her ramparts. Is that creepy, or what?

GUY: Hey! You've got something on your eye. Let me brush it off for you.
GAL: (removes glasses) Oh, thanks! I didn't realize...HEY!!

Mr. C - thanks for my first ever Cheez-Its snork!


Star Trek....why did it have to be Star Trek?

Oh oh... I sent this link to my brothers and parents before realizing that there were nekid lady links on the edges. There may be a few pointed questions for me come Thanksgiving...

He may look confused because the sweater looks like IT from that Stephen King movie... maybe someone was confused and thought that he was in that movie? It's the late Jonathan Brandis in IT. Wil's in Stand by Me.

For more Wil fun, check this out: http://www.wilwheaton.net/

Yeah, this one would have been nice to have a warning on, you know?

There were naked lady links?????????????????? Now, how did THOSE get there?

And I thought that was Wil Wheaton, too. Our daughter had photos of him all over her bedroom for years. Hey, maybe SHE made him the clown sweater!

oh man!

mom said i was the only one on earth who had one of those!

wait, she lied to me just to make me feel unique!

aw, i love you, mom!

LOL packsaddle! I wondered where you had gone!

send in the geeks.

oh perfect, queensbee! *snork*

*wonders if Mr. C has a sister named eve*

the clown on the jersey looks like the clown from "IT"....... I'm Scared!

Thank you JimW. I was wondering where I knew the guy from - thinking maybe he had gone to my highschool or something.

Wait - I think this means I spent too much time watching STTNG as a youth. That is not a good thing is it?

I think we're all Bozos on this bus.

*tryna think of a graceful way to apologize for schtepping on shumbodies schtick*

I didn't see any naked people and I looked twice?????

Oh that's so freaking adorable. I want one! *snork*

Jillywilly ~ your (not you're) parents might mind. I'm sure your (see above) brother won't.

Before I saw the picture I first thought of this

Sorry, forgot how to link, but "Mark Darcy" is worth the non-link in my book.

Please no more sweaters. I adore my mother-in-law but don't want her choosing my clothing.

A Pennywise sweater??? Must be a halloween gift.

Attention - Annie WBH's first post. HAH!! ROTFLMAO!

ok, so it took me awhile.

southerngirl - It may have taken you a while, but you may have been the first to get it. And I liked that one, too.

Annie ~ IMO, a screamer is better than a sweater anyday!

Then again....depends on why he's sweating, huh?

r.e. Annie's sweater/screamer ...

Do you know the definition of relati ... um ... nevermind ...

Sorry, it must be the PT-141.


UO, actually, I do! Double dog dare ya to say it first!

Whoa, probably WAY TMI.

Yeah, I think mebbe so, Kimosabe ...

So, are you backing down from a double dog dare? :-)



Are (not R) you (not ewe) happy (... um ... nevermind) now (not new) ...???

Ah, the relative humidity is high on the blog tonight.

Ah, what a tangled website we weave...or knit...or something...

It's not (not its snot) the heat, it's the relative stupidity ... (or so I've heard)

Annie, would that be a warp, or a woof? Or a purl?

[Stupe! HI!!! ... Whir yew bin?]

U.O -- I've been double parked in The Twilight Zone.

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