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November 16, 2005


Great leaders.

(Thanks to Ernie Gudath)


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Oh, my side!

Bwa ha ha ha! That was great!

That is one FANTASTIC name! Too bad he's the Lt. Gov and not the M.E.

"Dick answered the call of public service, and, in a come from behind upset...."

Innuendo? Where?

Fed ~ dirty minds think alike!

Sarah ~ nobody would believe it!

We once had a guy named Dick Headly run for Gov. I just couldn't vote for him.

If he had taken Viagra he never would have become Posthumus

With a name that means 'Dead Dick' he should be a Viagra spokesman...

was that an obit??? it was a joke. i'm still laughing.

At my age, I just can't help but get nervous when I see the words "dick" and "posthumous" together in a sentence - or even in a paragraph.

*note to self - invest in the company that makes Viagra...

he's the FORMER Lt Gov, he lost the election when he ran for Governor. I was kind of looking forward to having a posthumous governor.

Get this man to write a book:

A Posthumusly Written Autobiography

The only good polititian is a Posthumus one!

A posthumous biography is generally known as an obituary.

Dick is Dead!

Ding Dong!!

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