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November 23, 2005


These two are going to Disneyland, whereas these are on the lam in New Jersey. This one is a hero, kind of like Lassie, except with a much lower body temperature. And this one can at last rest in peace.

(Thanks to StupendousMan, queensbee, Justin Barber, and Ray)


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Was that a turkey?

"Marshmellow" and "Yam?" That's cruel - talk about living with anxiety.

It's like naming your children "Mortuary" and "Coffin."

America is strange country.

The Presidents of America are also really, really strange.

From the 2nd link: Last November, a tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen chickens struck a truck carrying sheep in East Windsor, killing 22 of the animals.

I read too fast & thought they meant 22 frozen chickens were killed. For a moment there, I was concerned.

since so many of these incidents are in Jersey...

In the days you stuff your gullet full
Of good all-American feed
In the nights you sleep all unawares
Of November's awful need!
Sprung from cages packed in real fine
Chemical-injected, headed for a checkout line.
Thursday we rip the bones from your back
First a slow freeze, then a few hundred degrees
You'd better get out while you're young
'Cause birds like you turkeys, you were born to run!

On the turnpike too, it's just like a zoo
While sheep bleat and bovines "moo"
You can't go anywhere without seeing where
Our appetites are leading us to!
The amusement starts at the abbatoir
When birds meet their ends by the millions
I can't promise how you'll die but I hope they
try to make it really, really quick!

Well, the truck-driving man
Birdies, ain't your friend
He's gonna drive you straight to slaughter
You'll never see your pen
Or your pals again
Never see your son or your daughter!
Someday maybe unless Vegans rule
We'll get to the point
Where we use you guys for fuel
To run all our cars
Till then birds like you, turkeys, were born to run!

Wow, that was inspired! I can almost hear the Boss belting this out.

Lemme get this straight - Bush sends turkeys, all expenses paid, to Disneyland, but Katrina evacuees are being evicted. Something's terribly wrong here.

OTOH, how much in expenses can two turkeys rack up?

Insom - BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!!! *holds lighter aloft*

Were they checked first for bird flu?

I sure hope our service men and women don't see that we're sending a couple of turkeys from D.C. to Disneyland. Although they might think we're referring to Bush and Cheney.

For my part, I thought the first link and the quotes therein were cute. A bit silly perhaps, but when has this blog ever frowned on that? Good on you, Mr. President. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Just because there's tragedy in the world doesn't mean we (including our president) have to be solemn all the time and can't be silly. I thought that was why we were all here, so why do we bash our leaders for it?

Bumble - I am duly chastised. I shall refrain from calling our leader a doody-head until after the holiday.

To paraphrase Dan Quayle - "A mind is a terrible thing."

for you patriots in the audience:

My turkey tis of thee
White flesh with cranberrys, of thee I sing
Bird that my father fried
Served with all kinds of sides
From every doublewide, let dinner bells ring.

crossgirl~ I like that. Did you write it? *applause*

Mr. C/Annie~ I didn't mean to get snippy; I just hate when we get political because I've seen fights over ludicrous things destroy too much too many times. We have people on both sides of the political wrestling ring in my family. I love you all! Have a great Thanksgiving! Pray I don't screw up the coconut cream pie as badly as I did the chocolate cream ones last year!

why yes, i did, feel free to finish it!
i'm out now, happy thanksgiving to all!

crossgirl~ Not as good as yours, but here's a chorus:

Land where you might get pied
land where Turkeys are fried
from every table side,
loud burps shall ring.

Sorry, Bumble, I shouldn't have gone there. But, jeez, turkeys in Washington, that's soooo tempting. At our house, we are also pardoning a turkey, and in this case I'm not talking about my ex. (See, there I go with the poultry jokes again..)

Annie- *snork* Have a good one.

Judging by the comments of some bloggers, all the turkeys aren't on the farm, in the freezer, in the oven, in Disneyland or in D.C.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Hey, we've been voting Turkeys to go to D>C. since the Revolution. Bout time some real ones got a break.

Frankly, I liked Marshmellows little red bowtie.

And happy Thanksgiving to all the bloggers, and to Dave a good night.

Gobble, gobble.

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