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November 29, 2005


Would you be comfortable using a toilet seat that has been used by a cat?


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i don't like to be the first to go after someone who hovers. cat or not.

My cats are so small they'd probably fall in.

That cat looks a little flushed....

P.B., sticking to the "litter of the law"

Now if it could just teach them to flush, this would be a winner at my house.

We have 6 cats. This does not make me a bad person. And the house does NOT reek, thankyouverymuch.


Wait, we're talking about using the toilet seat to decorate the boss's office, or to play toilet seat ring toss on unsuspecting co-workers who are carrying coffee, right?

the question that begs asking, is: how do you train the dog to wait till the cat is done before he takes a drink?

You know, you almost got me to watch a cat going to the bathroom. However, my better sense kicked in just as the cat started to squat over the bowl and I said to myself "Just what the heck am I doing!?"

Crossgirl- train the cat to close the door. "We do NOT live in a barn, Fluffy!"

Dear Blog - I respectfully submit that this has been blogged previously.

I use the same toilet as several men and boys. How could it be worse?

Heh, I actually did this with a cat many years ago. I bought a training kit, which was a litter box insert for the toilet, and eventually removed it. The cat learned that playing in the water was more fun than peeing in the water, so we weren't successful. But if I could have eliminated (har!) the litter box, I'd have been very happy.

I'm pretty sure we've seen this at least once before. But it's still wierd, we just sent our cat to a corner of the yard, under a pyracantha bush and never had a litter box. He was trained to use that spot and only that spot and not to leave the yard.

John - Cats usually abhor water. Are you sure it was in fact a cat? Might have been a very large hamster... or maybe a small moose.

For that matter, nature abhors a vacuum, but not as much as cats do.

Mr. C. - Yep, it was a cat, but he did get depressed, got FUS, and had to leave us. :-( One of our current cats loves to play with a dripping faucet, and comes running when she hears me using the water cooler. She plays in her water dish, too.

Mr. C. - While recovering from some surgery in my posterior region a year ago, I was told to soak my backside in a tubful of hot water a couple of times a day.

Our Border collie has long been famous for being able to pop open the interior doors in the house, even though locked.

I was happily soaking and reading a book when the dog opened the door and marched in leading one of the cats. The cat jumped up on the edge of the tub, and after staring for a minute, jumped in!

I was sure I was going to get a lapful of claws down there with Ralph and the boys, but was amazed when the cat paddled around for a minute, then happily climbed back out.

Mr. Jinx is toilet trained, but he can't flush cause he doesn't have opposable thumbs.

Ralph and the boys??!! *Snork*

Pogo - Okay, that's just weird. Not about the cat swimming, but that the cat got the dog to open the door for her (or him). And about "Ralph and the boys."

Southerngirl - I was picturing that scene from "Meet The Parents" in my head too!

John - My condolences for losing a friend. Cats are good people.

Okay, I gotta admit: One of our former cats, Pookie, liked to dip his paw in the water dish and then lick the water off it. (Tried to teach him to use a straw, but I guess he couldn't pucker.) He used to play "fetch" and cards, too.

Mr. C - The same dog often gets me up in the middle of the night and leads me to the back door, where one of "his" cats is on the outside wanting in. These animals have an interesting relationship. 1 dog, 5 cats.

I'd rather use the toilet after a cat than a lot of my co-workers, or many of the people you see coming out of a public restroom!

I tried to train my cats after this was blogged previously. But my wife's cats drink from the toilet, so no way were they falling for my tricks.

My cat likes to watch the flush but I can't imagine him using the toilet as more than a reality TV show.

And training him to do so requires a level of committment that I just can't commit to.

We have two cats right now.

One (Buddy) likes to watch the toilet flush and will bang on the door while I'm taking a shower. He doesn't want in, and just looks at me like I'm stupid if I open the door, he wants me to hurry up and finish so I can pet him with wet hands.

HairyCat loves to play fetch with his mousie toys and *demands* a trickle / small puddle of water in the bathroom sink after every flush.

We haven't tried toilet-training either one for a couple of reasons: 1) They each weight 18 lbs. 2) Too likely Hairy would fling one of his toys in while playing fetch by himself (yes, he both throws and chases the toy - gets good distance too, but his aim is terrible)

A previous cat that we rescued after she'd been abandoned had learned to use her paw to drink from puddles and often drank from her water dish the same way.

Pogo - Obviously your dog is not stupid. He knows he's outnumbered. Your dog is your cats' bitch.

If I let my cats in, I don't think I'd try to potty train them.

The truly dubious claim on that web page is that CitiKitty would make a great holiday gift!

Potty training of kitties is highly encouraged!

Mr. C - That was GIZMO not Pookie who did those things! Poor, loveable Pookie (no longer with us) wasn't quite firing on all brain cells, anyway. Gizmo (also no lnoger with us) used to throw all of his toys into the water dish, too.... which was a bit disturbing to the others! Difficult as it must be to get a drink around the foam balls and fuzzy mice floating in the water! The main question however is whether or not one would mind using the facilities after the cat. Ladies, support me on this one! We have used the facilities after MEN. IS the cat worse?

No, the cat, working on the same principle of covering her doodoo in the litter box, would probably flush. My male cat on the other hand, never covers his doodoo so would probably neither flush nor aim appropriately.

I think it's a gender thing not a species one.

Mrs. ThePoint - Right, it was Gizmo. Thank you, dear, for taking time out of your busy day to correct me. I live to serve.

And I shall gracefully remain out of the potty-gender-species conversation, as I am only a man and therefore unqualified to speak.

(If a man speaks in the forest, and there's no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?)

Mr. Completely - probably, but it depends entirely on how I'm feeling that day.

Mr. C. - I heard that, and yes, you're wrong. Even if you dno't say anything, you're wrong. See, right there - that thought was totally wrong.

Mr. C - YES! Love you!

*Tosses Somewhere North a box of Midol and slowly backs away....*

Aw c'mon. Don't you have anything more powerful than Midol? Vodka, a little novocaine borrowed from Dave?

See, I see great comedic potential here. Train the cat. Get the cat used to it. Then grease up the toilet seat. Hilarity ensues.

I agree, it's gender.

(Disclaimer ~ this in no way is intended to refer to the men on this blog, unless it pertains to you. You know who you are) :)

My daughter is relieved to use the facilites after her mom, because then, in her words, "I don''t have to worry about sitting in pee!" We just want to know: why is it,if you can't pee w/out hitting the seat, that you don't just LIFT the seat? And then put it down again afterwards? Is that so hard??

Can you tell we've been through this often at my house?

gfunk - you MUST get out of my head!

Sorry to all you male guys out there. I just had to get this out of my system. ;)

For those who have potty-trained small boys (and I speak from personal experience) - please explain why it is necessary for them to actually WRITE their own names while performing their necessary toiletries? I must say that I'm thankful ours had a short name... could have been worse. We might have called him Bartholomew!

My daughter just came home from college where she is staying in the dorms with a community bathroom. She was so very happy to not have to share a bathroom that I don't think it would matter if the cat had used it. Heck, I think she spent more time in the bathroom than she did with us.

Taking the cat analogy further, my female kitty immediately grasped the use of the litter box and would cover her deposits properly. My male kitty has never quite been clear on it. Occasionally he misses the box altogether and even when he goes, he followed his mommy's lead and digs around in the litter for awhile but you can tell he never quite grasped the concept behind the digging around since quite often he is digging in the exact opposite corner of the box than where he placed his deposit. And sometimes he just plays with the litter and scoops it out of the box so he can dig around on the floor and watch the litter roll down the stairs and into the basement. And other times he will cheerfully place a deposit in his box and then get in the female cat's box to play with her litter. And you just know that running through his head is her litter is all fresh and neat while mine has poop all over the top - think I'll play in her box.

And don't even get me started on the dog....

Somewhere North - I guess even in the animal world male behavior and female behavior are always the same! (Mars/Venus) WE nest and they UN-nest. Mr. C. knows I'm kidding, for those of you who are wondering. We go on like this all the time... isn't that right, dear? (Patiently tapping foot and waiting for response...)

Psst.. Mr. C. The correct answer is of course you're right, you're always right. I don't know what I'd do without you.>/i>.

*Tosses Somewhere North a bottle of Bacardi 151 and a half-pound hunk of Hershey's Special Dark...*

*Tosses Mrs. ThePoint a diamond trinket...*

*Slowly backs away...*

Why can't you women learn to lift the toilet seat back up when you're done? ... dang, did I type that out loud?

Mrs. ThePoint - Of course you're right. You're always right. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Diamonds! Oh, I LOVE diamonds... (retreating into my corner to examine the sparkly thing...)

Mr. C - good recovery. And for the record - my Hubby never leaves the toilet seat up. Come to think of it, he may be gay.... NTTAWWT

Somewhere North - to be honest, Mr. C. doesn't leave it up either and I am MOST thankful for that! I'm relatively sure he isn't gay, though... his name wasn't Idee and it wasn't in a flood.

Mr. C: this is why I avoid blogs where my wife is likely to be - I prefer having my inferiority pointed out in person...

Somewhere North - I have something stronger than midol, but you'll have to come a little south to pick it up - I'd mail it, but that would involve breaking the laws of two countries with one transaction, which would violate my own personal code of conduct...a guy's gotta have some standards you know.

I was raised by (no, not wolves) a mother, an aunt, and two older sisters (Dad worked nights so didn't see him much during the formative years) so I was trained early on about the toilet seat. I had to join the Boy Scouts to learn about peeing on a tree. What liberation!! Ah, freedom!!

personally, I avoid the whole toilet seat issue by peeing in the yard with my cats...

TCK - Kidding? Mr. C. asked me to come in! Nah, honestly, we go on like this all the time. In all truth... he doesn't HAVE anything inferior about him, which is why we have to make things up!

That's real generous of you TCK, but out of curiosity, what are the standards? Is it okay to violate the rules of only one country? What if it's a small country? Is it okay to violate the rules of two countries if more than one transaction is involved and/or if it's a leap year and the first day of May is Tuesday?

Because those are my standards....

Or you could just buy a used piece of plumbing...


Or you could just buy a used piece of plumbing...


I would LOVE it if my furkin used the toilet. But I can't, because they are water freaks. They drink from the fountain. I can't turn on a faucet without one drinking from it and the other playing with the water. They also fetch, come immediately when called, open doors and cabinets and fish things out. I think they can't figure out whether they're a dog or a monkey. (They're Somalis).

Go away Go Cards. I bet you pee on the seat don't you???

Um... I hope you are a spammer and I didn't accidentally yell at a real blogger. If so, I apologize. The double post with the link threw me off.

Mrs. ThePoint - Awwww.... shucks, ma'am... (see, now they KNOW you're kidding)

Mrs. Thepoint: of course I was kidding! Also, you're right, you're always right. I don't know what I'd do without you.

wait a minute - you're not my wife

never mind

Aw shucks. You're a real blogger. Okay - what's my punishment?


Go Cards - I would SO love to install a urinal, but Mrs. ThePoint won't hear of it. Of course, I want to install it in the living room so I don't have to miss a minute of Judge Judy, but still, it's the principle of the thing.

Mr. C- I emptied my amazon wish list with that credit card you gave me the other night. Sure you can afford that diamond?

Mrs. ThePoint- You should hang around here more often. You two are great fun. :-)

Mr. C. where I live (just north of the Arctic circle aka Canada) we only get a half hour of Judge Judy a day. Which, besides being unfair and an arbitrary decision by the programming people who feel perfectly content to air 15 reruns of Friends in the same evening, means I only get to laugh at the white trash for a 21 minutes a day. But the point is ultimately, can't guys hold it for 21 minutes or has that whole "how come you women pee more than us" thing been a scam and you guys wait until we go to the restroom to run outside and pee in the bushes?

Thanks, Bumble! And what's this about the credit card? Now, THAT explains those charges that are showing up! G'head, Mr. C... get yourself out of THIS one!

I think Mr. C and Mrs. ThePoint are very sweet. :)

And, TCK, I'm a little curious about those standards, myself. And about what you'd be mailing.

Somewhere North ~ I think you've got it! Mystery solved.

TY also to Southerngirl... awwwwwwwwwww, we're sweet! Ya hafta wonder how many times George Burns exited the stage and Gracie Allen slapped him squarely on the jaw, though!

Somewhere North: violating the laws of two countries during one transaction might be OK if I didn't happen to live in one of the countries, and if my emergency evacuation plan didn't involve escaping to the other country - now if I were to happen to violate the laws of say, Venezuala and Poland at the same time, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

As for Tuesday falling on the first of May during leap year, well, as I'm sure you know, that's Leap May Tuesday. When I'm celebrating Leap May Tuesday, well, damn near anything could happen...

My head is reeling

Our cat (the best cat ever, can't be replaced, don't even try) when she got old, used to get into her litter box, stick her behind over the edge, and pee on the floor. Every single day.

God I miss her.

Bumble - Fooled you! That wasn't my credit card!!

Angel, I understand completely aout your kitty. We have 6 (right now, anyway) and they are just the most wonderful furkids in the world. We are even raising a grand-kitten! Litle Siamese girlie named "Meow-Ling."

OMG! Was it MINE, Mr. C?????????????????

southerngirl: weren't you paying attention? I was not mailing a gift to Somewhere North, something that would make her feel better, were it not against my personal code of conduct to mail it, wishing to avoid a visit from both the feds and the Mounties in the same week...

TCK, I see. Very valid point. And yes Leap May Tuesday is a crazy holiday except when combined with St. Patrick's Labour Day Friday when it falls in June and buys a vowel. Then you can be prosecuted in Poland.

*hiccup* Good bacardi, by the way Mr. C....

Okay, I no longer have ANY idea what's happening, but if it's Tuesday, I think it must be Belgium.

And I think Judi should take note that if she wishes to see immediately at her home both men in dark sunglasses and suits and very apologetic and polite men wearing red coats, funny hats riding on horses, then she needs to immediately mail me whatever TCK isn't mailing.

Somewhere North - When you drink as much coffee as I do (approximately 4 gallons a minute) combined with being an old geezer with a bladder to match, waiting 21 minutes is just wrong. And to be fair, it's not just Judge Judy: it's The Three Stooges Comedy Hour and I Love Lucy and The Simpsons and Jeopardy... why, my whole evening is just jam-packed.

Like my bladder.

(Okay, before any of you ask, it's not packed with real jam. It's just an "expression".)

TCK, we're watching you, fella.

funny hats ride on horses?

All the time in Canada. Socks, on the other hand, only get to ride on goats.

Mrs. ThePoint - No, it was Dave's. You know he's got ALL the money, being a Famous Columnist With A Pultizer Prize And Several Best-Selling Books and all. And besides, he's wonked out on some codeine-based pain preparation right now anyway.

i haven't caught up to most of this, but can i have some? a kitten, a housetrained husband who buys diamonds, bacardi, or whatever it is that tck is mailing?

Mr. C - Well, teacher's pet!! So, Dave... lemme tell you a tale or two about THIS guy when he was zonked out on Coedine! You really don't want to have him as your back-up guitarist when he's just had a dental extraction and can't really keep track of which verse we're on at any given time!

Mrs. ThePoint~ Explanation of the credit card thing is somewhere between the middle and end of this comment thread.

southerngirl: You know, these guys

or this one

Bumble... well, okay then! Im sure I'll find it... somewhere in the abyss!

crossgirl: that's something I'm NOT mailing (unless it's Leap May Tuesday, which I think it is not)

Mrs. ThePoint~ The relevant part starts with Jacki's second comment about Pat Morita's obituary.

Pat Morita died??? Wait... who was Pat Morita?

Yes thanks, Bumble. I found it. (Followed your link! Duh on me!)

I can't keep up here between the different blogs! What with kits, cats, sacks, wives (in between revising our online pricing list in the store, checking for personal messages and answering the phone) - I can't BEGIN to calculate how many were on the road to St. Ives!

Somewhere North~ An actor/comedian. Starred in Karate Kid, had a role on Happy Days, was in Savannah Smiles. That's about all I know of.

Did we like him? Or do like to mock him? There really isn't anything in between.

Somewhere North - Pat Morita was the teacher (becuase I can't spell sen-say) in the Karate Kid movies (Wax On... Wax OFF)... as well as being a well-known character actor for many years.

Mrs. ThePoint~ One. As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives...

I'm the only one going to St. Ives. I've no clue where the kits, cats, sacks, wives and their man are going.

Yes, Bumble... he ran Arnold's where the Happy Days gang hung out after the actual ARNOLD left the show. (HE might have died, too. Not sure.) And yes, he was a very nifty kind of guy, as I recall.

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