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November 11, 2005


(Thanks to Collins69s)


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I have a small, wooly Davahi Barrysi- want to pet it?

Dave (NB) - Sorry, I don't pet the sweaty things.

That's probably for the best Mr. C, since it's given to frequent occasions of biting satire.

"Wooly Lemur" - didn't he do stand-up in the Catskills?

Reads 'This Just In' (Jumps to his feet and tells him $40 companion he's staying for the fish and chips.)

**wonders if billymartin is an imposter, or is Pister Panguage Person partaking of the .. *wiggles eyebrows* .. parfait?**

Dave, there are a number of $40 companions over here reading your blog and Harpoon (she won't reveal her registered voting name0 thinks your cute. Help!

The fish and chips is quite good today. I hope those nuke inspectors from down the street don't show here this evening.

can you eat leemur? I think I had it at Burger king on Broadway once.

(ppsst .. lil' bm, using dave's addy is just not cool:(

Caused the war.

Dave has an addy?

Dang, I posted the World's Funniest Joke but your spamguard didn't like it. Bummer.

Anyway, thanks for working the Friday night shift.

I am here for an argument..
Yes, room 19..
Yes, Thank You..
( creak ) Argument ?
Sorry, this is abuse..Across the hall.
( creak ) I am here for an argument..
Very well, sit down and..go!
Ok times up..
But that wasn't an argument!
Yes it was.
No it wasn't-
Yes it was..
Wasn't !

Troll Alert

I surely thought he must be fancier than a lemur.

Perhaps the Norwegian Blue Parrot would be more appropriate to be named for Mr. Cleese.

Lemur Fanciers WBAGNFARB!!!

Gary Larson had a bug* named after him, and John Cleese gets a lemur???

*a biting louse found on owls, to be precise

If they name ALL the lemurs after John Cleese, how will they tell them apart? What if you call the Lemur residence and ask for John Cleese - does just any ol' lemur return your call? I mean, THINK, people!

Oops - I think I just short-circuited my new battery-operated heated bra by thinking too hard. Guess what size batteries it takes - A, B, C, or D?


I want one. Look at it smile, must be watching its namesake.

No, no, wait. "Zaza also has large testes, which suggests it is very promiscuous." That's why he's smiling.

"Oh, I've had enough of this silly blog."
"No, you haven't."
"Oh, shut up."

Note to troll: Trolls suck dead oosiks, just like spammers. Trolls also enjoy the same standing invitation to hump the nearest available cacti at their earliest convenience.

And now it's time for the lemur on top of your monitor to explode *BOOM*!

The Acting Deputy Minister of Silly Walks, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

I forgot to mention trolls and spammers will be prematurely rescued from Castle Anthrax by the Spanish Inquisition and poked with the soft cushions in the comfy chair. Also, they will be fed Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, dead parrots, and Crunchy Frog Chocolates, but no cheese, since the cheese shop never has any, all washed down with Chateau Chunder. They may also receive a cross-dressing lumberjack for a cellmate. This last probably won't bother them, since they're probably all cross-dressing sheep molesters themselves. ("The Cross-Dressing Sheep Molesters" WBAGNFARB, as would "The Crunchy Frogs".)

The Acting Deputy Minister of Silly Walks, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

the cleese lemur wears a knotted handkercheif on its head.
my brain hurts.

How about "The Cleese Lemur Experience?" Wouldn't that BAGNFARB?

Ivory Bill - I'm embarrassed to ask this, but how do you know someone's a troll? What's the definition? Sheesh, I feel like a jackass for not knowing this.

AN, I was just following *sigh* in calling the dude a troll. The way I use the term over on David Corn's blog, it means a right-winger, but I gather it means something else here. I can't really help you, since it seems to have multiple meanings. Maybe Wikipedia could help you (article "Internet troll" at wikipedia.org). The only good advice I can offer in the meantime is to get away from your TV set before the penguin on top of it explodes.

The Acting Deputy Minister of Silly Walks, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

I have the tape of the John Cleese lemur program (it was on "Nature" on PBS) he does dance around lemur-fashion in it...

I didn't think trolls had a political orientation, mostly they just want a reaction, best to just ignore 'em.

Chateau Chunder?

Does that go with red meat, or fish?

on blogs, a troll is someone who tries to engage the participants in an argument. y'know, start sumpin'. best to just ignore them usually. but, this one was using dave's id. the jerk. (`course most of us knew it wasn't dave due to the level of ignorance, but still;)

But what the world wants to know is does the Lemur have a silly walk?

A2-24 - Yes, it does have a silly walk...although it also has Mrs. Cleese's eyes.


I want to feel like a celebrity so I have decided to name the species of dust bunny under my bed after myself: "Artchickus Lazyhousewifeus". The squashed bug on the bottom of my shoe shall henceforth be known as "KFedsi Revoltus Squishicus".

Artchick -

I like your Latin nomenclature ... shows an education, and a sense of humor ... I once referred to my SO as pugilisticus domesticus ... OW! --

and that's exactly the way I did it, in print, with the "OW!" immediately after ... many of my (at-the-time) readers liked it ... hope you get the joke, too ...

" pugilisticus domesticus " .. *snork*

now i understand the "sock `o nickles"

Yup ...

U got it ...

She knew (not nu, or gnu) about the sock with the sock before someone hijacked that truck full of coins ...


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