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November 23, 2005


Heirloom turkeys.

(Thanks to Amanda Budde)


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Turkeys are the new fruitcakes! (Oh, and "first.")

"People are starting to want to know more about the food they put in their bodies,"


I thought you sent them to the Mouse's land if you really like them...

"Tom liked long walks in the corn, scratching for seeds, and napping in the sun. He is survived by 18 brothers and sisters, 2 uncles, and 1 great aunt...wait, make that 17 brothers and sisters...no, 16..."

Next they should have video of your turkey being slaughtered; so you know you can see how good a job they've done with the innards.

because their flesh is dark and more richly marbled with fat and requires a knife to cut it

So, what do we cut regular Butterballs with if these seem to require a knife?

I'll just stick with my usual "Jive Turkey".

I like my Wild Turkey 101 proof, thank you.

And here I thought that "richly marbled with fat" was NOT a good thing health wise. Maybe, just maybe, those wonderful steaks I enjoyed when I was younger were good for me after all.


Does Wild Turkey taste anything like Bourbon Red?

Annie~ *snork*

man, i haven't heard so much gobbledygook since howard dean's "I Have A Scream" speech.

let me get this right...they've traced these bird's lineage, they've exhibited them at poultry shows, they've raised them with care and concientiousness and now they're selling them off by the pound to rich , i mean health concious, people? i'm thinking they're not as rare and special as they would have us believe.

I know a small-breasted beauty...

"with the Web people know all about their favorite Hollywood stars.." Okay, so I do know more than I ever wanted to know about Twitney, so obviously, the next logical step is to learn about the personality and family of the turkey I'm about to eat...umm, pass the Brussels sprouts.

P.S. Jimw, shh! I thought that was our little secret!

I do NOT want to be on a first-name basis with my food, thank you.

Sorry, Artchick. I'll make it up to you later...

Preserve the Heritage Turkeys by eating them? Good idea.

Sounds like the turkey should be displayed in someone's china cabinet. Yum.

On a somewhat but not really related note, my daughter's class was assigned to create turkeys out of any material -- paper, fabric, whatever. One kid turned in an actual frozen turkey. The lad was asked to take his "project" home today because it was starting to reek.

It's like when you go to a seafood restaurant with a lobster tank. Some places want to bring your - live - lobster to the table to "introduce" you to it. That is, immediately prior to when they uncerimoniously dump it in a vat of boiling water and kill it. NO THANK YOU! I do NOT want to be on a first name basis with my dinner. Just cook it up, put it on a plate and bring it to me.

Is that so wrrrrrong?

I grew up on a farm so we personally knew what we consumed. Sometimes it was even a joke, like the lamb my mother called Lambchops who was supposed to be food and ended up dying of old age. We would even ask when we were having some of those richly marbled steaks if we were having George or Sam for dinner that night.

I grew up on a farm, too, and couldn't quite get over it like you did, monkeyshines. We were sitting down to veal one night, and my dad mockingly said, "Poor Wilbur." I no longer eat beef.

Every Sunday, we would kill about 10 chickens. I remember going to church, then coming home to axe some birds. It was like a Santeria sitcom. Talk about guilt - I got to pick out who got whacked. I felt like a Poultry Mafiosi.

I don't deny anyone the right to eat what they want. After that, though, I have a hard time stomaching it myself. But I do have the best cholesterol levels in my family. And yes, you guessed it, I'm also the funniest. Coincidence? Baloney!

Baloney?? Is that meat?

It's called "eating food with flavor", rather than "eating whatever's really cheap at Wally's because after all 50,000,000 other people are eating EXACTLY THE SAME THING so it must be good, right?", which seems to me to be how Americans generally eat. If it's cheap and quick, who cares if it tastes good? Just slather it with 734 different brands of grease sauce and it'll be fine!

I can't believe that I'm the first to notice that these birds are going to be served at Alice's restaurant...

And if you don't like turkey, there's always Spam.

I always wondered what part of the anatomy of a hog (wbagnfarb?) is where they get spam ...

heirloom --ha! I wonder if Martha would plunk down a few bucks to donate them to the "friends she made in Virgia", in order for them to have a respectable, and edible, holiday feast?! well, unless she remembers the heirloom tomatoes...
I'd bet you she'd be first to enter a turkey she has on Turkey Hill, just like she entered one of her prized Chows into the WKC Show.

...then again, should all that "inbreeding" cause us to worry about bird flu.....?

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