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November 23, 2005


And then there are men.

(Thanks to David A. Satterfield)


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Is this the first time they've done this in Freemont?

I'll just wait for AAA, thank you.

and 'Bursting Balls of Flesh' wbagnfarb

or an appetizer .(it was the Bay Area ,after all...

If he was any kind of man at all, he would have pushed the truck with it.

if he was that kind of man, s.m., he would be in far too much demand to be fooling around with trucks.

"The most fraught relationship is that between man and his penis, he said. Its the most enduring one, as well."


Grew a penis on a mans arm??!! So many questions arise!!

Excuse me whilst I vomit.

shouldn't he be blind by now?

"But does he remember to take the trash out? No!"
-Mrs. Grandmaster

There are men...and then there is this guy who is now a woman...

Yeah, judi. I see your point. This event didn't garner any kind of crowd, did it? Guess this guy isn't much of an attraction. But he does begin each demonstration by allowing someone to kick him in the groin. In that respect, he must be a hero to the Trenton Truss Company.

"comment from Russell's S.O."

"a series piece on building the perfect penis."

Why can't we get programming like that in America?

not to mention the name "Iron Crotch" wbagnfametalb

I think this is the guy who stole the oosik. He uses it for a stunt p*nis. Because, come on, you wouldn't expect a guy to do that with his "real" one, would you? (unless mass quantities of beer were involved, and there weren't any fireworks available)

Not, bad, but he's got nothing on Walter...

Wow, I mean, ow!

I think you're onto something, Artchick... or, perhaps, on something... :-)

I have just a simple question or three: "Why?" and "Who cares?" and "What's the purpose?"

Right...okay, so the object is to lift or pull huge amounts of weight with one's penis...with a warm up kick in the nads....

I'd really like to know who first decided this was a good idea. Kind of makes a nice companion story to the butt rocket--I mean, this guy's 50, so it isn't just an age thing.

If its painful, he said, then you will see it bleed.

That's something I don't need to see, or read about for that matter.

Check please!

I'll just wait for AAA, thank you.

LOL, insom.

so, on your resume' - does this go before or after education?

After all this, I'll bet the Grand Master can row a boat with a rope...or push a wagon uphill with a chain.

Da-yum. I got nothin', except to agree with Stupe - if he wants to impress, he should PUSH that truck.

You know, you guys'd really better watch what you say; 'cause this dude'll kick your a$$--with his penis! (Well, and sodomy. [HA HA! Obscure stolen joke!])

Idea for a new NC-17-rated cartoon: A talking penis playing something like David Carradine's character in "Kung Fu". Think of the marketing possibilities! KA-CHING!

Tamara RWC, it's not KA-CHING. It's Jin-Sheng. Obviously the Grand Master's given name is taken from the sound his (very) dangly bit makes when it snaps back into place.

Tamara RWC - it would be called "Hung Fu."

"Hung Fu"!!!! YES! YES, IT WOULD!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it! :)

Would his character be named Wun Hung Lo?

...and his sidekick, "Dang Lee."

...and his other sidekick, "Bits."

Earwig alert -
"Everybody was Hung Fu fighting
That Bits is fast as lightning
Although it was a little bit frightening
To be sitting here typing words to a song about a guy who can probably give new meaning to the term 'Pull my finger.'"

Ok, so the ending needs work.

If this guy were to become one of our blogsters, he'd probably use the nom de blog Stupendulous Man.

Was the truck a stretch-cab?

Or perhaps his skin really did burst, as the article said it was close to doing.

"Hi, I'm Ju-Stupid here to introduce the new Ford Foreskin, the latest in our quality automotive product line. Let me show you what's under the hood. And look at the size of that driveshaft!"

You people are freakin' crazy.


I never thought he'd pull it off ;-)

You know, if he had only answered that e-mail from Joyous B. Lactation, he wouldn't have to go to these lengths.

Most guys would only do one of the two . . .


OK, this lunatic would be the all-time champion if he entered Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks".

Jin-Sheng, the Grand Master, soon to be wrestling on the WWE under his nickname... "Tripod."

I'm not surprised to note the Grand Master wears his hair a little longer in front...probably to hide his lobotomy (circumcision?) scar.

s.m. - he wears everything a little longer in front...must be rough at the dinner table - "Honey, I'm really glad you like the pot roast, but you're tipping the table over again."

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