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November 11, 2005


Now we understand why guys say they like to golf.

(Thanks to Jennifer Young)


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It's a little on the small side, isn't it?

That's because it's for a putter.

Do they have one in Walter's size?

I guess there is such a thing as too much pride.

Mr. C and Ernie G: REALLY!!!!

What makes you think this is the right spot for such sophomoric humor????

OH - right.
Never mind.

Very funny - HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Endorsed by Pecker Woods.

random~ *snork*

But I wonder....is it battery operated too?

So ... could this have any connection to the phrase "puttering around in the garage" ... (and/or other locations, as is fit and/or appropriate) ...?

If you putter around in the garage, remember Dave's warnings about keeping the DustBuster confined to quarters.

DustBusters will pick up quarters?

I did not know (not knot no) that!

Must have pretty good suction, eh?

Cute, but would someone please tell me WTF is a nittany?

"Nittany" is American Indian for any animal skilled at golf. Ok, it's a mountain in Pennsylvania, and the Indian term is something like 'single mountain.'

Orecks and oosiks and blogs, oh my!

Thank you Annie, I feel so much smarter now. My husband who CLAIMS to be from Philly couldn't even tell me what it was. In his defense, he has been living in the Mid-West since he was about twelve and all our tornadoes apparently suck out brain cells. Here in Topeka, we are firmly in agreement that Phred Felps must stand directly under them several days per week.

Like us new yawkers, Philly people have an accent and attitude that you just can't scrub away. It's genetic, and comes out even in their walk, talk, and sweat. So your hubby either is or isn't - no sitting the fence on this one. I'm guessing he is, since cheesesteak trumps corn any day. Don't expect him to know the history of his old stompin' grounds. As they say on the Eastside - "Yo, it is what it freakin' is."

Never heard it called a putter before. An Americanism perhaps?

Annie-OH MY GOD that's exactly what he told me so I guess he is actually from Philly. No wonder he tawks funny! And he puts MUSTARD ON FRENCH FRIES!

George ! Putter is not totally an Americanism. It’s been used for a long time, but though I admit there are many sites which sell putters and nittany and both together ! They are everywhere in that state!!!!

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