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November 03, 2005


It's not in China any more.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Let's be the FIRST to have a similar section for the ladies in the men's undies department.

By look AND touch...


Sounds like more than just a marketing tool to me...
just sayin'....

*SNORK!* Fabulous article, DavCat!

*books flight to Holland*

*not upset at all about not having someone to buy a bra for*

Suppose I could get one of these walls for my apartment? I see interior decorating ideas.....

Are purchases actually REQUIRED?

I hope they squeak - it would serve them right.

No picture with that article?

tonight on CSI:Amsterdam, a suspect is seen fondling the 'Great Wall' of fake breasts. The geeky lab tech guy is sent to dust for prints.
It takes two weeks.

By look and touch, male shoppers can -work out- the right size..

heh heh heh...good lord...

And it's in Annanova so it has to be true, right?

*snoggle-snork* ...Eleanore said "tool"...

I can't believe you're giggling about such a serious topic.

I wonder how they're categorized - pineapples over here, bananas there, fried eggs yonder...?

I asked Mrs. Completely if I can get one installed on one wall of my closet. She said no. I said it meant I'd leave HERS alone. She was tempted, but still said no.


The only problem is that there's such a long line of men, it takes hours before you get your chance. Well, them and all the confused newborns...

Will you please all join me in my efforts to restore windmills as the primary tourist attraction of Holland?

Annie Where, The small ones make a squeaking noise, the medium ones go honk-honk, and the big ones... Ahh-oo-ga.

From reneviht's link: "In some cases, breasts can slap against the chest with enough force to break the clavicle."

Key quote from reneviht's bra article:
"We have videos of women who, particularly if the cup is too low, spill all over the top."
Anyone else wonder how many of these "researchers" are smuggling the tapes home at night?

Force = Mass x Acceleration...

HA ha hehehee...STOP IT! My sides, my sides are killing me..

I can honestly say that I've never considered the weight of my br*asts to be comparable to two small turkeys, nor have I ever related fowl to my anatomy before. I am wondering exactly what these scientists are into if that is the weight measurement they are using.

And I also love the term "excessive bre*st bounce". I want to work that into casual conversations from now on.

Random - They also have volumn controls on their n**ples so you can control how loud. I mean loud Ahh-oo-ga's would be disturbing to more sensitive ears.

I want equal rights in the men's department. I want to go up to a salesman and say, "I need undies for my man. I think he's about your size, but I need to check, so quit squirming."

Can you just see the wall now? It would more like a picket fence.....featuring "Boxers by Oosik."

Men do not wear 'undies'. We do not know what 'undies' are. 'Undies' is a word not attributed to a man...well most men anyway, certainly not in Texas.

bwahhha. of course there will be an equal site for men. ahhh... yeah, dicks r us. just a suggestion.

Hey, "Down" - do you big Texas guys have any special words for women's things? Yeah, I thought so. We women like 'undies.'

We prefer 'undies' for you ladies. 'Underwear' for men.

Or shorts.

Please no one say, "Tighty whities."


"Tighty whities." = (not a true man)



I thought real men went commando. But I never really stopped to take notes. Shame on me, I guess.

Annie W - Men's are sold by waist size, but whatever floats your boat..

Annie. Commando ? Pleading ignorance here.

Commando = no panties at all (shocking) under those pants

Oh, my....it's nothing, nothing at all.

Kinda off topic but if anyone can answer this I would much appreciate it...

A discussion today on a morning radio show in Philadelphia revolved around loosing body parts to biting animals, or biting people. One woman called in and insisted two remarkable instances happened to her.
1) her 2 week old baby bit/sucked her nipple off
2) her nipple eventually grew back

this cannot be true, can it?


dang, stupid link

Please god tell me that the term "commando" didn't start with Joey going commando under all of Chandler's clothes on Friends.... somebody? anybody? I can't seem to think of an earlier reference.

Are thongs considered commando ? Semi-commando, maybe.

Orcel, where did it grow back?

Annie--but wouldnt that mean that the ding dongs would be dinging and donging abt alot? And unprotected?

PS: my wife is pregnant, I'm glad she was not in the car for that conversation. So nobody tell her. okay?

Bangi - they'd get used to it, and might even enjoy their newfound freedom. And yes, this existed before "Friends." I believe Kramer on "Seinfeld" let his 'boys' meander as well.

Thongs are not commando. Maybe National Guard, but certainly not commando.

I've gone commando for years. Ahh, freedom!

Orcel, I'm apparently listening to the wrong station...Which one were YOU listening to?

When Kramer "went commando" he said "I'm out there Jerry and I'm LOVIN' every minute of it"

I'm pretty sure the name for it being "Commando" came from friends.

"Friends" invented it? Come ON, people! AS IF!!!

Going Commando: a brief-less history

Well, I am a man, and I gotta say I have a choice between tighty whities or chafing. Sorry but I prefer my "package" to be more securely held down. Either that or I wind up with "package" on denim, not a good feeling.

I suppose I could go with the much despised banana hammock, but I think tighty whities is a more respectful alternative.

Dog, ditto that sentiment. The boys need support.

Thank you, Tamara. Although, because of us, the men's undergarment industry may now suffer a 'brief' drought... or a 'short-age'of sales... or a draft...since we've now got a few males re-assessing their ahem, unmentionables.

A lot of good stuff!

wonder how they're categorized - pineapples over here, bananas there, fried eggs yonder...?

Mr. C....bananas??

Apparently, the producers of Friends are taking credit for the phrase taking off (so to speak); according to the Wikipedia entry:

In a 1996 episode of the television show Friends, Joey and Rachel use the term "going commando" [3]. In the producers commentary of the episode, they mention the fact that the phrase "going commando" entered the Oxford English Dictionary because of that particular episode.

I will try almost anything, and I did try commando, but let me tell you hair, dangly bits and zippers are a dangerous mix with nothing keeping everything organized. Do I need to remind you about the scene in "There's Something About Mary".

Quote: "We've got a bleeder!"

Sly - their moms must be very proud. I was at a comedy-writers seminar when Warner Bros. gave us a sneak peek at the 1st episode of this show. At a break, I said to a friend, "It's so hot today - I'm really glad I went commando!" Les Moonves was behind me with a notepad....not to draw any conclusions, but....did they also invent the internet?

Prairie Dog - Ouch, so sorry! Did I neglect to mention that you should also avoid velcro?

Fortunately, I have never had an instance of velcro in that vicinity. (You must be talking about the stiff hook part) (Ouch)

Oh, I would also like to add to the boxer's/commando superiority crowd that when its hot and humid (sultry?) out, that your skin becomes an adhesive to other skin, which then requires, ahem, periodic adjustments. This can either lead to the polite subtle quick dash out of sight to the not so subtle pocket pool, depending on companions.

Just preaching the facts.

I learn something every day on the DB blog. Until I read this thread I'd always thought it was tidy whities! I never exactly understood that but - what the hey! It was guy-speak!

And I'm with you, somewhee north, my pair of "turkeys" have really never been a problem, but it was an interesting article, obviously written by someone with waaaaay too much time on their hands!
*hee, hee, I said hands*


somewhere north.

Skivvies ... is whut I've usually heard them called ... that term has (I believe, without resorting to wikipedia) military origins, as well ...

It wouldn't be "Aaaah-oo-gah" ... it'd be more like an air horn ... why do you think they're called "hooters"?

She grew a nipple on her back? Wowser!

I've been using the phrase "going commando" for 15-20 years now. I learned it in college. The Friends producers are full of it.

Also, I really really really want to see a photograph of the wall o'bustiness being used.

If Judi's description is accurate, it's apparently being used to keep out Mongol invaders.

I suspect it would at least distract them enough to get your army together.

Hubby likes that I "go commando" every night, but neither of us knew that there was a name for it. And, Eleanor, although I've never referred to them as "turkeys", I do enjoy going commando there, too! Well, at home, so does that still count?

...and I'm still waiting for my picket fence 'o manhood. Although poor Prairie Dog's dilemma of private skin sticking to skin is intriguing. Maybe if he tried that no-stick cooking spray, "Pam".... but if you slide right off your chair trying it, or end up with dogs following you for miles, remember - I'm not a doctor, I just play one on this blog.

S'girl - I used to do that, until the Northridge Earthquake came through. Not only are you nekkid until the rescue guys come with their flashlights, if you can move, the furniture has been rearranged so you can't find your clothes....or you're so scared you get two blocks away before you realize you went commando in San Fernando.

Not that anyone's going to see this late post but this may be the wall of bosoms.

And not a turkey in sight! Thanks, Scat, but I think it's best, at least for tonight, to let the boys dream - visions of sugarplums dancing, or honking, or whatever, so to speak, or squeak...

scat - Thank you for that. Though it's not as titillating as I had hoped. (Heh! I said "hoped!")

... so ... there's this foreign (to moi ownself, at least) language ... but no pix ... what am I missing? What am I doing worng? Where did I go worng?

"No pictures ... why did it hafta be no pictures?"

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