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November 16, 2005


This comes as no surprise to us.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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This was academically established in "The Emperor's New Groove".

". . .ground squirrel, Spermophilus richardsonii . . ."
Really! How did Richard name it so?

OK, isn't that a picture of a prarie dog? I know their both rats, but still...they couldn't find a picture of an actual squirrel?

Actually a Richardson's ground squirrel does look something like a prairie dog, rather than the common tree rat. Same family tree, different branch. Serves me right for staying awake in biology class - too much useless information!

Fweee chirp chirp chirp chuck!

scat - looks like you've got a redundancy there. The 'chuck' apparently serves as an exclamation, so writing chuck! is excessive. Duh chuck

Squirrels.....did it have to be squirrels???

Did we learn nothing from 9/11 I bet the FBI doesnt have any squirel translators. Even though they are available and have proven their loyalty to this country many times over.

Actually, the group of ground squirrels they were studying were looking for their 'hero,' who had been standing guard, keeping an eye out for predators....his name was....'Chuck.'

Dave blogged about Prairie Dog Language about a year or so ago, but I can't find the post.

The prairie dogs and squirrels must be talking about what dumba$$es the author is for not being able to tell them apart.

Brainy, you are so right. Guess I got a little too into it. *Hangs red faced head in shame*

....and Chuck was delicious.

scat - Cheer up chuck It's just semantics on an otherwise funny post. No need for shame chuck.

Somewhere in some random park in Canada, a man named Chuck keeps hearing his name being called.

Which reminds me: a friend of mine named Mark was walking home one day and kept hearing his name being called out. Turned out to be a dog with a hare-lip barking at him.

WriterDude: Beware the groove!

Hey what? I thought my few posts were literate enough that they didn't need translation. Darn public school education.

Mr. C.: don't all dogs have hair[y] lips?

Have they 'discovered' this yet? The closer the predator, the quicker the squirrel chirps. And if he stops mid-chirp, well, let's just say the predator is um, not hungry anymore.

"I say, Paddington, why do these humans keep pestering us with rudimentary exercises such as hat throwing?"

"Can't say I know, old chap. Tiresome, isn't it?"

"Sigh. Well, better send Chuck to go burn another one of their buildins down. Perhaps this time they'll get it."

Brainy, the sudden onset of Chicago winter has evidently put me in a dry state of mind. I thought your post was funny chuck. Really chuck. No problem chuck. :-)

I'm really very friendly and reading your posts are often the high point of my day, sniff, chuck.

*Snork* to Mr. C chuck

First we learn that they can short out electrical grids (kamikaze style, but still) and now we learn they can communicate with each other.

I'm frightened.

WriterDude~ It was actually established in a much older Disney flick as well: The Sword in the Stone. :-)

Disney fan that I am, I couldn't bring myself to go see a movie called The Emperor's New Groove. Was it as bad I as I expect, or did it somehow manage to be surprisingly good?

Bumble - Actually, Emperor's was pretty good. The animation isn't as lush as some of The Mouse's bigger animations, but it's made up for in story, characters, and writing. There's some funny stuff in there. Worth renting and spending 90 minutes watching.

Bonus info: There's a Dave Barry connection here - One of the characters is voiced by Patrick Warburton, who played the dense cop in Big Trouble, which as we all know, was based on Our Dave's book of the same name.

'This was academically established in "The Emperor's New Groove".'

His accent was TOTALLY off. "Squeak squeakity squeaken," actually means, "I wish to massage your nuts with corn syrup."

(Har for squirrely double entendres!)

Has anyone noticed that the size ratio in Moose and Squirrel are way off? Rocket J. Squirrel must be one hell of a big squrrel!


Mr. C~ All right. I'll put it on my list, but just because you say so. If I find you've lied to me... ;-)

The fact that the Blog thanks Claire Martin comes as no surprise to me.

Bumble - Have I ever lied to you before that you know of?

i promise you that Mr. C and WriterDude are totally on target chuck
E's New Groove is, to date, my favorite "feel good" movie. you'll love it chuck

(n JP .. bad llama;)

I almost hate to admit this, but I figured this all out when I was a teenager. We had squirels in our back yard and after years of observing them (and feeding them) I realized that imitating different sounds that they made got different reactions. I succesfully hit on "I've got food," and "Run Away!"

And yes, I didn't date much.

Bumble - My two cents: Patrick Warburton's character (the one who spoke squirrel) totally stole the show. The rest was... okay.

Bumble: Mr. C and just sayin' speakum truth; to use your words, it's "surprisingly good".

Mr. C: Nice catch on Kronk's voice, sir! I'd forgotten.

JP: I did not know that (about the accents). Because I once was a deejay at a midwestern radio station with (IANMTU!) the call letters KARO, it's quite possibly my loss, as I remember being told that many mid-Missouri lovelies of the female human persuasion speak that language. Ah, lost youth.

Also: my first "first" without resorting to shouting "FIRST!" and only then going back to read the article. (Yeah, you know who you are -- until today I was one of you. ;-)

(Correction: until yesterday, by the capricious blog clock.)

ScottMGS .. but Eartha Kitts' Ysma was a perfect foil!

"Pull the lever!"

Everyone would start responding to me after I went to bed. All right, all right. I'll see the movie. But I still refuse to watch any more of the multiple Disney movie sequels. Bad, bad, bad.

Glowing with flourescence, squirrels are neon candles in the dark.

WriterDude -
Thanks for 'fessing up! :) And for coming into the light! And doin' it right.

Bumble - do get back to us and tell us how you liked it.

Now that everyone's gone, I can confess. I was once attacked by a squirrel. I was in college in the Bronx. I had toast and juice on the kitchen table, and I left the room for something. When I returned, a squirrel was helping himself to my breakfast. He had entered via an open window over the fire escape. I said, "Shoo, shoo!" He put my toast down, glared at me, then jumped off the table, running at me full speed, clucking his head off. I ducked into the bathroom for safety. He dawdled over my breakfast for 20 minutes. Every time I tried to escape, he'd leap at me again. I was late for class. Nothing really beats telling your teacher in front of the entire class that you were late because a Bronx squirrel held you hostage in your bathroom.

Phew - I feel so much better getting that off my chest...the story, that is.

Annie~ I'm still here. I feel your pain. Once when I was walking to my next class on the IUK campus, a squirrel threw a nut at me. Narrowly missed my head. Furry little minions of evil.

Thanks, Bumble. They are evil, like mini-Federlines, but with nicer clothes.

Much cuter, too. They're better-groomed.

"Furry Little Minions of Evil" WBAGNFARB!

Once years ago, on the marquee at the Troubadour in LA, they advertised a band playing there called "Free Beer." They really drew a crowd. More like an angry, very thirsty mob. As I said, "ONCE years ago..."

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