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November 11, 2005


An important breakthrough from Japan.

(Thanks to John T. Durkin, Ph.D.)


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New pickup line - Can I heat your bra for you?

how do you say "titty toaster" in japanese?

I've heard of baked apples, but baked melons?

Obviously invented by a guy.


"Environmental support" HA! HA! HA! HA!

Hee, hee, guy jokes, ha, ha, ha. But I gotta tell ya, on cold days, or when the male doofi (plural of 'dufus', according to my 8-year-old) in my office crank the air conditioning, I wear a Victoria's Secret Miracle bra to keep warm. The pads are oil filled and voila! - retain heat. I've been doing it for years. There's also a camo bra with a battery pack for female hunters. Not guys hunting females, but chilly women with guns...and yes, I have a rather earthy, innovative background. It's Saturday night, so it's just me and my trusty duct tape.... ;)

Are those breast heaters or camel toers?

In other bra news ...

Annie W-B-H:

Doofi? *SNORK*

Plus, now you've got all of us Neanderthal types thinking about your bras... oil-filled, camouflage, battery packs (and "guns," tee-hee) - Oh, baby. WE WANT PICTURES!!

Obla di obla da life goes on, bra
La la la la life goes on

Possible new products: heated undies, do-rags, body piercings, condoms, sunglasses...

Mr. C - I'm sure whatever you come up with in that busy little brain of yours is better than any ol'picture of me.

Cabela's has a battery-heated camo vest, but I can't find the bra they used to make. It was something like this:

Since I tend to spill my coffee, and prefer keeping my name off "America's Funniest 911 Calls," I'm sticking (literally) with my non-battery powered lingerie.

Note to Twitney: Be sure to take sweater puppies OUT of bra before placing in microwave oven.

Note to manufacturers of microwave ovens: Please make one big enough to fit Federslime in and ship it to Twitney ASAP. Thanx.

Just trying to help here, IBW

Once again I'm struck by the alacrity with which the Japanese adopt American cultural values, and then take them to even greater heights (or depths). We have SO much to be proud of...

P.S. On a purely physiological note, I happen to be the owner of a couple of breasts of the female persuasion, and even though I live in Chicago, where the winds off Lake Michigan can drop the wind chill to minus 25 without even trying, I have never noticed feeling chilled in that particular area (Chicago). The rib cage and clavicle, yes. Head, hands, feet, legs, face, ears, back, shoulders, definitely. But the Ladies, being quite, umm, fluffy in nature, have never complained.

I hear ya, Betsy - I have girlfriends that feel the same way. But I'm a bit on the scrawny side, and if I can toast my torso so to speak, it helps warm my extremities. When I was born, the temp was 30 below, and I'm still recovering.....now in So Cal.

So ... in light of the electrifying nature of this thread ...

Hi there! AC or DC? wbag pickup line ...

... or not ...

... prolly not ...

[A.W-b-h: Hey, I'm on our company list (well, actually all of us are) to get back to work starting next week, and the work site is SoCal ... I'll wave when I take the exit ramp off the 5 ...]

O.K., U.O. - come on over - I'm just 'ec-static.' The weather is 'currently' mah-velous.

AWBH...Yikes! Where were you born at 30 below??? Does So Cal help? Life-long Chicagoans (of which I'm one) take some kind of insane pride in their ability to withstand rapid-fire sequences of bizarre temperature extremes. I guess it's a benign enough delusion -- much better for our self-esteem than admitting that we're too dumb to pack up and move.

Betsy - 30 below is the record for Poughkeepsie, NY, the blizzard of 1961...nearly 4 feet of snow, state of emergency, my mom was a full MONTH overdue to have me, so she decided to shovel the driveway to induce labor. Good news - it worked, bad news - it worked. The car wouldn't start, the roads were snowed in...anyway I think I was born in the hallway of the hospital. That's still me - late, but making a big entrance, only now I'm warmer. :) Enjoy your delusions - they may help keep you warm. And I'm not kidding about that bra helping, either. But if that's too crazy for you, there's a microwaveable car seat at Autosport. It's great - I got it for my dad for last Christmas (he's still thawing in NY).

Annie-W-b-h ...

Yeah, whatever ... You din't mention which exit ramp ... but then, neither did I ...

Seems as if a bunch of blogsters are all in SoCal area ... one (AlanBoss) claims to have seen me, and I saw (tho din't know it at the time) Mike and Mad ... all at the DB event in Cerritos last spring ... mebbe we should have a blogster get-together some time in SoCal ... (logistical movement a bit difficult for me, but could be arrangable, if the possibility of a few hours of friendly insanity might be the result ...)



Sorry, U.O., it's an LA 'let's do lunch' thing - horribly shallow of me. I'm northwest of LA - pretty far from the 5 fwy. But a DB thing would be cool...I've never been. Although I am leary of him now, with his record of attracting natural (& unnatural) disasters (no, I'm not bashing his movie).

Thanks for the spammer alert. Since he had nothing entertaining to add to this blog, he stood out like Bush at a Mensa meeting.

it has never occurred to me that heating up my boobs could help me keep warm. although, I do admit that certain techniques, shall we say, when performed on that portion of my anatomy do help heat me up.

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