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November 30, 2005


At first we thought that this gadget seemed like a good idea. But we're pretty sure that if we had one, we'd forget where we put it.

(Via Gizmodo)


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I agree with Dave, although super-gluing it to yourself might be an option.

Do they make a radar detector to detect the radar detector?

I dunno, my keys have gone on 'silent running' for days on end...

I WANT one!

In our house, it's my wife who loses her keys, etc., so I'll keep the "finder". That would save me countless hours of looking for her keys, her glasses, etc.

Although in defense of my wife, she can remember the kid's birthdays, anniversaries, and whatever, and I can't. We don't need a gizmo for that - I just ask her ...

can this be used for husbands, pets and kids?

I know for a fact that, left in my care, such a device would end up in remote heaven in short order. I guess I'll just have to rely on tried and true methods for finding lost items.

"Please St. Anthony!!! Please, please , PLEASE!"

What I really need is a device so that when my husband misplaces his keys and tries to steal mine, my keys would immediately stun him and alert me to empty his wallet while he's incapacitated.

THAT I would buy.

SNorth - I don't have a husband, but I'd pay to watch that device work

Loc8tor is not available yet. Pricing is also not known. In fact, if we told you any more about it, we'd have to kill you.


LOL @ Somewhere North!

Hey honey, I just bought this device so we can always find your interest in sex!

Where are you going?

Observation: Cbol is not afraid of Mrs Cbol.

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but I don't see Mrs. Cbol anywhere around here, though, do you? :)

You're going to need to start filtering out posts from readers like "southerngirl"; she sounds like she might be trying to replace you. (good one, SG).

OOPS, I meant "Somewhere North"! I need to stop posting when I've been stunned.

Damn straight, Tamara. I just got back from taking out the garbage and fixing the squeaky door to the bathroom because I FELT LIKE IT.

I won't buy one ... because then what if any exercise would us card carrying COUCH POTATO's get during the Holidays?

I alreay have the BEER ROBOT ...!

Ooh, SN, I like your style . . .

Cbol, you make my NGF levels rise.

(Isn't that a Toni Braxton song?)

So, Marty, WTF? Are you laughing with me, or at me? Or, are you completely clueless, as it pertains to me?

Key quote: Loc8tor is not available yet.

I bet they lost it.

Two elderly men are sitting at the kitchen table when the visitor says to the host, "You know, ever since I turned 65 I can't remember a thing."
His host says, "I don't have that problem since my wife took me to the doctor and he gave me that pill."
The visitor asks, "What pill was that?"
The host replies, "What's the name of that flower with the long stem and the thorns that you give your wife on your anniversary?"
"That's a rose," says the visitor.
"You're right," says the host as he cups his hands around his mouth and yells, "Hey, Rose! What was that pill the doctor gave me?!"

"I bet they lost it."


Southern Girl,
I'm definitely not laughing at you, so it must be either with you and/or I'm totally clueless.

I was meaning to comment on Somwhere North's post, which I thought was good (like you did), but somehow I looked up and got the wrong name.

Not implying your posts aren't funny, but SN's was more notable.

Southern Man (from Alabama)
(not the one Neal Young sings about)

Marty - well, you were stunned, weren't you? ;)

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