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November 28, 2005


The Scoffing Chipmunks¹ WBAGNFARB

¹Key sentence that we do not understand: They are also known to scoff chicks and birds' eggs.

(Thanks to Loran Waldron)


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Ummm....scarf chicks and birds' eggs?

I could imagine chipmunks scraffing, or even snarfing chicks and/or eggs. But never scoffing, maybe hrrmphing, but never scoffing.

These lawless rodentia are scoffing our women! How dare they!

You know, pick up girls and throw birds eggs at passing patrol cars. Geez, don't you old people know anything?

Back in the day, I used to be a real chick scoffer, too.

*rubs fingernails on lapel*

The Renegade Chipmunks would also BAGNFARB.

They stand around a nest: "Hah! Puny eggs!! Stupid baby birds!! Your father was an ostrich and your mother smelt of elderberries!!"

Why am I hearing them with French accents?

Everybody sounds french when they scoff.

I couldn't imagine the Chipmunks in French. They're already irritating enough. "Alvin, Alvin!!!"

"Seventeen were released at a Brussels amusement park in 1980..."

What a fun place that must be...

This was already a TV series. except that the part of the chipmunk was played by Jessica Alba...

"Scoff" is brit slang like usa "scarf" - to chow down. Much as the use "Petrol" for what we in the USA call "flatulence".

Let's see 17 chipmunks in two years turn into 20,000.
There's no question, by 2009 chipmunks will become a majority in Belgium and drive out all the other non-chipmunk candidates.There will be a chipmunk on the flag,and nuts at every meal.

Key quote: Anything that enters into the English wild can upset the ecosystem.

English wild? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Unless ... they mean that when something "enters" the English ... they go ... um ... nevermind ...

Oops! My bad. Sorry.

Siberian chipmunks... Siberian hamsters.... didn't realize Siberia was so rodent infested.

Stalin deported MILLIONS of chipmunks and hamsters from western Russia to Siberia.

Apparently he was paranoid they would unsurp him from power.

Stalin was quite paranoid.

Kibby, and that was LONG before those Quiznos commercials. Imagine how paranoid he'd be if he saw THAT!

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