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November 02, 2005


Don't forget: The Herald Hunt is Sunday.


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Never really went to a high school dance, so had to settle for the homonym.

Huh. I usually catch and bemoan my name change failures the instant after I hit Send. I must be getting ....... mature.

*scampers in*
*hugs neo*

*tries to ignore the odd couple duncing* (nttawwt)

*swipes the cheese-its n scampers out*

*Examines surveillance tapes at 2:39 pm Dec. 5, 2009*

*SNORKS @ readily identifiable 2-legged she-mouse*

Who moved my cheese-its?

*hugs nony*

For the past several days I've had an earworm. Dunce with me! I want to be your partner. Can't you see the music has just started. Night is falling and I am callllling dunce with me! Yeah, I don't even know if those are the right words or not. Ok, I'm sure about the dunce with me part, but not the rest. See what you people do to me?

And ...mature, Blue? Is that what we are calling it now? NTTAWWT

That's my euphemism and I'm sticking to it.

*is awed by amazingly advanced technology*

*giggles @ blue's sticky euphemism*

*gooses the lechprof*

*leaves munchies & drinks for tgi saturday*

*Indulges in yummy munchies and drinks, tips hat in gratitude*

*Returns empty bowl and glassware*

Can't have them going stale, ya know.

Nothing worse than stale glassware.
*leaves tip in Blue's hat*
*notes that it is sticky too*
*decides stickiness must be from that surveillance tape*
*which is euphemism in and of itself, I think. Didn't it used to be called the perv cam?*

Thanks for the Munchies.

Dunce all night!

Hmmmm .... "Stay clear of sub-prime mortgages, credit default swaps, and Powerball."

NOW she tells me!

*Untips hat*

Well yes, you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning then winning the lottery. I wonder, if you were hit by lightning, does this make it easier to win the lottery?

All in all, I'd still probably prefer the lottery.

just as shocking, less static cling?

"Just as shocking, less static cling"

caught me off guard (not en garde) and made me laugh. Out loud.
For which I am grateful.

Your welcome.

I prefer dynamic cling.

Always an interesting Yoga pose, when the clothes are clinging as your standing.

Dynamic Cling wbagnfarg, of course.

*poses clothes*

At this point, given the infinite random creativity of all Dave Barry fans, and their propensity to regard any word combination in terms of rock band name potential, if I were a musician, which I am the furthest thing from being, not without some regret, I think I would want to name my rock band "Rock Band".

Alternatively, I might name it "Subclause".


You know, Rock Band wbagnfavg.

Rock Band, with there newest CD SubClaus.

Have a picture of a short man wearing a name tag saying Claus.

OT, if you've not been at the Main Blog lately, you might not have seen THIS.

Please take a look at the post and the thread, especially my comments at 5:47pm and later.



Truly noble. I made sure to donate.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, to all of you


*hugs and smooches and gropes*

Y Tu Tambien mi Amiga!

For you as well my friend.

Happy Holidays, all!

Happys, Merrys, and Joy-Havings to all. Here's to a spectacular '09 for each of us and our loved ones.

same sentiments back atcha, mr not meanie blue!

dayum, i wish our lovable ADO was here, so i could *smooch* him

in the most innocent of 'auntie' ways :)

to a spectacular `09! *clink*

..n yeah, huh? (but he's usually not too far away. i thought i felt the earth move under my mink piwwy the other day, but it was just the puppy).
(innocent? bwahahahahahaha! *snork* good one! ;)

Latest reports indicate that the Kiltie Formerly Known As Adonis has a different email address, unknown to this Kiltie.

*Salutes Ado, wherever he may be*

Hey, Kilties!

Happy New Year!

Wishin' y'all a better year in '09 than y'all had in '08 ...

(Doin' this now, becuz sumhow I'll prolly fergit to drop back in tomorrow ... )

Technically this is early for me. 2 minutes in fact.
But Happy new year everyone.

?? Things is not where they shoulds be, even by the new confuzzled way of doing things.

... and yet posting brought them back. Hmm. Mayhap that means we need to post more.

I would agree.

aw, guys.. i think most everyone has wandered on away, n'est-ce pas?

..shame, what with the blender n all these supplies just left to waste... ;)

vou (dang it I can't remember have) fromage?

but of couuurzzze, dahlink...

vill zees do?

It will Fondue.

thank you.

They updated the page thingy. Really nice of them. Who ever "They" are.

And now instead of 3 pages, there is two.

I expect cake to be delivered by Sunday.

We can post pictures now?!

I don't know how to post pictures. Hopefully this will do.

Also, thanks for the cake!

my pleasure

okees, i recognize you n the robotic cow, but what (or who) the dickens is that to your right?

*peeks into the closet of mischief to see if neo is asleep in there*

Zombies in gray,
Amy Winehouse slightly brighter.

... i'm afraid to ask

Famous singer. Just do a youtube search. Yes, she really does look like a zombie.

Sorry, I am away for the moment. Sort of pursuing a girl. Sort of freaking out how much stuff is falling into place.

Asleep? Asleep? Why, neo is never asleep! Passed out, on the other hand...

Pursuing is a good pastime, Alfred. Hope you catch her.

*loves neo some sunshine n good cheer*

*crosses everything and wishes for a soul mate for alfred* duuude. that would be so cool. deep breathely as Uncle O would say. oxygen really does make a difference. cherish the sameness and respect the differences! *claps hands over mouth* *does footy happy dance*

Thanks. I am going to try seeing her next week.

She is a really nice girl, but she is also a very long ways away. To get to her, I travelled through 15 forms of wilderness.

And she gave the "Lets be friends".

So thanks for watching, tune in next time when the girl says, "Your like a big brother."

At least I got to find out I could probably be a writer for a living.

*sigh* 'salways somethin', innit? bummer. *hugs*

you really are very capable when you focus in and edit properly, yanno. (i only wish i could. ;) i can see where you could be readable. especially if you were to stick to somewhat familiar territories. ;) which genres interest you the most?

if this double posts i'll scream (bot-phlucked)

Thanks. Already written one book, in the editting process right now.
Then have two others being worked on.

One is a sci-fi, and the other two are fantasyish. As in they both take place int he future, just so far that technology doesn't work the same.

..as if i couldn't have figured that one out, with a cup of hot tea and some deep thought. :)

and ..really? any publishing prospects? is it an actual book or an anime type thingy? (i don't want to say `cartoon' because it dismisses them too lightly)

speaking of anime, is it me, or is it all rather hostile and sinister? and is that the point? (i've never made it even a quarter of the way through an attempt to watch).

Heh. I loved Gundam Wing, but it had a 'non-violence is best' theme all around it. And then giant humanoid robots would blow up.

If you want some very good and non violent comics, check out Yotsuba &..(every book is marked Yotsuba & 'gardening' or something like that.) and Azumanga Daioh (Azu's weekly comic). They both speak on joy, happinness, and life. I find myself joyfully reading them when i get the chance.

It's an actual book. I haven't submitted to any publishers yet, because it just scares the crap out of me. I know how many times people got rejected. I just want to submit once, and get a good deal. Which won't happen, so I need to get the courage to submit.

I guess I could submit to Tor and get it over with. The rejection letter just scares me.

Why is the ad in spanish?

um, mine is in english. but i wouldn't be surprised; we have billboards and local commercials in spanish. we seem to have become bilingual.

and, hey .. don't be scared. a great motivational teacher once told me that you have to view each rejection as a stepping stone to success. and some editors might even give you suggestions and ideas.
go fer it ;)

What seems to be scaring me, is that some of the places have even bigger requirements then others. From what I have read up, the more respected places won't even look at my manuscript until after an agent sends it to them. Stuff like that.

So not only would I need to send a manuscript over and over again to publishers, I would have to do the same with agents.

But yeah, I just need to do it. While still editing it.

Power Rangers has a Scot this season. He has fought bad guys while wearing a kilt.

And now you know.

!!! NEO !!!

Graduation Congratulations, sweet one!

dang. the cake showed up in preview. the sbg musta caught up with my showoff arse. :)


Yay. Cake

cake??!! *grins* thank you. :) I did dun gradiate agin so I is dun matriculatin' fer good. It's taken me a week to recover. Tho I'm still having nightmares. So I'll gladly share that cake around.

Thanks. And congrats!

We need another comment here. I hope I don't dominate to much here.

Just wanted to say hi to you all.

The story with the girl ends weird. But I got to see Phoenix and the ocean again. So I am satisfied.

Still editing my book. Proud of the progress I have made with it. Figured out the voice needed for the story, and who the characters really are and all that. Enjoying all of this.

*seriously struggling for composure*

i don't suppose there's any rum?


aha! close enough, ty!

*adds limes and cane sugar*

Polish your teeth on these.

yum. haven't seen a cane field in years. the gallon jugs of juice we used to get looked like pressed grass, but it is soooo delicious.

*gloom `n' doom* i miss the south. this land of fruit and nutz is not good for the soul.

And then there is the stuff they grow.

I am moving to the South pretty soon. Well, South Pacific. I guess I will get to see those fields up close and personal.

sopac? huh? islands? wassup? new job?

Accepts by Brigham Young University Hawaii as a full time student. Leave next week.

wow! many congarats!

keep us (i think) posted on both the book and scholarly progress!

Well, I live in Oahu now. Specifically Kahuku on the north shore. We are windward so this means lots of rain and greenery.

I really love it here, even though it seems like I can never get enough done.

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