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November 02, 2005


Don't forget: The Herald Hunt is Sunday.


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So if one of the items you have to find is a clorine soaked leather bathing suit we know right where to go..

And the weather looks like it's going to be great! 85 degrees with a 30% chance of rain...and a 15% chance of electricity!

I have not forgotten!

And I'll be there, oomph, just as soon as--man, that was a heavy pumpkin--as soon as my fairy godmoth--OH MY GAWD! WHO LAID MOUSE TRAPS ALL OVER MY COTTAGE?! *sobbing*

I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...

But I can't, because I live in Iowa (motto: only the cows have fun).

I just want to wish my brother Herald all the best! Herald is really a great guy and the best brother any guy could ever ask for. You're the best Herald!

Your bro,

Mike Hunt

A group of three nitwits from Atlanta is coming to our first Hunt since '92.

Ha! They changed the font...


Three nitwits from Atlanta? Are they hawt nitwits, and do they need a fourth nitwit?


Nice digs.

Yeah, the lawn needs mowing and there's a slight draft, but I think he'll like it.

(I understand he likes draft).



draft is tolerable, if that's all you've got

but we prefer these

Oh, my goodnes, sg, I don't know how we have managed to coexist on this blog. You're into the Barncleaner of Beers, and you don't even prefer it on tap.

Man, what we guys won't do for gorgeous ladies!

*politely hands Blue the "s" he dropped*

Moving Day!?!

Happy Summer Solstice Day?

Summer Solstice day. Which is why the moon is so bright lately...

And why the days are so long!! (Let them stay like this forever, please!)

Diva, is that Blue's S in your hands?

Not anymore, neo! I handed his "s" back to him on a platter.

*waves at sly* I almost missed you there! Did you remember to order the pizza and beer for the post-move party?

Ah, finally found my way back here (can't stand losing my wayback). For whatever reason, the old thread would just never load from my work PC lately, so I couldn't go there to get the link to here.

So, thanks, Div.

*Oops - hands Div an "a" on a stick*

Oh, me either!! That machine was TERRIBLE trouble to lose. Um, by the way, have any of you seen Sherman lately? I seem to have ... um ... misplaced him.

Well, you shouldn't have let him get so tanked.

Hey there, Blue - are you telling me where to stick my "a?"

Blue, that is so cool.

blue, hand over the keys, will ya?

i wanna drive!

you'll have to hold my beer again, tho ;)

After S Girl is my turn.... How do i fit into it?

sg - not until you say the magic words: "Watch this!"

Diva, that's up to you, er, so to speak.

Alfred - very tightly.

ok, blue

watch this!

Whoa - that's some strong beer I'm guzzling watching!

*gets dizzy*

YAY, BLUE!!! Congratulations on your caption contest win! You stole my line, though, with your Gladiator comment. ;)

sorry 'bout the dizziness, but it was fun, wasn't it?

i'll take that beer now, blue


*places hands on hips and taps foot, whilst glaring at blue*

what happened to my beer?!?

oh, and congrats!

Ah, thank you, sg (you, too, Diva). Er, you know those drugs that Dave referred to? Well .... he doesn't realize it, but it wasn't no illegal drug that aided my creativity in the contest. So I definitely have you to thank for your contribution to the cause.

I promise I'll make it up to you ;-)


*is looking forward to it*

wait a minute...are you trying to distract me, and make me forget that you guzzled drank my beer?

I absolutely did not drink your beer!

I drank your Bud.

*hits the deck*

*is dismayed and disappointed*

*takes back her birthday wishes for blue*

*knows that if TC were here, he'd toss my sack o' Ws™ at you*

*partly cuz he's got my back, but mostly cuz he just wants to be rid of them*

People hitting me.

That's the story of my life.

*apologizes for gratuit grutati unnecessary low blow during celebri cerebeli partying good time.*

*Tries to remember how old he is*

*rubs the deck with special soothing oils*

gratuitous blowing during partying?!?!?!

I need to hang here more often.

yes, you do!

*attempts to hold on to sly, so she can't escape wander off*

*slips on oiled deck*

*lands in pudding pit*

happy birthday, blue!

Happy Birthday Blue.

So ... it's Blue's day, eh?

Happy whutever, Blue ... hope it all works out the way you want it to so do ...

Thank you all for your good wishes.

*Leaves gratuity*

Ooh, it's your birthday!! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!

Vielen Dank!


far from gnowen.

far from gowen.

enjoyen the showen.

Sorry, kind of funen.

Bitte das Kilt nicht verschmutzen mit den vulgarischen Gespräch.

*SNORK* As if it hasn't been done before.

chacun pardon a moi francais

Amen, neo. Amen.

For fun

You should send that link to mud, Alfred.

I have.

Happy Birthday US!!!

Happy birthday to THEM, too, Alfred.

Ringo Starr and Jim Gaffigan?

What - everyone went on vacation? Where are y'all?

Belén, New Mexico ...

South of Albuquerque.

Did you find Spatula City?

Not yet ... restin' up after 1,212 miles of drivin' ... might get to the flea market today, if the rain quits ... gotta walk, tho ... the stroll will do me good ...

Might find a spatula, or other kitchen "utensil" among the items for sale ... gotta start collectin' stuff for another FBOC ...

Would be interesting. I know I would love a spatula from Albuquerque.

Huh Didn't know they had a website.

I'm totally flashing on Spongebob Squarepants right now....

Diva's flashin' Bob?

Hu gnu?


The question is, what does Bob think about it?

There's a rumor that sg has a b-day today ...


thanks, uncle O!


sg, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. :( I hope you had a really good one, though, and got something totally wonderful and beautiful and impractical for it. :D Happy belated birthday!!!

Huh. That almost came out "brithday" and I decided that'th what happenth when a rabbi lithpth. And I don't think they have thelebrathionth for thothe... =^D

hullo? *peers around* Place is getting a bit dusty. *pulls out a feather duster*
*and a french maid's apron*

Now thats the ticket!

Holy Moly!

Whir is ev'rbuddy?

I don't know... But I do know I miss them.

Me too.

((hugs everyone left)))

((hugs everyone right))

thanks needed that.

I got a job at NBC.

Just wanted you to know.

Hooray! Congratulations, Alfred! That's great news!

Thanks. It feels nice to be working.

Happy Thanksgiving, old friends, new friends and future friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

(hugs everyone wrong)

Happy Thanksgiving, a few days late!
Insom, you must be hugging those of us who are wrong, because YOU cannot hug people incorrectly; all hugs from you are right.

And completely welcome.

(hugs everyone scholarly)

(hugs the not-so-sholarly - schollar - smart)

Shall we dunce?

I loved school dunces.


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