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November 30, 2005


No doubt about it.


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Life size donkeys? As if we didn't know this already, that poor child will be scarred for life. First?

Also, wouldn't the nativity go against this Kabbalah religion she supposedly is such a fan of? Best I can recall, the Jewish religion doesn't believe that Mary had Jesus, let alone that Britney Spears did.

mum's the word!


mum's the wurd?


Britney. Why did it have to be Britney.

we can all be grateful that she hasn't cast herself as the virgin mum which is where i thought the story was going. thank goodness he's too young to be creeped out and i wonder is she using real straw to line his manger? doesn't seem like the best choice for a babe.

Then afterwards, they will feed the donkeys to the sharks while watching the play offs.

Better to just put Sean in therapy right away. It's going to take more than one lifetime to treat him.

Oh, of course she's not using real straw--because that would be ridiculous. :P

We believe that Mary had Jesus, we just don't think she did it all by herself :)

I can't wait for the rest of the story: who will be cast as the Innkeeper who told them there was no room? Who will play the 3 Wise Men, etc.

Neither do we....

Well, she'll have to hire the wise men. Something tells me noone in her entourage would qualify as either "wise" or "men".

Unless she changes it to the 3 stupid pimps. Then she would have a selection.

As if listening to endlessly repeated mall Christmas music all day wasn't horrifying enough, now I have to go to work with the image of Britney dressed as the Virgin Mary and Kevin trying to find three Wise Men amongst his friends. When this is all over I'm going to need some serious therapy. Just look at my eye twitching.

I think the money would be put to better use on the child's therapy bills. I'm just saying.

Sounds like Brit could give Hildy from Trading Spaces a run for her money ("Dude - covering the walls with thousands of 45 records is cool and all, but what about, like, some creepy wax magi?!")

*Super Snork* @ Jillywilly


Where do these papers dig up this crap. Are they listening to the same psychic that Bratney uses. Oh wait, I really dont give a sheiss.

Psst Minsc - this is on the down low - they make it up. But we prefer to believe it anyway since it is so much fun to make fun of Twitney and Federslime.

I thought britney was all about the kaballah.

Her own

Brit and donkeys on the same stage...this show wouldn't be in Tiajuana, would it?

It figures - she's so disconnected from reality that she thinks it's okay to use her own kid as a stage prop.

Key snippet: "she will fall pregnant next year." - FALL pregnant? Sounds like she's gonna trip over a magic fairy patch and "oopsie!!"

*wanders off muttering that you need to pass a test to drive a car, but any fool is allowed to reproduce...*

Will MaDonna be appearing?

And a *SNORK!* for Leetie, too!


LOL @ Mr. Completely

I once heard a young girl, who apparently was on her second, or third, or....child, laughing and saying that her mom told her she "better not catch pregnant" again. WTF?

Creepy Wax Magi MBAGNF...never mind.

Thanks John! My first coffee spew.

Why does she need stuffed donkeys when she already has KFed - the biggest jackass around?

In other, unrelated news, Britney's house was recently struck by lightning and destroyed. Area church officials released a statement offering condolences to family and fans, reminding the public of the dangers of blasphemy, and recommending city officials declare a day of jubilee as a gesture of thanksgiving. The statement closed with an appeal that Americans also "pray for forgiveness for ever doubting that God's justice would come."

Very good "SN". The three ghetto pimps arrive to follow the "star" of Uzi gunfire. The find the Escalade parked out side the Motel 6. The enter and offer the gifts of crack, beer, and well, a pipe. It already feels like a special Christmas:)

LOL @ Jules and PeeJay!

sign of the apocalypse? maybe

sign Britney will go straght to hell? definitely

I thought you were supposed to warn us with Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin?!!!

I think the real sign of the apocalypse here is that these two may procreate again... unggghh.

Why doesn't this quote surprise me?

"But at least she didn't have to buy a baby Jesus - because Sean is playing the part"

And what if Fed feels upstaged by Sean's acting?

And what if Sean misses a line?


I bet the next time the kid needs a checkup, the doctor is going to freak out when Twitney asks for the scale to be brought in "to make the song come true."

You know the one: A weigh in the manger...

Rim-shot for pirate boy.

Pirateboy ~ that was beyond bad. :)

Brainy, you just keep sneaking in in front of me, don'tcha? When I start to type, you're (not your)not there, then when it posts, THERE you are!

Note: As I told her what I had just written, Mrs PirateBoy fled the room, fingers in her ears, chanting "No, no, no!"

I hope I didn't cause her manger damage.

Leets- Beautiful as always.


well pirateboy, i was going to applaud the funny you made but you had to go and ruin it with the steal link. curses on you.

Pirateboy ~ that was even worse. Poor Mrs. Pirateboy.

This one's for you!

Can baby Brittany Spears cause Global warming? Will it be on MTV? Can the White House include this humble scene in their Christmas Broadcast? Is Modanna jealous that she didn't think of this stunt?
Does this make Brittany a Virgin?

But, even more important..just what DOES pirateboy drink in the morning?

Hey! What ever happened to BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN to warn us innocents that the story would be about *her* and her barmy "family." Also, I thought she was Jewish. Doesn't that mean that she's supposed to make a Christmas album and not celebrate the holiday?

southerngirl - I guess I should stop doing that, or you might find out I've been watch...nevermind.

PB -

Mrs. PirateBoy sounds somewhat like Mrs. U.O ... she doesn't appreciate my gem-encrusted puns, either ...

We don't get no respect ... eh?

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