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November 23, 2005


Somebody needs to tell these people about this.


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Key Quote: "It’s the first meat I’ve thought about eating in a long while, though," she said. "So that says something."

Vegetarian, yet she sells sea shells -- er -- meat ... yeah, it says something ...

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y ...?


This appears to be a British newspaper ... yet it seems to be talking about (mebbe?) a locale in the USA ...

Why do we need to get our "news" from overseas?

Oops! Sorry, my bad ...


Wow. All of the first four slots. Is that a record? Fifth!

She's a vegetarian and kills goats for their meat?

.... and has anyone seen our missing prego goats?

hum, something's going on here.

Nice linkage, Dave.

Bumble -

I don't think it's a record, but I could burn a CD for you ...

Ackshully, I've done that a few times before ... when I was younger ...

I even managed a double hat trick, two days in a row ... again, that was when I was younger ...

Goats. Why did it have to be goats?

Personally, I make it a habit not to eat anything with demonic eyes. Those horizontal irises? UUuugghhhh....

If you need me, I'll be in a fetal position in the corner.

*twitch... twitch...*

I've had goat. Curried goat is pretty much a staple in Indian restaurants. It is good. And the radium just adds flavour. That is why we always glow in the dark after dinner.

I lived on a cattle ranch as a child and would occasionally go visit the ranch down the road, where I had a friend who raised goats. We would use barrels and sheets of plywood and 2x4's to build "jungle gyms" for the goats, and we would let them chase us around, and we would feed them buckets of oats, and they would sit in our laps to be petted--they were a lot like dogs. I don't know if I could eat one.

Then again, I used to bottle-feed and give names to and butt heads with calves, and I still eat beef.

And then there's the whole penis thing.

Of course, I've eaten oxtail and I routinely eat lobster, squid and I even tried chicken feet so perhaps I am not a good judge of what is edible.

I am humbled... the second link is from my local newspaper. We are proud to be nuclear... ha ha ha ha ha. Actually, I didn't know you reached this far north Dave.

Was that a goat?? And, I thought only pork chops glowed.

Glowing with fluoresence, pork chops and goats are neon candles in the dark.

Mutton is really really good in curry, even radioactive-Strontium 90-laced curry... But there are more ways of eating goat!

For the adventurous gourmet, travel halfway round the world for some really interesting dishes. Pork intestines, weird shellfish, meat on stix, mutton soup, unpronounceable desserts...

(Promoting Singapore here... Yep, I'm a foreigner.)

Dear sweet God, that first link is from MY local paper, and Quicksburg is where my son has his beef cattle farm. Not to mention that's where my ex lives and where I lived for 17 long, miserable years.

This is why my daughter is a vegetarian.

"Since demand for goat meat — sometimes called chevon — is highest around the holidays, she likes to have her does give birth in early November."

I've been pondering this line since I first read it this morning, thinking the reasoning behind it would come to me... But it hasn't, and I don't think it's going to.

Somebody please clue me in on why she wants all the births to be in November? Are the goats tastiest when they are exactly 13 months old? Or is it to save on the expense of goat birthday parties by having them all at once?

My aunt belonged to a "goat exchange" program in Portland. Her kids raised kids of the goat variety. They switched goats with another family so the kids wouldn't eat their own kids. I never knew that goat was eaten by anyone else.

Was that confusing enough?

Already I can sense this is not going to become a goat MOAT.

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