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November 25, 2005


Key Quote:

Fourth grade teacher Scott Elzey showed a little love Wednesday afternoon to Skunk, a black and white goat.


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First. Do I get a second badge or something?

and i thought all the goat-lovin was done in some foreign country only...

the goat tasted bad?! just what kind of kissing was going on at that school?

...and afterwards, the goat asked for a breath mint.

I'm hearing the music from "Stayin' Alive" here:

"Uh uh uh uh, lovin' a goat, lovin' a goat..."

And Dave, you forgot to mention the perkiness of the news team.

Later in the afternoon, sixth grade teacher Jim Roberts faced the same feat for his students’ contributions.

Since when is goat-kissing a feat? I thought it was a hot date in West Virginia...

truly disturbing...

of course, in most areas of the country, the teacher would be fired and then sued for even suggesting such a 'feat' to students...

gjcjax - LOL!

Goat Kiss...would make a good name for a...


We got to vote on a teacher to kiss a pig after a fund raiser, but it never happened. He was supposed to do it at a pep rally, but they claimed that they couldn't get a pig for some reason. Yeah right.

Did it have to be goats??

I just wanted to say that before Mr. Completely did - hooray for me!

*zips out*

Allow me speak for the entire state of Other Virginia (motto: Nice Tooth). First, all of you are right; goat kissing, next to cousin kissing, is my adopted state's most popular pasttime. Second, the term "kissing" has been sanitized for public consumption. A more accurate term would be (use your imagination, yup, you're right...). And finally, regarding that perky news team, let me just say 2 words: dental prosthetics.

a haiku:

tranfixed, pulse pounding
baah, baby you don't have to
put on the red light


the smell of barnyard
the horns, the hooves, the blank stare
my passions aroused

one more:

lay down in the hay
getting freaky skunk and me
got it goin' on

Later in the afternoon, sixth grade teacher Jim Roberts faced the same feat for his students’ contributions.

Oh, by the way... Why did they have to point out that Jim Roberts got sloppy seconds? That's more than I needed to know.

Sad state of affairs in West Virginnie. Even in Mysore they know that if the goat tastes bad, just add some curry sauce.

Easy, random, you could live a twenty minute drive from "we get drunk and go wake up a rodent in the dead of winter," PA. Which is only slightly funnier than the Native American meaning of Punxytawny - place of the mosquitos.

*slackjawed blink*

tasted bad!?? ... freakin' ewwww ..(not ewe)

In an interview published in the student newspaper out of Morgantown, the teacher admitted using a French Tickler but says he turned it inside out 'cause, and I quote: "Why should the goat have all the fun?"

Methinks they left out WAY too much information in this story - I'm truly hoping that the truth is far more innocent than what our sick twisted (who, me? yes, you) minds are conjuring up.

And props to Eleanor for taking the words out of my mouth... *tosses her some hand sanitizer*

Did the goat volunteer for this?

Actually, the goat kissing took place in Washington County, Ohio. That's where Warren elementary school is. A West Virginia TV station only reported it.

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