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November 28, 2005


Terror stalks the streets.


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Moose bites can be pretti nasti. Or so I've heard.

Comment first?

Monkey(shines) bites can be pretti nasti, too.

"cow moose" - that's funny, that's what I call my mother-in-law (but not to her face).

what? it's a term of endearment. really

Okay, not first.

Wanders off muttering to self about spam blockers.

Cow moose? Not moose cow?

BJ: I was nowhere near Hilton. I'm not that kind of monkey.

Is it that hard to keep track of a moose wandering through town? You'd think people would be pointing, going "there it is! There it is!!"

Silly Tamara! It would be mean to call her moose cow!

URBAN Moncton?

slyeyes - me, too! 'Urban Moncton' is funnier than 'cow moose.' Is that Central Park in the picture? I believe City Hall is a block west of the frozen tundra.

Sly, me three. we need Somewhere North to explain this to us.

Wildlife Hijinks in Canada. Take that Mysore!
*wanders off humming a rousing chorus of Oh Canada because she forgets the words*

I spent a night in Moncton once. We stayed at the "Inn at the End of the Earth". A young female mouse would cause a lot of excitement. Probably the most excitement in years I assure you.

"A young female MOUSE"? Just how bored are these people?

Annie- how bored? This IS the nation that invented curling, you know.

Oh, Canada
Where moose go for a stroll
Who knew Bullwinkle's mom
Was not in our control?

Land of errant meese
And Canadian geese
And Ms. Anderson (that's Pam)
And for all of these
Will re-route them for free!

Re: Ms. Anderson: I thought you meant POLLY Anderson. Canadian's, what's the name of that guy who tells the hysterical story of Polly Anderson's Christmas?

slyeyes, when you say 'hysterical', is that Canadian hysterical or truly hysterical?

A moose once bit my sister...

No, really!

Annie, it was pee-in-my-pants hysterical.

The guy's name was something Stewart or Stewart something.

Stewart McLean. I heard it on this Christmas CD of Canadian artists. I recommend it.

Aunt Nancy, was she at a zoo?

Moose in Moncton,mice in Halifax,goats in Montreal,fleas in Ottawa,Canada's going to hell right under their noses.Do they care? The PETA people have won the day,and it serves them right.
Pretty soon they'll be advocating wolf packs in Vancouver to keep down the traffic.

*Pictures a bionic cyber-wolf capable of taking out whole lanes of SUVs during evening rush hour*

And if you look at the image in this link long enough, you begin to see Sasquatch!

So what's the big deal? Moose live in Canada ... (and other places, of course) ... why are these people surprised to see a moose?

... um ... BTW ... the Scots invented curling ... the Canadians adopted it, and became superlative at its finer points ... then a bunch of other nations got jealous of the Canadians always winning the Silver Broom, and they all got better at it too ...

I dunno what this says about excitement levels in Canada ... or in other countries ... (I like curling ... I was sorta fair at it, once upon a time ... long ago ... in another century, in another millenium ... but they've spoinled it now, with the little "scrubber" brooms ... curlling should have the booming rhythmic sounds of a broom slapping the ice ... end of rant ... eh?)


Try, "Spoiled" ...

But, the little "scrubber" brooms are the only thing I can sort of pretend to like about curling. Otherwise, it's just things sliding on the ice.
But maybe I don't fully understand it's intricacies, but isn't it a frozen version of bocce ball?

*wants to go back and retrieve a couple of "buts"*

reminds me of an SNL skit entitled "Disney on Ice." All it was was an empty ice arena, until finally a casket slides past, doing a 360.

well ... the subtleties of curling are many ... including, but not limited to, falling on your butt if you aren't careful as you slide down the sheet -- either sweeping, or not sweeping, according to the directions of the skip.

One factoid about sweeping is that it actually melts the surface of the ice (which is not smooth, but "pebbled" with water drops which freeze [obviously] and provide a better surface. By melting the surface VERY slightly, it will cause the rock to slide farther, or faster, and also will reduce the amount of "curl" that the rock will take.

Sweepers will sweep in front of the rock to speed it up (and to possibly remove any bits of debris that might alter the direction of travel in an undesirable manner) or to make it go farther.

If the rock is thrown with too much speed (called "weight" in curling parlance), then the sweepers will sweep behind the rock, in order to slow it down.

End of curling lesson, eh?

Actually curling is one of the most civilized sports in the world in that you are encouraged to drink alcoholic beverages while doing it. Also the winners have to buy the losers a drink after the game (Sometimes I lost on purpose).

On the moose front, when I lived in Ottawa a moose wandered into town and fell in someone's swimming pool. They had to use a crane to get it out.

also, re: curling - the Johnson sistersthe Johnson sisters are kinda hot

please ignore redundancy (blogging while buzzing)

sly - no, she was at a Monty Python festival.

These people think THEIR lives are messed up?!?!

TCK ~ they're kinda young for you, huh? :)

Hey, when's Dave's gift guide coming out? I hope you don't think you're off the hook for it this year, Mr. Hiatus.

Somewhat on the topic: Mason Williams wrote a talk-sung poem called "Them Moose Goosers", one of a series of several "Them" poems. Dr. Demento plays it sometimes.

How 'bout them moose goosers, ain't they recluse
Up in them boondocks, goosin' them moose
Goosin' them huge moose, goosin' them tiny
Goosin' them meadow moose in they hiney
Look at them moose goosers, ain't they dumb
Some use an umbrella, some use their thumb
Them obtuse moose goosers sneakin' through the woods
Pokin' them snoozy moose in their goods
How to be a moose gooser, it'll turn ya puce
Get your gooser loose and rouse a drowsy moose

frozen tundra, a few hills, couple rocks. humph.
no wonder she wandered. my first thought was
♪girls just want to have fun♫

Goosing moose? I'm phoning PETA right now.
Moosing Gooses? Oh it's all just getting Higgledy Piggledy in here.

Moose and Monty Python?

I've heard of Moose and Squirrel

*sees Aunt Nancy took his line aboot sister being bitten by a moose*


ooh, rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat. ooops, wrong hat.
what am i doing in moncton .. thought it was frostbite falls.

I think the real concern is that according to the article the two-year-old cow moose from Harrison Trimble High School . This means that not only has my country been invaded by PETA but apparently we are also educating the local wildlife. Just think what a cow moose can do with a law degree.

And Random - sorry wasn't blogging yesterday nite. Urban Moncton means the part of the city that actually has people in it. We're very liberal with the use of the word city up here and the "city" can encompass entire farmfields.

*Cue Northern Exposure theme music*

I tried to read Ivory Bill's poem, now my tongue is in a knot. It' funny, though!

IT'S. See?

Hey, my Dad's family is from Moncton. Now I know why Mémé packed up the kids and moved to the States...

Moncton HAS an urban area????!?!?!?!?

Yes, I know that's already been said, AND I also know that S.N. already explained the "urban" concept in Canada, AND I know I'm LTTG, but that's what I thought when I just now read the article, AND I'm not letting such a clever, witty thought (who are you kidding, El?) go to waste, so deal with it.

And what's wrong with redundancy anyway??

*zips out in a huff*

El - *SNORK*

*zips out in a Pontiac*

Well, I'm from Moncton and I can assure you that the part of the city they're talking about DOES have a lot of traffic as I live close to there. There is a hospial, a school and the major french university close to there.

And to the guy who asked why people were so freaked out about a moose in the city, well a moose a stupid enough to walk right in the street coming out of nowhere. Some even attack people, and since this moose was obviously a little wacked, and since it was close to a school, I don't blame people for freaking out a little.

Finally, the picture was taken close to a soccer field (as you can see the net behind the moose) and not the tundra. Sometimes it helps to think a little before commenting. The Internet is good for that. Gives you time to THINK.

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