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November 17, 2005


Seems to us that, in addition to these measures, the supermarket should sell the lobsters only to people who agree to immediately let them go.


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"Do you promise to put this lobster in your tub at home, and then swim up to it and devour it the way it would expect to be eaten in its natural habitat?"

"Uh, sure."

I'd like to agree - we should treat lobsters like humanes. If they don't pinch us first.

Dammit, what kind of people are we if we cruelly torture lobsters, then throw them in boiling water?!?

Personally I think lobsters should be allowed to roam free on spacious lobster farms, where they can relax in little lobster saunas and smoke rich, full-bodied little lobster cigars before we kill them by dropping them in boiling water.

random: Hungry?

Took my 3 yr old granddaughter to the grocery. When we got to the lobster tank, I said, "Look, Jalynn, lobsters!" She agreed, in total awe, "Yeah, monsters!"

So does this mean we have to humanely euthanize lobsters before we boil them? Will there be kosher seafood counters in grocery stores now?


We boil live crawfish whenever we can get them. So far, I've never heard one complain about the way it was treated before we dropped it in the pot.

lol, Nannie- that was totally me when I went to the store with my mom. I liked to tap on the tank, then run away if the lobsters moved. I think I thought they'd get out and attack me or something if I bothered them too much.

Okay, I'm as compassionate as the next guy, but this "humane" thing has gotten a little out of hand. We have to treat these sea-spiders with a brain the size of K-Fed's as if they're in their natural environment? What, were they confused? And then keep them all cozy and happy until we drop them headfirst into boiling water??

Why don't we give condemned prisoners on death row a cell that looks just like an apartment, until they get the Big Sniff of chlorine?

Beam me up, Scotty. Maybe the Little Gray Space Aliens will have more sense.

I agree completely! Let's first raise their expectations by creating happy little homes for them and then boil them alive.

I also heard that from now on we will purchase our eggs in nests instead of cartons so that the eggs don't get unhappy.

I have an aunt who once let a turnip go in a field on the way home from the supermarket because it looked like it had a face.

Poor Pinchy...

did she grab the turnip as she was falling off the truck? just askin'...

We were at the beach. Everybody had matching towels!

All of you should be ashamed of yourselves! Lobsters are people too!

wait a minute - no they're not

never mind - resume your lobster abuse

Let's rock!

Boys in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody's rockin'
Everybody's fruggin'

I totally agrreee. Every time I toss a crustacean into a pot of boiling water, I always ask if he has any last words. One once said, "crack," which I assume is Lobsterese for "you are holding me dangerously hard."

Anyone else have Les Poissons from The Little Mermaid running through their head? No? OK then.

Mr. C--the gas used to execute criminals (and poor innocent schmucks who got convicted because their lawyers were incompetent, or crooked cops framed them, or they were just the wrong color) is hydrogen cyanide, not chlorine. Yeah, HCN. The same stuff the Nazis used to kill Jews, and a bunch of other people Needle Dick Cheney's secret hero Hitler didn't like.
We're SO glad we're turtles and don't have to admit to being of the same species as you shaved apes who delight in hurting and killing one another.

wow - teenage mutant LIBERAL turtles? (NTTAWWT)

also: Needle Dick Cheney WBAGNFARB

In Ohio, we don't use HCN. We use a humane little needle to put you to sleep -- like a dog. Of course, the victim that you offed got no such consideration.

My son, who is 8, picked out a lobster at Red Lobster this weekend, ordered its execution in boiling water, and devoured it. When we drive down the road and see beef cattle in the field, I point and say, "Look kids, steaks or hamburgers or roast beef." Then we all say, "Cows are food, not friends; just like fish are food, not friends."

cows can be friends - just so long as you don't mind eating a friend every now and then

we use the needle here in Montana too - we used to hang 'em, but our supreme court decided in the 90's that hanging was cruel and unusal

if you switch over to CNN right now, the headline story is about the conviction of the scumbag bastard that raped and killed a 10 year old girl - say what you want about the death penalty, but that guy deserves cruel and unusal punishment

[I'll stop ranting now - I think I got it out of my system]

Jessica R ~ you're kinda scaring me. Hormones, maybe? :) And btw, Crawfish boil at southerngirl's house this weekend! RSVP, please, so we'll know (not no) how many of those little suckers to drop headfirst into the pot, without a concern in the world about their (not there) feelings.

On a serious note:

TCK ~ I'll be happy to share switch-pulling duty, if you want. In La., we used to have "Old Sparky", who was considered cruel and unusual. I think not.

Green Mile, anyone?

IB .. uuh, I mean, Turtles.. I'm not saying whether I am or am not in favor of, or not in favor of, corporal punishment, I'm just sayin' Don't Mess With My Kids. or I'll kill ya! okay? Any good parent would say the same. :)

*lights candle for all the precious little victims*

*gathers stones*

Rest In Peace

Carlie Brucia

March 16, 1992 - February 1, 2004

Actually, I would have far less problem with execution if I were certain that the subject was always guilty. Ironically, it was the exoneration of an obviously guilty man, O. J. Simpson, that destroyed my faith in the ability of our system to determine guilt accurately.

I have since learned just how worthless our system is. The conviction or exoneration of the defendant, and the severity of the sentence if convicted, depends far less on the actual facts than on the color, gender, and wealth of the defendant. Nonwhites, males, and poor folks are all disadvantaged. [O. J. had two of those strikes against him, which shows which of the 3 factors is most important. It must be nice to be a rich individual, or a corporation, and be above the law.]

Maybe that, and many other reasons of the same sort, are why I'd rather be a rare bird or a herd of turtles than have to admit that I belong to *yuck* the human species.

Except, elsewhere, the human species seems to do OK, particularly in the other Western democracies. The violent crime rates are lower (despite the absence of the death penalty), the less fortunate members of society are better taken care of, the working class has more say in work conditions and society in general, no one lacks health care, the government actually can help citizens when natural disasters happen, they don't go to war at the drop of a hat, quasi-fascist propaganda networks (hi, Fox) don't succeed in brainwashing all that many folks into drinking their Kool-Aid, maybe because they take education more seriously in those other nations, etc., etc.

So maybe the real question is "What the fornication is wrong with OUR country?"

*Stands up, applauding and cheering, for IBW's rant.*

Well done, and by God it needed to be said.

If it isn't cruel, and unusual, it isn't punishment ... or so someone once said ... just sayin' ...

Not only do I enjoy boiling lobsters to kill them, but I enjoy insulting them while doing so. After all, they deserve it, the sneaky little bastards.

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