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November 30, 2005


This could be a baaaaad precedent.

(Thanks to Jeff Luhrs)


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(please, oh please let this work)

How many of the fellas here suffer from sexsomnia?

Could be a problem, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Luedecke previously had sex with four girlfriends while asleep.

See? It's not just an excuse - there's no WAY it could be deliberate.

Peri, not since I got married!

multitasking at its finest!

Peri, I wouldn't say I suffer...

"Not tonight honey, I'm just so tired."
"No problem! Why don't let's just go right to sleep then!"
"You seem happy."

OK, I was buying it until the part about the condom - he went and found a condom, put it on, and came back and started having sex, all without waking up?

Peri- I used to, but I think I came out of it. ;)



Isn't it usually the woman that's asleep during sex?

Usually only because its the woman who's bored.

Only once she's run out of NGF.

"Honey, I have to tell you I 'faked it' last night."

"That's o.k, dear, I wasn't even conscious at the time."

And now I lay me down to sleep
I hope my court costs aren't too steep
If I get laid before I wake
A legal precedent I will make!

Now I'm paranoid because there are some mornings when I wake up and just feel...sodomized.

If you have sexsomnia are you a sexsomniac? Or a sexomaniac?

Sigh.... we also just let our most famous prisoner, Karla Holmolka, of the "my husband and I abducted, raped and murdered 3 teenagers" fame, walk out of jail after only 10 years and now, after 5 long, hard, grueling months of being under restrictions (ie - report to police once a month), we removed them since, as the judge said, "She might reoffend but noone can say when".

I'm so proud to be a Canadian. I'm going to go hide in my closet.

insom- *snork*



Fish!!! Give us a kiss!

*Falls asleep*


How cool is this?

Polly and I are sleeping together!

Shhhh! Don't tell Light Haired Man!

This story makes me want to be a CDA again - almost!

polly and fish
sittin' in a tree

Polly! Sandy!! Peri!!! Reunion!

This is my new defense for speeding tickets.

Ha ha, a women being raped is funny? I don't get it.

King Wingbipeekaboo has never had nor will in the future have sex with any sheep, unless he and/or the sheep are asleep and he has been drinking and he wishes to be granted a large sum of money, which he definitely does. So guard your sheep now! Wah ha haaaaaa!!!

And what sort of medication would that be?

Makes note to self: If planning on committing a crime, first move to Canada.

I just like the term "sexomnia."

"Luedecke previously had sex with four girlfriends while asleep."

At the same time??

I'd agree ahhm Clem that it is in somewhat poor taste BUT... "sexsomnia" has got to be the made-up word of the year. I guess those hosers do have a sence of humor after all ;)

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