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November 29, 2005


Epsilon? Freaking Epsilon??

(Thanks to Reddsuss)


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Hey, Dave's back with the living. Hi, Dave!

C'mon, how scary is something named "Epsilon"?

Wait, I got it - just sprinkle some Epsiloff and you'll be safe.

My money's on Eta (H) for the last storm of the season.

*puts fingers in ears, closes eyes*


Hurricane season is officially over on Wednesday!

You're talking to the wrong crowd, Dave. We don't wanna shoot you. But from what you tell us, there are many people in Miami equipped to do it for you.

At this rate they're going to run out of Greek letters as well. What then?

Wel, Mr. C. Hardee-har-har! Dave is the comediene here! (Although the rest of you guys make me spit my coffee clear across the table, too!)

I don't think we'll have to shoot you Dave. Looks like Epilson will take care of any general anarchy and destruction for us.

Hah! Puny little storm! You call yourself a hurricane? Look at you! Blundering about like you've got a shoe nailed to the floor!! You are nothing! Nothing!!! And such a stupid name, Epsilon. Epsilon THIS!! Hah!

I like to taunt hurricanes, 'cause I live in California.

*sneaking up on Mr. Completely while he's busy taunting hurricanes*

Mr. C., why do a hear a french accent all of a sudden????

random - is that an accent or the sound of an earthquake?

Earth, Mud, & Fire - Oh yeah. Forgot about youse guys. Dang.

Random - as LabSpecimen discussed yesterday, everybody sounds french when they scoff.

I though epsilon salts was what you sprinkled on slugs to keep them out of your flower beds.

Branny Zhello.
That is an accent a am using you silly fool.

A scoff in your general direction.

Sheesh! If you get enough of these Greek-letter named storms, you could start a hurricane fraternity.

OK, now, use your imagination...remember, Theta looks like 0 but with a horizontal line in the middle.

Hurricane fraternity Beta Theta Zeta Theta...

Iota Eta Pi for dessert.

Just think with Epsilon on the way your transformer is going to blow just for the heck of it and you can celebrate christmas just like your forefathers.

Dave - just think - if you have paid attention in Latin class, now you'd know when hurricane season is over.

Annie - and just like latin class, it seems to go on forever.

...and if I HAD paid attention in English class, I'd know my verb forms...

Now, Dave, just relax. There's nothing to be concerned about. Look at that nice, safe, reassuring, teeny tiny predicted track, way way out in the ocean! Why, it's even sort of cute, isn't it, just sort of little and all by itself out there? Don't you just want to give it a big ole cuddle, and reassure it? And we all know storms never get bigger than expected, or change paths, or last longer than predicted, or anything like that. Right? So I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

But it might be best if you don't go to California any time soon, okay? I'm just saying.

Leetie -

Eta Beta Pi than that . . .

By the waters of Epsilon
Where we sat down
And we wept
When we remembered Wilma...

I eta nu pi.

*quickly runs out of ideas*


Iota pi beta if I din't hafta gamma it ...


Iota eta pi beta ... nu gamma ...

do the hurricanes know they expire tomorrow?

....and I think that after the Greek alphabet, they go to that African clicking language.

We might just make it to Hurricane Tipiyotki yet!

Epsilon is scary...in that it looks at least vauguely like epilady...

And anyone who tried one of those knows that it is possibly one of the scariest things ever...



Looks like you are scaring it back to where it came from according to the storm track, Dave. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can have the Hurricane Hunters fly in there with the CrapCam though...

He(l)l Dave,

By now, jest worry about the one they call "Omega"....

Going with faux greek (pardon my french).

Felta Thi
Tappa Keg

*African clicking language*


Actually, after the Greek letters run out they go to Presidential surnames.

I'm sure New Orleans is looking forward to Hurricane Fillmore.

Has anyone sent Mother Nature an e-mail ensuring that she knows that yesterday WAS the last day?????!!!

Hey, Floridians? And other hurricane-area folk? Did you see this?

Key quote:
"We're 11 years into an active hurricane cycle, and history shows that they last anywhere from 20 to 30, even 40 years at a time," said Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Md. "We expect high levels of hurricanes — and hurricane landfalls — for the next decade or even longer."

I'd just put the house on the market and start packing.

*sneaks up behind Wahooligan and whacks him on the head with a shovel*

*quickly buries him under the pile of debris still in his yard*

Did someboday say something?

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