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November 30, 2005



(Via Gizmodo)


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So... if it's glued to the floor, isn't it just a moving mannequin?

Oh! First!

I just fell in love.

My link doesn't work.


ooh... perfect skin, doesn't nag, not a hair out of place, stays where you positioned it, can be programmed... wait a sec, that's ms holmes in the photos!!

i'm pretty sure she works in my office. there's a chic with that same glazed, yet smug, look who does seem to be glued to one spot most of the day.

memo to self - when link won't load on Netscape, use MS Explorer.

About Actroid - I don't suppose her first name is Danielle?

Get it? Dani Actroid?

never mind...

wait, i just realised she also looks like a certain personal assistant on a reality show...

She's supposed to look real? To whom?

it's too bad she won't live! but then again, who does?


did ya notice the memory stick that looks like sushi on that page? Those wily Japanese are so innovative

A haiku:

for my collection!
the perfect compliment for
musician's toilet


note to beating heart:
find a way to abscond with
life-size Barbie doll

one more:

can she be perfect?
her opinions are programmed
but does she drink beer?

Wow I think I am in love.

Aunt Nancy-

If you don't like IE, try

It's the perfect match for Marvin the Paranoid Android. Whatever happened to that guy?

Let's try that again


If anyone believes that the guys behind this don't already have a few dozen fully functional geisha bots, well then, anybody doesn't know geeks very well.

Also, I saw the geisha bots in concert two weeks ago.

steven - I don't mind Netscape all that much. It's only occasionally that I have to use IE as a backup. As for Firefox, I'll mention it to my genius engineer husband (who chooses all the hardware and software and etc for our computer). Thanks for the suggestion! Blogits are such nice people!

Thank yew, thank yew very much.

From another article: "She understands 40,000 phrases in each of four languages and has nuanced facial expressions to match the more than 2,000 types of answers she can give. She’s even imbued with a sense of irony; when asked if she is a robot, she answers disconnectedly and with clumsy movements — followed by a “just kidding!” before reverting to smooth humanoid motions. "

(Apologizing in advance if link is screwed up--Preview is lame.)

Can you say "Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees"?

She is missing her camera ..

Why is every female android dressed like a total bimbo?

Kimmeny: Because geeks dream them up and design them and geeks are never around real women. This is the best reference point they have.

Yes, but she has cool boots..

Although quite frankly, if I were designing a man-bot, I'd probably make him look like a 1/2 clothed Bradd Pitt.

Not all. This one looks like she was dressed by

So Somewhere North, if you were to make a male anderoid what would you do ? Make it look like Charles Nelson Riley ?

Dang. Somebody take away my HTML badge, please.

Make that Eddie Bauer.

Sorry, not impressed-
..."looks human, doesn't move, kinda creepy..." that's why I got a divorce!

Don't forget, some humans can't dress themselves.

Oh I give up. She was dressed in khakis and a tasteful blazer. Trust me.

Ernie - Still waiting for an example of a human, here.

*taping fingers*

Video can be viewed here

Marvin the Paranoid Android is spending a year dead for tax purposes. We do expect him to return.

(This is true, btw. At least it's true that that's what he says.)

Brainy - What Peri says is accurate, according to the Android himself *sigh*, and we miss him a lot....

sandy beach - Great link!! Is that the Chinese web site for Eddie Bauer?? :-)
Also, great to see you here!!!

She's pretty, and will probably never need Botox.
just sayin'...

Peri and Eleanor - Much obliged for the update!

So what the hell is the diff between this thing and the Hall of Presidents machines at Disney World.
I think a pervert made it/her, with nefarious motives.

Data's dream... when he had emotions, that is. Needs a Counselor Troi uniform though.

ROBOTS! they're taking over!


And if there's anything we've learned from The Simpsons, it's this:

"(whenever an android shows tears, sympathy or sentimental emotions, their head explodes and melts.) "

I am wondering, however, how effectively she might be able to handle (?!?) the whole penis thing ...

Morty, wouldn't "Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees" BAGNFA Disco Revival Group?

Do ya have to pay residuals to an actroid??

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